Sunday, April 05, 2009

Make Money Fast Legally With Articles

Over the last few years I have experimented with countless ways of making money fast online legally and one of the best ideas that I am going to share with you today is simply writing good articles that will create passive income for you month after month. If I had more motivation I would simply churn them out day after day, however with working full time and the other demands of life I am just glad that I have written some sensible ones in the past that bring in thousands of visitors every month.

If I lost my job or needed extra money and had the time I would simply repeat this formula over and over again, maybe you can make the most of what I have learned..

1./ Get a great title with keywords that don't have to much competition.

This is key to the long term success of your article, find something that may even sound boring or mundane and write an article about it, rememember however it must be related to your website for the best results. When I was looking at writing an article for my job site I found that a lot of people were searching for information on how many work days in a year, so wrote this simple yet informative article that answered the question. Last month 690 people landed on my site via this article and it appears on the front page of google for that very question.

Sure its not going to make a million dollars, however its regular income every month from the content related adverts that I run on it.

2./ Write something unique and helpful that people will comment on and link to.

Make sure the article you write gives answers to the questions that people are searching for everyday. That way other sites will link to you and forums where these questions are being discussed will tend to send traffic your way.

3./ Write more than a few lines

I generally write 4 or 5 paragraphs at least as that seems to work well. Google won't tell us what their algorithm is however it seems obvious they are going to ignore or lend little value to just a few lines of text.

4./ Consistently create content

My most popular curry recipe site is updated at least weekly by one of my internet partners who fortunately is a lot more motivated when it comes to writing content than I am. Over the years this site now has hundreds of articles that attract thousands of visitors every month.

So there it is, as always there is no element of rocket science involved, just common sense, consistency and content. Key factors in the art of making legal money online!

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