Sunday, January 27, 2008

Make Money Fast With Arcade Sites

One of the ways to set up an interesting site, for minimal outlay is by hosting your own arcade site. Both myself and Greg have about 4 or 5 of them and would like to share some of the lessons that we have learn't along the way that will help you to run your own successful arcade site.

Buy a good script

There are a number of free scripts out there and also some very cheap ones, however a word for the wise, its better to spend $50 on a decent script rather than mess around with the free or very cheap ones.

Keep your script updated as well, hackers seem to love hacking arcade sites as we found out recently and that can be a real annoyance.

Add new games on a regular basis

By adding a new game every day or week ( or whatever you decide ) it keeps your site fresh and also sometimes you will add a game that proves to be popular and can gain a lot of extra visitors in this manner.

Use SEO friendly URL's if you have the option.
Most scripts have an option that lets you have either SEO friendly URL's like /games/pacman.html rather than something like /games?=id34765 and as you can imagine this type of friendly URL can help Google and other search engines figure out that you have a pacman game a lot more easily.

Dont place Adsense to close to games.
You need to be aware that there needs to be a clear line or gap between your games and your ads. You cannot try to make visitors to your site accidentally click your adverts as that is against the Google TOS.

Having your own arcade sites can be a heck of a lot of fun and a great way to make money online. Its easy to get set up and dont be overawed by the seeming complexity of such sites, being script based they really are a turnkey solution.

Arcade Game Resources to Get you started...

Agares Media

Free Arcade Scripts

Av Arcade

Arcade Site Hosting - $5 per month
Gris Internet Solutions

Examples of our arcade sites..
Put Off Work
Arcade Genius

If you have any questions related to setting up your own arcade sites please ask away and I will be happy to answer them.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Monitoring the Google Crawl Rate to your site

One metric that can now be relatively easily measured and can help to give you some sort of idea how "important" or "trusted" Google considers your site is to monitor the crawl rate.

There are ways of increasing your crawl rate like for example regularly updating your site, or getting high quality links from other sites.

One site that makes the crawl rate very easy for you to track on an ongoing basis and even lets you compare and rank yourself against other sites is

The site is free to use and its just a matter of submitting your url which gets added to their database, once your site is added you will be given a url like this one which I have set up for this blog, and be able to monitor a graph like the one in the picture below.

It takes a day or two before data is collected.

You can also create a variety of different sized buttons which you can generate on the site and display live crawl stats like in my button below... - SEOmeter SEO tools

Seometer is a valuable addition to any blogger or sites owners toolkit and with its ease of use something that won't take more than a few minutes to get up and running with.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Make Money Fast In TheTwilight Zone

For the last few weeks I really feel like I am living in the Twilight Zone and all kinds of strange and random events seem to be occurring not only on my Blogs but also to do with life in general.

Here are some of the reasons why I think I am in the Twilight Zone..

  • The less time I spend on my sites the better they seem to go, and my passive income is increasing all by itself.... this is one of the most random things, however it is probably a culmination of the last year of work that is now starting to pay off.

  • Some people may know I have a morbid fear of sharks and lately everytime I look in the paper there is a new shark sighting or attack. Sharks have been eating boats, chasing kayakers and clearing beaches all over NZ at the moment and I have never heard this much news about them. Apparently according to scientists it is some kind of maternal instinct, probably that and the warmer weather at the moment?

  • Work.... work is really strange lately, due to the time of year I am guessing it seems like every week I am attending someones leaving drinks. And aside from that full time work although a little hard to get into the first week or so is agreeing with me at the moment - that in itself is far from the expected result.

The reason I am telling you all this ( you may be wondering if there is a point to it all! ) is that when making money on the internet no matter what you read and how you do things sometimes doing the opposites of things can be useful to not only see whether what you are doing is actually worth the effort ( obviously if traffic drops off or your income goes down then it was ) but also sometimes doing the opposite to what may seem to make sense can actually work for you! And when suddenly you realize you are making more money for less effort you will probably be very glad you tried!

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

December Summary of the Million Dollar Experiment Down Under

Well what a crazy time of year, this has been a long time coming - my December summary - and I apologize for the delay. Have had a lot going on lately and a return to full time work as well as other unexpected events has meant little time for blogging lately!

I have noticed that since I have pretty much stopped doing sponsored posts my passive income has increased and continues to do so.. maybe it is just timing however I can see now that making money by selling my soul for 10 or 15 bucks a post is not the way to go. Even though of course it did help to pay the mortgage there for a time and I guess at times we do what we have to do to get by.

December was a record month for me on Google AdSense and this revenue stream is one that I am actively trying to increase.

Top referrers for December 2007 - these 5 top referrers will be linked to on the front of the Million Dollar Experiment for the month of January. Thank you so much to the following sites which have been kind enough to send hundreds of visitors my way.

Top referrers

1. Mikes Money Making Mission
2. Make Money Blog
3. Hot Blog Girls
4. Greg Stratz
5. Pinoy x-sa KSA

Traffic for December 2007

Traffic was down very slightly in December however this is only to be expected at this time of the year. Things are looking good so far for a great month in January traffic wise.

Income for December 2007 - The numbers - how much money was made

In December we added $480.05 US dollars to the kitty, which brings our NZ total so far to $8493.68 with only $991,506.32 left to go. Soon we will have made 10,000 dollars on the internet!

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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Make Money Fast With TNX Text Links

One of the companies in the text link arena is called TNX and the way they operate is certainly a little different to some of the more traditional Text Link Advert type providers. Given their rapid success in a short amount of time it is obvious that they have a program that is worth further investigation.

Not only can you sell text link ads on your site and make money, but by just joining up you can get free points which you can then use to spend on advertising for your own site.

Looking at the Alexa traffic graph for TNX over the last few months it is clear that they are enjoying tremendous popularity and fast becoming a favorite of both web publishers and advertisers.

How does it work?
TNX works on a points system, when you buy links you spend points and when you sell links you earn points. It really is as simple as that and although the rate changes currently you can buy 1000 points for between .68 - 1.4 depending on the quantity purchased.

Affiliate Program

One of the best things about the TNX affiliate program is that it is simple and none of the usual constraints that can sometimes make a referral program not only confusing....but painful. From the site...

The rules are absolutely simple - no bans, no possible overcharges, no restrictions.

By referring partners to the program you can earn ongoing commissions (13.3%) for the future income of that publisher. Worth looking into.

I will certainly be trying this program on a few of my sites and will report back with updates in the future.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Making Money Fast in 2008

Well Happy New Year Everyone!

I myself believe that 2008 is going to be a year where opportunity will favor the brave. The internet has taken on a whole new face in recent months and a new generation of money makers have begun to explore some of the great new opportunities to make money online.

One thing I think we have proven beyond any doubt is that its easy to make a little bit of pocket money online and there are so many ways of doing this that its no wonder there are now over 600 articles on this site along with millions of others on other similar sites spread around the blogosphere.

In 2008 however the real money to be made will stem from those that build their organic traffic to heights that can only be achieved with content that is not only unique but viral.

Areas worth concentrating on...

Passive Income
December for me has been a record month for my AdSense earnings, up slightly on November which was also a record month for me. I am a little surprised as I have probably dedicated less time in December to my online endeavours than any other month in the last year. This particular Blog was one of my biggest earners and I have updated it very few times in the past few weeks. (also my subscribers are higher than ever... very strange)

Passive income can almost be directly related back to traffic levels when programs like AdSense are used. To put it simply the more traffic you get the more you are gonna be earning.

Affiliate Programs
There is money to be made in affiliate programs and it is something that I personally have not delved into to greatly, however I can certainly see opportunities that exist and will be looking to explore some of these in the months ahead.

Site flipping
There is definitely potential in the area of buying and selling websites however an avenue that has a certain amount of risk involved so probably not recommended to beginners in the online money making arena.

There are many things that can go wrong when trying to flip a site for a quick profit, including the likes of PR updates and other events that are out of your control yet will effect the worth of your site.

The dinosaurs

Text Links

Forget them, google are getting to smart for this, your site will be punished eventually no matter how smart you may think you are.

Sponsored Posts

Great if you are looking for a few quick dollars and are happy to kill your site in the process. I have seen a few sites do them very well, however most people tend to end up swamping their sites with posts about photo frames and drug rehab clinics which doesn't really make for great reading. I am guilty of this more so in the past, however made hundreds of dollars in the process so I guess it was a worthwhile exercise.

Stay tuned, we are running a little behind schedule this month but full December summary is coming soon of the Million Dollar Experiment Down Under!

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