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Friday, January 05, 2007

The Bloggers Octet- 8 Proven Methods to get your Blog Earning!

This article assumes that you already have a blog set up and a reasonable amount of regularly updated content within your blogsite. If not you need to set yourself up with a blog site from somewhere like here . Then revisit this article in a couple of months.

Method 1 - Money4Blogs
This site is quick and easy money, just go to the site and register your interest, they will check out your blog and if appropriate make you a very reasonable offer to place a small text link on your site.
Payment: They pay promptly via PayPal aff: which you will need to set up first.

Method 2 - GoogleAdSense
If your site gets a reasonable amount of traffic, it is simple to create a relatively passive income from running GoogleAdsense on your site.
Payment: Once your account has reached $100 US they will send you a check or direct credit the amount into your bank account the following month.

Method 3 - Blogitive
Blogitive offer paid blog posts and it is quite possible to get say 5 - 10 of these posts per month. Certainly a lucrative way to earn extra money from your blog.
Payment: They pay weekly via PayPal aff:

Method 4 - LoudLaunch
LoudLaunch is a brand new site that offers paid blog posts, the prices that you get paid tend to vary a bit more than Blogitive, so far I have seen posts offered for 0,3 or 5 dollars. It depends on your blog so if you have a highly ranked blog, you may of course get offered more. I am not sure how many people would offer to do sponsored posts for no money at all. Certainly not me!
Payment: LoudLaunch pay via PayPal aff:

Method 5 - Blogsvertise
Another site that I have used, I actually received the highest pay per post from this site ($10) however the catch is that you need to wait until they email you with an offer, whereas the previous two payperpost methods let you log-in and as long as there are sponsored posts available you can do them.
Payment: They pay a month after your post has been published via PayPal aff:

Method 6 - MyLot aff:
MyLot is an interesting one, basically it is like a forum discussion site, where you create discussions for other people to join and comment on, as well as comment on discussions that other people have created. You can also upload photos and you get paid, both for getting involved in discussions as well as uploading images.
Although the money paid out is small, you need to think outside the box with this one, money can be earned via referrals and you can also refer related discussions back to your own site, so the opportunity to get extra traffic should not be ignored.
Payment: They pay monthly, if your balance has reached at least $10 via PayPal aff:

Method 7 - Amazon aff:
Amazon offer a number of ways to make money from your site, you can set up an Amazon AStore of your own, or display adverts that you can modify through the Amazon site to suit your blog content. Amazon have been around for years so offer a wide variety of methods to monetize your site.
Payment: Amazon pays by check or gift certificates.

Method 8 - HubPages aff:
Hub Pages lets you write articles (Hubs) and then you will receive %60 of the revenue generated from the advertising displayed upon them. You can associate your Google Adsense Adverts with them, as well as Amazon and Ebay Affiliate ids.
Payment: You will be paid by the Advertisers directly (Google, Amazon, Ebay)

Given the 8 methods above as well as a certain amount of time and effort to dedicate to your Blog you should be able to make a reasonable amount of money online. Depending on the quality of the content of your blog, as well as the time that you are prepared to commit to it you will at worst make a little pocket money, at best you could make a very good living!

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Anonymous said...

Nice post man. The only thing I was wondering is that don't you have to have your blog for at least 3 months to participate with Blogitive. I THINK I read that in their TOS. I'm using some of these methods and we're off to a slow start, but I guess plugging away and maintaining consistency is the key.

Anonymous said...

Your right, I think officially that is there Terms of Service, however unofficially it may be worth a shot before that, if your blog is good enough, they may accept you anyway.

Unknown said...

Some blogs that are less than 1 month old have been accepted into Blogitive so well worth the try.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Shirlene, that was my understanding as well, so even though a company may say that they are looking for a 90 day blog, that does not mean it is not worth a shot, even if your blog is only a month or so old.

Unknown said...

well, I have submitted my blog in blogitive again and waiting for their approval...

Anonymous said...

lfc fan: Good luck Buddy! Give loudlaunch a shot as well.

Anonymous said...

Hubpages is actually 60% (not 50%) of the revenue (not profit), so actually could be quite a bit. There's a guy who made almost $90 in December off Adsense on the articles he wrote.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jeremiah, you are correct I have changed my article to reflect that. Here is the skinny from the hubpages themselves..

On Hubs and User Profile Pages
The Hub's author always gets 60% of the impressions, no matter what.
If the Hub author was referred by somebody else, that person always gets 10%
Whatever is left over (either 30% or 40% of the total impressions) will be divided between HubPages and the traffic referrer, if there is one.
So, traffic referrer will always get either 9% or 12% of the total impressions.

Anonymous said...

Although an old post, the Swiss_Mouse found this VERY informative. The Swiss_Mouse is very glad that he found your site. So full of information....

Marc Futoran said...

Lots of useful information here. Unfortunately it seems that the 'fast' aspect of online income is a bit hyped. Time, consistancy, and patience will probably do more.

Unknown said...

Great post. May be old but informative. I read somewhere that does not accept blogger blogs anymore.
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Mike Hosting said...

Good post, yes there is an official term of service.

Daddy Yashiro said...

informative post and it really helps a lot. Thanks.