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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Google Reader - Another Useful Tool for the Bloggers Toolkit

For many of us we spend a lot of time every day catching up on the latest news from a variety of Blogs and Websites. Google Reader is a great online tool that takes all this and keeps it in one convenient location where you can access it from any PC with your Google log in details.

There are many options that can be configured with the New Google Reader including...

  • Import your feeds from another RSS Reader into Google Reader
  • Manage subscriptions through one easy to use interface
  • A number of well documented Keyboard shortcuts for the power user
  • Incorporate into your Google Homepage
The Google Reader Application is appealing because it is classic Google style, easy to use with a basic layout but plenty of features if you are prepared to do a little digging around.

In summary a useful tool, so an excellent addition to the Bloggers Toolkit, tommorrow we will be posting our 100 day Summary of Earnings to date in the "Million Dollar Experiment Down Under".

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Anonymous said...

Hi!, I'm very interested in exchanging links with you. let me know if you are interested by dropping a comment at my blog. i'll add u instantly thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi DotMySpot, it is done, cool site by the way.

Anonymous said...

Well, I was just thinking this morning about giving google reader a try, as a change from bloglines.

Inspired by your post, I will take a look at it now.

Anonymous said...

Nenad, thanks for dropping by I hope you enjoy using Google Reader