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Friday, December 01, 2006

The Google Home Page - Your Home away from Home

Welcome to the first of our Web Bloggers Toolkit Series, we take a look at a simple yet useful tool from Google, the Google home page.

The Google personalized homepage is a useful tool because you can place all your links in one place as well as receive feeds from websites, blogs etc, all onto the one page. Then where ever you are in the world you simple sign in to and all your info is there.

You can add a task manager to the Google Home Page by using a 3rd party add in such as Remember the Milk. This can be a handy feature especially if you move around different machines a lot.

Once you have logged into your customized home page (you will need a gmail account for this) it is very simple to add new content, or move your existing content around via drag and drop.

It is possible, that simply by adding your own blogs to this homepage, it will ensure that googles spiders will revisit the site on a regular basis, which may help with search engine information.

Over the next few weeks we will be looking at several more web tools, that can be a useful part of every Bloggers Toolkit, including Pay-pal, the google toolbar, feed burner, Technorati and more.

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