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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

RSS feeds for your IPOD

It is possible to get your RSS feeds synchronized with your ipod. This is made possible by a cool looking application called ipodagent.

If you are looking for the free(beta) version you can download it from here. (if you go to the vendors website they have a later version, however it is no longer free. you can go here for this.

How does it work?

You fire up the program, enter the address of any RSS feeds that you would like to synchronize with your ipod and click on synchronize. It really is as simple as that. The rss feed then is available under the notes section of your ipod. I have a video ipod, but I am sure it works on earlier versions as well.

Why not give it a shot, if you commute to work, or ever have a bit of spare time waiting around, you can read your favourite blog on the go! Another tool for the Web bloggers toolkit.

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