Monday, February 26, 2007

Learn more about your Visitors with Google Analytics

You may remember a couple of months ago we took a look at Google Analytics and went through an overview of what it can do, as well as how to get it set up. For a refresher course on this please visit the original post here..Using Google Analytics to track and Analyze your Blogsite .

Once you have been tracking your site for a couple of months a range of very useful data is accumulated with all manner of information about your visitors, referrals, search terms etc. One section that I find very useful is the web design parameters section where by looking at a number of different areas of your visitors specs and hardware of their PC's you can make informed decisions about the design of your site.

Screen Resolution - Alot of sites these days are still optimized for 800 x 600 screen resolution (like this one!) however according to my statistics over the last couple of months you will see that the majority of this sites visitors have a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 and that not even 10 percent of the visitors to this site have the screen resolution that it is designed primarily for!

JavaScript - Many sites make the assumption that JavaScript is functional on the clients browser but how often is it not? Well according to my statistics 98.62% of my visitors are Java Enabled and this would tend to be an accurate assumption.

This is of course powerful information that allows you to confidently make informed and important decisions without the fear of uncertainty.
Over the next couple of days we will be preparing our post showing the growth of the exponential experiment that began at the beginning of October 2006. 5 Months have gone by (this counts all our online earnings not just from our million dollar experiment down under) and we will be doing a full report on the progress to date. Until then - take it easy.
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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Add a Job Board to your site - plus we stumble upon NZ's No1 Blogger!

I have always wondered who is NZ's number 1 Blogger and I think that I have found him. His name is Richard MacManus and he has the popular site Read/WriteWeb. I came across this site surprisingly offline, after reading an article about him in the NZ Herald.

This is an excerpt from Richards site.

Read/WriteWeb was founded and is edited by Richard MacManus, from Wellington New Zealand. Richard spends most of his time working on Read/WriteWeb these days, but previously he did research, analysis and product development work for companies in Silicon Valley and beyond. Prior to that he worked for some of New Zealand's top organizations as a Web Manager.
Now it appears that he ditched his job in August 2005 and went hard out to make a full time career of it. He earns his income now from advertising on his very popular Blog. (Ranked 67 on Technorati when I checked it this am.)

Anyway while I was on his site having a look I noticed that he had a Job Board Widget set up, where people could post job vacancies onto his site. Knowing that there had to be a financial incentive behind this it raised my antenna, particularly because of my JobHunters websites which currently advertise people looking for work rather than vacancies.

Looking into this further I found a great setup, the site is called JobThread and basically you set a price on how much someone needs to pay to place a job vacancy on your job site (created on their domain or yours) which then displays on a nifty little widget which you can place on your site.

As I am always looking at ways to further monetize my JobHunters sites, I have placed the widget on the NZ JobHunters site and the Euro JobHunters site - you also have the opportunity to display job adverts from the general area and earn money from this.

I have mine set at $5 USD for a vacancy for 30 days, or you can pay $7 USD and get a feature advert! The revenue is split 50/50 with jobthread which is quite fair considering they are doing all the work.

There is also a referral scheme where if you refer someone to join one of their paid plans you will recieve $50. Now I am not sure if a job board would suit this Blog, however if you have a Blog about a Niche Topic, it would certainly be something worth looking at and a great way to further monetize your site.

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Friday, February 23, 2007

Ban Shoemoney - Ban us all

Have you heard the latest that Shoemoney has been banned from MyBlogLog for exposing some of the lame security that they had going?

Apparently according to comments on this article they banned him for posting user data online. Well I think that instead of banning one of the true Gurus of Blogging in the World today they should have probably taken the facts that data was so easy to get onboard and sorted out the many issues that they needed to work through.

I think its a bit like starting a Church and then banning the Pope because he managed to sneak in the side door!

Anyway in support of Shoemoney who I respect alot more than MyBlogLog, I have removed MyBlogLog code from this site, will no longer visit it and suggest you to do the same. Please let me know via a comment whether you think this is a good idea or if MyBlogLog are doing the right thing by banning the best blogger they had.

I look forward to hearing what you your thoughts are..

UPDATE 03/03/2007: You may have heard that Shoemoneys ban got lifted, and everyone is playing happy families again. I have replaced the widget on my site because damn, I couldn't see who had come a visiting any more!

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Ads that make you go Whaaatt???

I was on one of my Blogs today - it is one where I normally have Google AdSense Link units underneath the header however today they looked like this.....

Have you ever seen this before and why on earth would anyone want to??? Is this some kind of new AdSense search box? What the heck is up with that piddly little button?

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Credit and Personal Loans

If you have had ever had bad credit in your life then you will know how hard it is to get back on track and gain confidence in borrowing again. offer services like the "Credit Repair Services" this is where you have had a bad experience in the past, however by getting a bad credit personal loan you can set about repairing the damage that has been done in the past.

There is hardly any person who has not once fallen into the clutches of bad credit. In America, a huge number of people are experiencing bad credit each year. Therefore, they are going for the bad credit personal loans and trying to give a proper shape to their damaged credit report.

Remember it is important that before you go for a bad credit personal loan, you really need to make sure that you would be able to comfortably cover the payment!

To summarize, Bad Credit Personal Loans are very useful for people who have bad credit. Remember though before you settle on a bad credit personal loan, you should search a reasonable amount to find out the proper lender and get the best deal. Once you get the loan, the rest will fall in place.

130 Day Summary of the Million Dollar Experiment Down Under

I can't believe that it is now 130 days since we embarked upon our mission. The mission being to simply intend one million dollars into our life, this of course being the record of the journey.

It has become some sort of an addiction now which I am not sure if this is a good or a bad thing, however its certainly taking up a lot of time!

I am still struggling finding something that earns from advertising on this site. Friendfinder has so far given me zero return, Amazon also zero return - I have removed them and will just stick with the only thing that has worked so far advertising wise - Google AdSense.

Its quite possible that I am not positioning them right, or not promoting them enough, however the facts are that this site is now getting a reasonable amount of traffic, and I need to see some results to justify any further effort on those money earning systems. Zero is not going to cut taking up that much space on the Blog!

Received a referral fee from Blogitive the other day of 5 dollars, thanks for whoever signed up and mentioned that I referred them!

Now the Summary - 130 Days (NZ Currency)
Beer tasting $30.00
Blogitive $117.65
Blogsvertise $22.06
GoogleAdsense $39.56
LoudLaunch $7.35
Money4Blogs $29.41
MYLOT $16.59
SportsGambling -$10.10
PayPerPost $33.10

Grand Total US$ 194.22 or NZ$ 285.62 Increase over the last summary (120 Day Summary) in NZ Dollars: $35.16

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Can't toss in the job yet!

The Z-list has morphed into a directory style list of Blogs called Z-list 2.0, along with descriptions! This is thanks to the Customers Rock! blog, Servant Of Chaos blog and the eSoup blog where it appears they took the time to visit every blog in the z-list and add comments about each one! Thanks heaps for the effort guys what a great idea.

The Z-list has been instrumental in giving this blog a rocket up the technorati ladder, we have cracked the top 25000, previously this blog was hanging around the 80,000 mark when the z-list first kicked into gear. Some people may say that this is an unfair ranking however we have tried to spend time visiting a lot of the blogs that have been kind enough to link through to us.

Tomorrow the 130 day summary will be released - due to a lack of recent results with some of the changes that were made advertising wise I have made the decision to remove the friendfinder adverts and amazon advertising from this particular Blog, as to put it bluntly they are performing very poorly.

I have calculated that if I happened to quit my job tomorrow, I should be able to earn an income of approximately 1100 NZ dollars a month online without to much problem. (this only works out at $22 US per day!). However unfortunately I need to earn at least 4 times this much to be able to survive and pay the bills!

At some stage later in the year I may try a one off week long "money making marathon" to see how much it is possible to earn in one week, with the income sources that are now available to me. That would be interesting however obviously very time consuming. A large part of this would have to be sponsored posts, and a lot of unsponsored posts would also need to be written to provide some real content.

It is obvious from the amount of issues raised on the previous post about Content scraping that this is becoming a major problem. One of the things that is concerning about this is that even if the scraper was reported to Google or any other entity that could help, how would they decide who the original publisher of the article or content was?

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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Autoblogs - Getting a free ride, by using other Bloggers Content

I came across a comment on the Mike's Money Making Mission about a site that is republishing articles from blogs apparently without permission from the authors. A quick scan of the site shows a large number of articles seemingly scraped from Mikes Money Making Mission - so I thought that it was worth having a look into.

I don't want to give the guy a free link, so you will have to type this one if you want to have a look its.... make-easy dot com

The software used is software by Elliot Back - I don't think by looking at his site it was created with the idea of copying content from sites, basically it appears to publish from RSS feeds, so I guess this is how these sites are getting their content republished on a regular basis.

This could be a useful tool if say you had 3 or 4 blogs and wanted to collate all the material into one master blog - however has the potential to be abused if placed in the hands of an unethical autoblogger.

If someone said to you - hey do you mind me republishing all your articles and placing my adverts on them so that I can make some easy money with you doing all the work is that cool? - what would you say - my answer of course would be no, even though it creates links to your site, the fact is that someone else could be earning money from your hard work and they never asked.

This is different from quoting an excerpt or talking about a post that you liked and linking to it - I think so anyway.

What are your thoughts? How do you deal with this kind of issue?

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Friday, February 16, 2007

Google AdSense Link Units - hopefully adding to exponential growth!

After a suggestion from one of my fellow "like minded" bloggers LFC Fan I have decided to add some Google AdSense Link Units to this site, Link units are a bit different to the normal AdSense adverts in the way that they display a list of topics that are relevant to your page.

It is important that in staying in line with Googles TOS you only place one link unit per content page.

February is a short month, it was going to be hard to meet my required targets this month on passive income alone, hence the additional paid posts that you may have recently seen.

You may remember back in October we began our exponential growth experiment, the article was Exponential growth with your Website Profits and February is month 5 of this (Octobers online earnings were the beginning for us).

In this exponential growth experiment money from all of my online sources is being calculated and I am pleased to say that this month we are on target to more than double what was achieved in October. The majority of the income growth is also passive which is very pleasing and makes for very exciting times ahead.

I will post a full report of the figures of this at the end of February with a month by month breakdown of targets, achievements plus a look ahead at the next 5 months. Remember it is not to hard to increase your earnings by a mere 20% on what you did the previous month. Keep this up and you will soon be making very good money indeed. It actually creeps up on a you a bit and it is only when you look back that you see what great improvements have actually been made.

The attitude that I have about this is simply failure is not an option. I will do whatever it takes to make an extra 20 percent a month - if that means some months staying awake all night and writing sponsored posts to make up the difference then that is what has to be done. If it means creating more sites than what I already have then that's what I will do. I would prefer however to continue maximising the income from the sites that I already have - as time does become an issue. (especially with a young family, and a full time job!)

I am experimenting with Google AdWords on one of my sites at the moment and have found some interesting results happening with this - more details to come in a future post.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Comments on Comments

There seem to be a lot of ways that different Bloggers deal with the comments on their sites, some don’t have comments on at all, others are happy to let you leave a comment however don’t really participate in what can end up being quite an interesting conversation. Then there are the ones that provide active feedback for the comments left on their sites.

If your site is quite new, and you are not getting a lot of traffic to it, sometimes the best option is to leave comments turned off altogether, as that way when visitors come to the site - it is much harder for them to judge the popularity of the site by the amount (or lack ) of comments that are being left on a regular basis.

If you are on, it is a good idea to have anonymous comments allowed, otherwise you are limiting your comment leavers to people that have blogs on blogger, which is probably not even half of your potential readers. I see a lot of quite new blogs that are going to be lucky to get any comments at all - and don't have anonymous comments turned on. To enable anonymous comments navigate to your blogger settings, then click on comments and select anyone.

One of the best ways to get comments on your posts is to visit other sites and leave interesting comments. So go on, why don't you get over your shyness and go and leave a comment on someones Blog - you never know they might just end up visiting your site and could even become a regular visitor!

Sponsored Post - free funny eCards on is a great site to get all manner of free funny eCards for whatever that special occasion may be.
Our web site,, provides eCards that allow you to strengthen friendships, commemorate milestones, celebrate holidays, or simply share a laugh.
Egreetings have an offer going at the moment where customers can get a free 30-day trial membership to send unlimited eCards, and if you want to subscribe for a year its only $13.99.
One of the great benefits of membership is that you can actually schedule eCards to arrive on a specific date (great for those of us that are inclined to be a little forgetful at times!)
Some samples of the great cards that they have are shown here..

Hey Guy!

Egreetings have thousands of these cards to choose from, so why don't you head over there and check it out.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Secret of making Paid Posts less intrusive on your site

When you decide that you need a bit of quick cash, it is often tempting to write a sponsored Post. With half an hour or so of effort and a bit of luck you can earn yourself between 5 and 10 US dollars (or perhaps even more), which depending on where in the world you live may or may not be much at all.

The secret to writing paid posts that have minimal impact on your website is simplistic yet effective - you need to have a really decent article ready to go, and place this right above the paid post that just got published.

There is nothing worse than visiting your favourite blog and being greeted with a sponsored post right at the top!

Remember to always mark your sponsored posts as such, I normally write Sponsored Post - then the name of the article. This means your readers can trust you and know that you are not trying to trick them into reading something that you got paid to write.

Also join as many pay per post sites as you can, so that you have a wide range of topics to choose from. That way you can try and pick a subject that is interesting and actually add content to your site as well. If you would like to use payperpost you are welcome to join them via the affiliate badge on my sidebar under "Blog Earners"

Myself I try not to do to many paid posts these days, preferring to spend my time boosting the passive income side of my sites. (i.e driving more traffic to them) - however I still have them up my sleeve if I need a little boost to reach the ever increasing monthly targets that I set myself.

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

120 Day Summary of the Million Dollar Experiment Down Under

The Story so far
120 Days ago we set out on a Money Making Experiment based on Steve Pavlinas Million Dollar Experiment. It has been a blast so far and although we are a long way from our goal I think good progress has been made.

Key Achievements of the Experiment to date
Earning the first Dollar
Making the top 100,000 on the Technorati Ladder
Achieving a Google Page Rank of 4 on the homepage after only 3 months
100 Posts within 100 Days
Making the top 50,000 on the Technorati Ladder

Other News
A couple of confirmations that companies do pay up - which is always nice to know. MyLot aff: came through - I have finally earned my first ten dollars after a few months. With MyLot half of that money was earned by myself actively participating in discussions, the other half was from referral income. LoudLaunch have also paid up - great.

A recent sign up with PayPerPost has resulted in a few higher priced sponsored posts, the first one has been approved so now this income will also start to show in the regular summaries on this site.

The Z-List has boosted us up the Technorati ladder, this has been a great example of viral marketing and shows what a bunch of unsung bloggers can achieve in a short amount of time. Just about every time I log in to Technorati now there are more links to my site showing up - thanks to all that have participated.

Now the Summary - 120 Days (NZ Currency)
Beer tasting $30.00
Blogitive $110.29
Blogsvertise $22.06
GoogleAdsense $36.40
LoudLaunch $7.35
Money4Blogs $29.41
MYLOT $16.21
SportsGambling -$10.10
PayPerPost $8.84

Grand Total US$ 170.31 or NZ$ 250.46

Increase over the last summary (110 Day Summary) in NZ Dollars: $16.19

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Friday, February 09, 2007

Sponsored Post - Access to Guns vs. non-lethal self defense

I have been surprised to find out that in some states of the US you can get a permit to carry a gun but can not get a non-lethal alternative like a stun gun, taser or Mace Pepper Spray. This would seem to encourage people to use a gun for self defence, instead of a stun gun similar to the one below.

If I was to choose a form of protection for myself (and I if I lived somewhere that you could legally own one of these) it would be this one.

This is the Powerful Straight Form Stun Gun that delivers 500,000 Volts . You can view this one and other Stun Guns here. If you were not to keen on a stun gun you could consider mace pepper spray .
Unfortunately if you live in some states you are not allowed to purchase either of these, yet you can own a gun. Does this mean that it is OK to kill someone that is trying to harass or attack you yet not OK to stun them and give yourself time to escape?
I am going to leave comments open on this post because I am genuinely interested in what people have to say on this subject. Please let me know what you think.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

FriendFinder, and Amazon yet to deliver results in the Million Dollar Experiment Down Under

You may have noticed a change in scenery around the outskirts of this Blog, specifically I placed a FriendFinders aff: advert on the site, plus have been experimenting with a couple of Amazon Adverts. The results have been quite disappointing.

Neither FriendFinder nor Amazon have returned a cent, this is a bummer really because I am trying to not be so reliant on AdSense, however it is becoming the Bread and Butter of most of my sites and nothing I have found seems to be able to better it to date. I would be very interested in your story about some product you have found and monetized on your site that has outperformed Google AdSense (and does not require active participation!)

PayPerPost have still not reviewed my Pending Posts 9 and 7 days after I submitted them, I wonder if they wait 30 days before accepting them? And will I then have to wait another 30 days to be paid? I am wanting to add the totals to my figures, however I never add anything until it has been approved.

Loudlaunch paid me today for the one post I did while checking out their site a while back, I have logged back in a few times, however all their offers are $5 or $3 which is not really enough I dont think. It is important to put some kind of value on what your time is worth when you are working on stuff that is nothing more than an exchange of time for money. I might as well log in to PayPerPost and do a similar sized Post and get paid twice as much, or even better spend the time writing an article that might be useful to someone!

The Z-List has been working well, and has boosted us up the Technorati Rankings. It will be interesting to see how far it goes.

Funny side effect of Blogging... I have noticed that now when I do a spell check there are hardly any spelling mistakes, however when I started 6 or 7 months ago - there were spelling mistakes aplenty. Has Blogging made you a better speller?

Look out for the 12o Day Summary - Coming soon.

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Getting a Z-List injection up the Technorati Ladder

I first read about this on the awesome Dosh Dosh Blog incidentally I cannot believe how full of great content the Dosh Dosh Blog has become, there seems to be a new quality post out everyday - I really recommend it as a great source of Money Making ideas online.

Anyway the idea behind the Z-list is that by posting these links it helps all the blogs below get another back link, hopefully other people will post the Z-list with your Blog on the list next.

The idea is that you don't include your own blog in the list, because its all about sharing the love! With a bit of luck someone that posts their own Z-list will include you in the list.

How can I participate in the Z List ?
Create a new post, copy and paste the list of blogs below. Add Million NZ Dollars if you wish and any other Blogs that you like. (make sure you don't include your own blog).

Thats it, publish the post and feel the warm glow that comes from sharing!

My Additions
If you want to make money
Getting Rich
How to Earn Money Blogging
How to earn money online?
Monetize Your Blog
My Journey to One Million Dollars
My Quest to Success
Online Money Reviews and Tips
Promoting Your Site
The College Marketer
The Making of an Internet Entrepreneur
Turn Your Blog Into Money Making Machine
Stratz's Blog

From Dosh
Mike's Money Making Mission
Time to Budget
Can I Make Big Money Online
Flee the Cube
Blogging Secret
Blogging to Fame
Quest to make money on the internet
Kumiko's Cash Quest
Calico Monkey
Internet Bazaar
Shotgun Marketing Blog
Customers Rock!
Being Peter Kim
Pow! Right Between The Eyes!
Billions With Zero Knowledge
Working at Home on the Internet
MapleLeaf 2.0
Two Hat Marketing
The Emerging Brand
The Branding Blog
Drew's Marketing Minute
Golden Practices
Tell Ten Friends
Flooring the Consumer
Kinetic Ideas
Unconventional Thinking
The Copywriting Maven
Hee-Haw Marketing
Scott Burkett's Pothole on the Infobahn
Multi-Cult Classics
Logic + Emotion
Branding & Marketing
Popcorn n Roses
On Influence & Automation
Servant of Chaos
Presentation Zen
Dmitry Linkov
John Wagner
Nick Rice
CKs Blog
Design Sojourn
Frozen Puck
The Sartorialist
Small Surfaces
Africa Unchained
Marketing Nirvana
Bob Sutton
¡Hola! Oi! Hi!
Shut Up and Drink the Kool-Aid!
Women, Art, Life: Weaving It All Together
Community Guy
Social Media on the fly

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Monday, February 05, 2007

Million NZ Dollar Review of PayPerPost

History of Payperpost
Payperpost according to the first few entries in the PayPerPost Blog, kicked off in late June 2006. Its interesting reading through their early Blog entries as the popularity of the site begins to build.

There appeared to be a lot of confusion back then about the ethics behind disclosing or not disclosing that the posts that bloggers were doing were being sponsored. Some bloggers think its ok to not disclose if it is something they are genuinely interested in, others think that a sponsored post should always be disclosed. What do you think?

Towards the end of 2006 PayPerPost had a significant change to their policy that meant that publishers would need to Disclose somewhere on their site the fact that there was renumeration involved in the PayPerPost Posts. You can read more about this at Tech Crunch.

Recently PayPerPost created the rockstartup reality series, which follows the exploits of the PayPerPost team at their Head Office. I have so far watched a couple of episodes, and found it quite enjoyable, plus it helps to see the very human side of this company.

Registration involves the usual process, one thing I found a bit strange is that I came in through an affiliate referral. However even so when I registered it asked for the referrals email address. I did not have this and it is a little concerning that if you are going to promote PayPerPost and your signups dont have your email address are you going to get paid? Hopefully we can find out.

Once registered you need to submit your blog and wait on approval, this took about 4 or 5 days for my site, which isn't to bad really I guess. PPP probably have a ton of sites to check every day.

As far as registration requirements go, your blog must be over 90 days old. Once they have accepted you its time to start taking opportunities!

Taking Opportunities - Using PayPerPost
Now that your blog has been accepted by PayPerPosts administrative team you can start taking advantage of the opportunities that they have on offer. The first thing that will probably take you by surprise is the sheer amount of opportunities on the go at any one time. Whenever I have logged in there have been between 60 and 70 sponsored opportunities up for grabs.

Not only are there blog posts there are quite a few video posts and other things like puzzles that can be solved and written about. The prices that are paid to Bloggers vary alot, however appear to be quite a bit more than what I have seen on other PayPerPost sites.

Affiliate Program
There is an Affiliate program with PayPerPost and although the details are a little sketchy it appears to work like this. If anyone that you refer to PayPerPost is accepted by them and writes a Post that is both approved and remains online for 30 Days, you are then payed $15-00 US. There is no obvious affiliate link on the site that I can find at the moment, however I managed to get to an affiliate page by typing in ! - I found this on a forum somewhere. Unfortunately they don't appear to have a simple text link, so if you would like to join PayPerPost please use the affiliate banner on my sidebar under the heading "Blog Earners"

Alot of people seem to have it in for PPP and I have approached this entire review with what I hope is an open mind and a unbiased view. Theres a couple of things that annoy me about the site, for example no obvious link for affiliate code, time take to approve posts appears to be a while for example I did one 6 days ago and it still has status pending, and one 4 days ago with the same issue. I will however update this post when these are approved (or declined) along with anymore information that comes to light.

Update 02/03/2007 - I thought I should add that since writing this post I have had every post approved after normally 5- 10 days, also they pay from the date you post the article, not when they approve it. I have recieved payment on time as well, no issues to date with payperpost.
I havent personally been paid yet by them, or even had a posting approved - so I can't comment on that side of things, however this post has been hanging around for so long that I just had to get it out there - I promised it over a week ago.

PPP have all the makings of a success story, and have attracted a lot of attention both good and bad. They seem to have struck a sour note with some Bloggers out there, and yet many appear to be more than happy. Its hard to really get a feel for the culture of PPP after the short amount of time that I have dealt with them, however one gets the feeling that they have a lot going on and must be struggling at times to keep up with everything.

If you have had any experience with PPP good or bad, please share it and hopefully this will help other bloggers when they are trying to decide whether or not to give PPP a shot.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

MyBlogLog will be Moving to Yahoo ID's

I found out today from The MyBlogLog Blog that MyBlogLog will soon be moving to Yahoo IDs, I used to be a real fan of MyBlogLog, however its things like this that tend to put me off a bit. I don't really want to be forced to sign up with Yahoo, just so that I can continue using it. I'm a Google fanatic. Lets hope there is something similar in the Pipeline from our friends at Google!

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Thursday, February 01, 2007

110 Day Summary of the Million Dollar Experiment Down Under

Another 10 days comes to a close, and a month comes to an end. As you may know from previous posts recently we had a large change of focus and began spending 90 percent of our time trying to build passive type income, the other 10 percent of our time can be used for things like Sponsored posts or other "quick fix" income earners. The results have been better than expected and here's why..

Passive Income
Unfortunately this site does not earn a lot in the way of AdSense, however other sites that I own do quite a lot better. All up my AdSense income has increased by 28% over the last month! This can be attributed to a reasonable growth in traffic which has been brought about by constant promotion and advertising. We are very keen to continue following this model of growth.

The growth in traffic has been pretty damn good, see below the graph from my sitemeter, it would be hard to get the climb much steeper than this. I put the growth down to regular posting which is creating a lot of content that is being well picked up by Google. I also have a network of great referrals from fellow bloggers with like minded sites. Please take the time to visit them from the links to the right.

A couple of these were done at the beginning of the month, also I have just joined payperpost and reviewme. I will be looking at doing a full review of payperpost in the next week or so, so you might see a couple more sponsored posts, which coincidentally pay quite reasonably. Full details will be in the upcoming review.


(NZ $)

Google AdSense Total $31.01
Money4Blogs Total $29.41
Blogsvertise Total $22.06
Blogitive Total $110.29
LoudLaunch Total $7.35
MYLOT Total $14.24
SportsGambling Total -$10.10
Beer tasting Total $30.00

Grand Total US$ 159.30 or NZ$ 234.27

Increase over the last summary (100 Day Summary) in NZ Dollars: $10.09

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