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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Submit your Site to Free Directorys - Bloggers Toolkit Series

One of the methods that I have been using recently to promote my various sites is to submit them to free directories. Now when I first started to do this I played a little bit of hit and miss as I was searching for them on Google and was often disappointed to find that not only did the site require payment, but I was probably in for a lifetime of spam as well!

Bring on Mr-SEO - I had recently been listening to a number of great pod casts regarding Search Engine Optimization and in one of his pod casts Joe mentions a directory list that he has on his site that has been built up over time. It lists directories that are free to submit your site to and they don't even require a reciprocal link.

Now you have to be very patient when doing this as it can be a time consuming task submitting your site to directories however long term it should pay off, so just get on and do it. If you have multiple sites its quite good because you can submit a number of them at at once.

I suggest starting a spreadsheet and recording which sites you have submitted to along with any other relevant information. One of my colleagues is starting at the bottom of the list and working up, I am working my way down.

Anyway heres the link if you want to go and do some work ... submit to directories some of the sites that you will be submitting to have some pretty decent page ranks. Remember its not quick, you need to submit a fair bit of info in some of the directories so put aside an hour or two and work your way through as many as you can.

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