Saturday, June 30, 2007

Featured Post - Kailua Home Rental

The name Kailua translates to "two seas" or "two currents" and this town located close to Honolulu is aptly named this way because of two lagoons in the area. Kailua beach has been ranked as one of the best beaches in the world, and the number one US Beach. It's also extremely popular with windsurfers and kite boarders.

One of the most popular ways of getting accommodation is with a Kailua home rental. There are a range of home rentals most of which are located very close to the beautiful beaches - prices range depending on the size of the house and other demographics however appear to be very reasonable.

Hawaiian Beach Rentals are a viable alternative to staying in a resort or hotel and can be a particularly economic way of having holiday - meaning in some cases that you can spend more time experiencing the unique beauty of Hawaii.

Friday, June 29, 2007

End of Month Summary and Blog Traffic Challenge Coming Soon

I am flat out writing a couple of articles, one is the June Summary in what has been another record month. The really exciting thing is next month should actually double what this month has produced.

The other article is the summary of my involvement in the Blog Traffic Challenge, a 3 month double your traffic incentive that has produced some great results for the sites involved.

On a slightly different subject - today I was doing a payperpost and it auto approved - apparently I have become some kind of a "trusted" payperpost postie, so that are no longer submitting my posts to the stringent once overs they used to get. I had not heard of that before, however its great to see.

Anyway make sure you come back soon to check out the summary's....

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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Make Money Fast with Bucks4Banners

I had a nice surprise today 15 pounds into my PayPal account from a company called Bucks4Banners. This company pays you ten pounds for joining and then 5 pounds a month for hosting a smallish banner on your site.

If you would like to see an example of the adverts head along to my celebrity gossip site and check out the banner advert at the bottom of the page.

They also pay you 10 pounds for referrals, so you can see that it doesn't take long to add up, especially when you convert it to NZ dollars at a rate of 1 pound = 2.55 NZ dollars.

I heard through the grapevine that they don't accept money making blogs, so you may need to sign up with any site apart from a money maker.

If you would like to sign up for the program I suggest that you go through my affiliate link here.. Earn Credit for your Website! that way we can both make fast money.

To sum up this program...

1./ Small banner ad on 3 pages of your site.

2./ Pay 10 pound on sign up plus 5 pound per month ongoing

3./ Affiliate program they pay 10 pound for a referral.

Let me know how you get on, I would be interested to know if you decide to sign up and what you think of the program.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Making Money Fast - I'm gonna do it!!

At the beginning of this month I had managed to go for a few days averaging around $20 a day in earnings, and I thought that was quite cool so I tried to do it for seven days in a row..

Anyway once I had achieved this as someone who is always looking for new challenges I thought what if I can continue to keep that up for a whole month!

Anyway today is the 27th and I now know, that as I am a bit ahead of target in income accrued, this month I will pass $600 US earned!! (not payed - only just over $300 will be counted this month as money actually in the coffers of the Million Dollar Experiment Down Under).

My post after seven days is now quite interesting to read, because I was quite pleased with myself at the time, however probably didn't realize I could just keep it going! Here's the article if you feel like going back 20 days or so... Seven Days - 140 Dollars - Staying focused

What can I say? Dream Believe - and Achieve.

Next month I am going to set even higher targets for myself.

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Payday Loans - When there is no other choice

Payday loans can help you to get money in a hurry when you need it however there is a price that is paid for this....

What exactly are Payday Loans?

Payday loans are short term loans, for example if you want to borrow $200 until your next paycheck the lender will electronically deposit $200 into your bank account and come payday or due date you will need to pay them $250 (the $200 you borrowed plus a $50 fee).

When that date arrives, either you pay the full amount, or some lenders may allow you to roll over the amount by paying a fee to extend the loan for another two weeks.

What's wrong with Payday loans?

There is some ill-feeling around about payday loans from those who believe that borrowers end up being in a worse position after taking the loan and can end up becoming trapped in a never ending spiral of debt.

The interest rates on Payday loans are very high, however it must be realized that they (the lenders) are lending money to people that may have bad credit and have nowhere else to get the money from. This is a high risk investment for the lenders so understandably the fees need to be substantially higher than what a bank loan would incur.

How to avoid Payday loans

  • Budget ahead of yourself, by planning ahead you should be able to spread your wages until next payday
  • Avoid unnecessary expenses - if you don't really need something don't buy it. If you can't afford to drink and smoke you should think about saving money here as well!
  • Keep a Clean Credit record - this way you will be able to get loans at lesser interest rates if necessary and avoid paying the high fees of payday loans
  • Get an overdraft on your bank account set up before you need it
When to get a Payday loan

If you need a cash advance fast to avoid penalties, or perhaps avoid repossession of property and the cost of the loan is less than the damage or fallout from not paying then you are a prime candidate for a Payday loan. You may have exhausted all other avenues - family or friends are unable to help you out and you can not get a short term loan from a bank or other lower fee lending establishment.

It is important to not become trapped into continually borrowing money week after week, so ensure that once you have got over the problem that you are facing, pay the money back in full and try not to get into the same situation again.

Featured Post - Coupon Chief

The most popular online merchants normally have coupons that enable you to get some kind of discount on the items that you are buying. My favorite online store has always been Amazon and just to give you an example if you were looking at buying a book, or magazine or anything from Amazon firstly you would head to and check out the amazon coupon codes.

There's bound to be something there that can help you to get a great discount, a quick glance today shows coupons for discounted shipping plus all kinds of coupons for daily specials and more - a sure way to save money fast!

Monday, June 25, 2007

How I am Making Fast Money

It has now been almost ten months since I began what has become a very interesting Million Dollar Experiment on Exponential Growth.

New Site!!
One of the affiliate and passive income areas that I have really started to realize the potential of in recent times is Text Links, in fact so excited am I about this that I have now started a niche blog on just this subject, so if you want to advertise the text links that you are selling you can do so for free in the forum area of my new site - text links - This blog will be regularly updated with the buzz thats happening around text links. Sorry to all you avid "sponsored posts" readers there will be NONE on that blog! And you can quote me on that!

For now however its a time to reflect on the various activities that have been earning revenue, this way if you have just started a blog or already have one you can maybe pick up some ideas, or offer me other ideas if you are earning good money from a particular program that I have not covered.

I have split the types of income earned into passive and active. Currently active is my biggest form however I am hoping that this will become less and less over time.

Passive Income

Google AdSense
A long time web publisher with the AdSense program I have AdSense running on just about every one of my sites. So far so good, some days are better than others but I get paid once every two months now from this program which is not bad considering the maintenance is minimal. It is really money for nothing although I am continually tweaking and monitoring different ad formats etc.

Text Link Ads
Text Link Adverts are something that I have only really been making money out of for the last couple of months. It really does take time working on your site to build it up to the stage where other websites are willing to pay for a link. I use two methods one advertising my own links and also through the company text link ads aff which handle the process for you.

Affiliate programs
I run a couple of affiliate programs, the best results for me so far are actually from the Text Link Ads aff affiliate program, these guys pay you $25 US for each signup from an advertiser or publisher that you get. Also I do a little with Amazon however the results so far from Amazon are not great.

Active Income

Although I would rather sit back and have passive income coming out my ears the fact is that its not at that point yet, so as I still have goals and targets that I need to achieve - the rest of my Online earnings is made up from what you could call "active income" - mainly sponsored posts and reviews from the following companies.

I do a large number of PPP sponsored posts, mainly on one of my other blogs, as PPP are not that keen on Blogspot blogs - a lot of their advertisers prefer that you have you own domain name.

I probably earn a regular 35 - 30 US a week from these guys, quick easy posts that you can write all at once and then slip them out with your posts as you do them. (They give you a weeks worth of posts every week all at once)

Have been using this company more and more lately, they email you when a new op comes up and if you reserve it you then have a couple of days to write it.

Using this company more and more as well since they gave me a payrise recently! Now getting normally ten dollars a post which is not bad compared to other companies.

Private reviews
Occassionally I will do a private review for a company or site if they approach me through my advertising page.

When writing them all down it becomes clear that there is quite a large number of different ways that I am making money online. Its becoming very exciting as just about everyday now money is getting deposited in my PayPal account from one company or another. I am really keen to keep it going and see how much can be made long term. Next month I am excited to say that because of the income I have earned but not yet been paid this month we should pass $600 US dollars. This month actual money received will be just over $300.

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Featured Post - Ballpoint Pens

Pens come in all types of different formats however by far the most popular are ballpoint pens. They have long since overtaken fountain pens as the most commonly used type of pen for everyday writing.

Known also as Biros in Britain ballpoint pens were first patented in 1888, however these first ballpoint pens were rather coarse and not easily used on standard paper.

FireFox Bloggers Plugins - Split Window and Word Count

Another one for our Bloggers Toolkit series now as you may already know FireFox has some fantastic plugins that can help with your blogging. One of these is the split window plugin which easily splits your browser window into two or more panels.

The reason I use this is often you are getting information from another site, or a link or whatever and it saves changing between windows all the time.

The other plugin that I have recently installed and are using on a daily basis is the word count plugin. This means a simple right click on your post shows you how many words that you have written. Ideal for those of us that count on sponsored posts for part of our online income.

FireFox is an excellent browser and I have used it on and off for a few years now, the ease and quality of the plugins is very impressive.

If you don't have firefox you will need to install it first, you can to that via the link on my sidebar to the right under "Get FireFox" however this is an affiliate link so you will be filling the coffers of the million dollar experiment down under at the same time!

If you would prefer to get FireFox with out going through my affiliate link you can get it from

If you already have FireFox and just want the plugins go here Split Window Plugin and here WordCount plugin.

Using FireFox is a little different to Internet explorer however in many ways superior, its nice to get away from Microsoft sometimes so why don't you give it a shot.

What browser do you use and why?

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Text Links

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Featured Post - Student Loan Consolidation

Unfortunately Student loans have become the bane of the new generation. Many students now complete their studies however owe thousands and thousands of dollars in student loans, sometimes spread between different lenders.

One way to save money on repayments is to merge all these loans into one single loan with a trusted lender and that's where this student loan consolidation website comes into the picture.

The website has some handy tips in consolidation loans, including for example the fact that you should not have to pay any fees, especially not when the team at can provide you a federal consolidation loan for free.

Have you had an experience with student loans? If so we want to hear about it so please leave us a comment.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Secret of Making yourself Contactable - But not getting Spammed!

If you are interested in monetizing your website it helps to have an advertising or contact page. This page should briefly state what what type of advertising you are willing to have on your site and should include your contact email address.

Make sure however that you don't write your email address in its normal format eg. because if you do there are all kinds of robots and spiders out there in cyberspace that spend their time crawling through web pages trying to find email address's. Once they have yours you will be destined to a lifetime of sifting through spam.

Recommended format : jon at hotmail dot com

Or alternatively some sites have an image of their email address, which isn't click-able so the visitor will just need to type it in. Images are also pretty safe from the spam bots.

Some sites have a contact form and this is OK, however unless it has some kind of email verification of image number protection they can also get hit by robots. You will know that this has happened when you check your email and find 900 new emails all from the same dodgy set of sites!

The danger if you do not have an easy way of advertisers getting hold of you is that they will simply find its to hard and move on to other sites. Don't let that happen to your website.

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Featured Post - Wailea Maui Condo

If you are looking for the ultimate in luxury Hawaiian holidays it would be wise before you to anything else to consider a Wailea maui condo. Hawaiian Beach Rentals have a great selection of these condos on their website and if you are looking for more space and comfort than what you would get from a Hotel then they are the way to go.

The selection is vast with more than 80 luxury condominiums to choose from. There are testimonials from the recent guests which I enjoy reading as they help to get a feeling of what kind of experience you can expect.

Luxury hotels, private homes and condominiums make up the resort community of Wailea. Its name means "water of Lea." (Lea is the goddess of Hawaiian canoe makers). Many of the condos are literally right on the beach.

For more information about this beautiful holiday destination check out this Hawaii Travel site.

Featured Post - Kauai Vacation Rentals

Hawaii is one of the most sought after holiday destinations in the world.

Typical holiday activities in Hawaii include snorkeling, sunbathing on the sun drenched beaches and fine dining at some of the thousands of restaurants. One of the best ways to experience Hawaii is with Hawaiian Beach Rentals

Kauai vacation rentals can be easily booked from the Hawaiian Beach Rentals site and they have literally hundreds of properties to choose from. When I had a look today there were 222 of them and there is a wide range of prices and property sizes to suit your budget. You can also read testimonials from people that have previously stayed in the property. Also they have guest ratings of each site which is a great help when making comparisons.

Make sure you make the most of your holiday stay in Hawaii - its one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

How to add Google Analytics Code to your Blogspot or Wordpress Blog

Google Analytics would have to be the best free web traffic analysis tool that is available, in fact I would wager that its better than most paid web traffic analysis tools.

I have been using Analytics now for around one year, I like the way you can get a quick overview of your site just by choosing the site, I am also very impressed with the comparison feature where you can graph one time period against another.

Once you have registered with Google Analytics you need to add your site into the Analytics Settings, you will be then given a small snippet of code that needs to be placed onto every page of your website. Luckily for us bloggers it only means editing one file.

Warning: Please backup your template first in case you muck it up.

How to insert the Google Analytics code into Blogspot Blogs.

1./ Go into Template, then Edit HTML

2./ Scroll right to the bottom and paste your snippet of code just above the < /body > tag. Save the file and you are done.

How to add your code to Wordpress

1./ Head to presentation theme editor

2./ Edit the footer.php of the relevant theme and paste the code just above the < /body > tag as below. Save the file and that's it.

It takes a day or so for the Data to be available, however its certainly comprehensive once it arrives. If you have any questions feel free to ask them.

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Featured Post - Dell Memory

How much RAM is enough nowadays? Well with Windows latest RAM eating operating system Vista now available and RAM prices cheaper than ever it is now almost common place to have at least 1GB if not 2GB of RAM.

Have more RAM enables you to do more at once, so if your computer struggles to have more than one or two applications open at a time then that could be a sign that you need to upgrade your RAM. It pays to get the right RAM for your computer as recommended by the manufacturer. So if you have a Dell computer you would make sure that you purchased Dell Memory

Top Secret Project Underway - Working the Niche

I have been very busy for the last couple of days setting up the site for my top secret "niche". I was very pleased with the domain name that I managed to get and couldn't believe that it wasn't already taken. My niche site focus's on one particular area of monetizing sites and I am attempting to utilize all the skills and knowledge gained from running this blog in the set up of my new site.

Wordpress of course is the blog platform and for the forum I have used Simple Machines I am very pleased with it so far, the set up was painless and I find it much more professional looking than phpbb which I have used in the past. I was considering vbulletin however they charge for that and I couldn't really see what they offered that the simple machines free forum software wouldn't do for me.

I am not trying to overly monetize it at the beginning, will try and build it up as a resource first and foremost, but will probably run a couple of related affiliate promotions on there as a starting point.

Also I have spent some time listening to some of the great audio on the Blog Mastermind course that I am doing. Its certainly opening my eyes in in areas that I hadn't even considered - its helping to provide excellent tips to improve many areas of my blogging including for example the information overload that comes with Internet marketing - as well as many other things.

On one of my sites I am currently negotiating $100 US (monthly) worth of text links, if this all goes ahead I will be sure to share the details of the company I have done this through, this is the kind of passive income I am really keen to increase.

Other companies have been contacting me through my advertising page and enquiring about different forms of advertising on this site, so things are ticking along nicely. Time is as always an issue however.

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Friday, June 22, 2007

Featured Post - Packaging

The Packing Station are distributors of packaging materials, things like boxes and cartons, different types of packaging paper, bags, twines, tapes and much much more. They are also the official online distributor of flexocare.

The Packing Station deliver to the UK Mainland and offer free delivery with orders that total over £70.00 , however if the order is under this amount the delivery will incur a charge of £7.50.

There is a "Beat the Rain" promotion going on at the moment, so if you head along to their website you can also get a %10 discount of all products.

Featured Post - Hair Transplants

Luckily for me even though I am now 34 and starting to get older I still have some hair left. Some men get to my age and have no hair left at all, others are very lucky and have no hair loss whatsoever.

Hair transplants involve taking hair from the back of the head where it is plentiful and transplanting it to the balding areas. The site I just had a look at is for those looking for a hair transplant Florida . There are a number of great articles on the site which explain in depth the procedures if you are interested in finding out more about it.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Blogmastermind is Open for Business!

My blogging mentor, Yaro Starak, has just released his brand new blog mentoring program called Blog Mastermind.

You can check it out here -

It's a step-by-step system for generating $1,000- $5,000 per month from only blogging 1-2 hours a day.

Yaro currently has a blog that makes him between $4,000 and $6,000 per month and he only has to write to his blog for an hour or two each day to keep the money coming. He's launched his mentoring program to teach other people how to do the same.

Here's what you get when you join the Blog Mastermind program:

1. YOU GET: Regular e-lessons delivered to your email inbox with simple, step-by-step instructions to create, launch, build and profit from your own successful Blog from beginning to end.

2. YOU GET: Yaro's brand new, Master-The-Mindset 10-part audio series to teach you the necessary mindset you must have to really succeed at Blogging.
This audio series is over five hours long and covers critical topics such as the 80/20 Rule, creating a vision, dealing with technical problems, choosing a Blog topic, how to write attention-grabbing pillar content, how to build communication channels for massive traffic, when and how to monetize your Blog and dealing with information overload.

3. YOU GET: Direct access to Yaro as your mentor through a special Members Only question and answer forum.
This is like having an expert on call to ask how to make your Blog better - and you can ask as many questions as you want!

4. YOU GET: Access to audio and video Blog case studies where Yaro reviews member Blogs and helps students with directly applicable advice to improve real Blogs.

5. YOU GET: To submit your Blog as a potential case study target and ask for Yaro's advice on how to perform an "extreme makeover" on your Blog.

Plus much more, including FIVE exclusive bonus audio interviews with some very well known and respected bloggers, including Darren Rowse from and Brian Clark of

I've known and respected Yaro as my blogging mentor for a long time and I think his program is going to shake the blogging world.
If you want to be a part of this you better act now, and not just because I tell you to, but because Yaro has a special deal for you.

If you join within 7 days of launch you can take advantage of his early bird special price.

You get nearly 40% off the normal monthly fee and you stay at that price for as long as you remain a member of Yaro's program.

This offer will only last until June 28th 2007, so you better act fast.

For more details click here -
I'll see you in Blog Mastermind(yes, I've signed up too!).

Good luck,

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Have You Found Your Niche?

Most professional Bloggers will tell you that you need to find your niche, there is no point just being another money making blog these days because although you can make beer money like this you probably won't hit it big unless you are extremely good.

The fact is that there is just too much competition, if you want to make a business out of your blog or website you need to carve yourself a niche where you don't have every man and his dog fighting for the same revenue.

For myself I have been trying to work out where to aim for my niche for a long time, and as I always like to share whats been going on here are some of things I have been thinking about whilst trying to find my little market segment.

Find something that you can be passionate about
This is very important, if you have a blog that you cannot put your all into then you are going to struggle long term to continue creating quality content for it. If you are passionate about something however it is not a chore - its enjoyable and rewarding.

Use what you have learned so far
Your existing sites and blogs have likely taught you a great deal, from SEO to marketing. I know for myself its been a crash course in Internet Marketing for me over the last year or two. When you are ready to get serious you need to draw on all this experience and bring it into play.

You MUST get your own domain and hosting
Even if you started making thousands of dollars out of your Blogspot blog, its important to realize that you don't own it. Blogger could simply shut you down and suddenly you would have nothing and have to start from scratch. This could conceivable be years of hard work down the drain and its to valuable to risk so you really need to get your own domain going on.

Be professional
Its easy to fill your site up with adverts and affiliate links, but when you find the niche that you want to make into a long term and stable business I think you need to start out concentrating on content and take it easy on the monetizing at least in the short term.

There are thousands of niches that are yet to be filled, whether its you or someone else that does it thousands and thousands of dollars will be made over the years to come. So many ways exist to monetize a popular site that given a certain level of decent traffic it is just a matter of trying different methods to earn the best income that you can from it - as well as providing the best quality of content to your site visitors.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

mmm.... talk - Make Money Forums

Greg "Stratz" has newly opened for all the mmmtalk make money forum. As part of promoting the launch of this new site Greg is having a competition where if you link to the forums you will get a couple of link backs (one from his blogspot blog and one from the mmmtalk blog) as well as go into a draw for a brand new webcam.

Now Greg's a pretty good guy, I have had a bit to do with him over the last few months and he's one of those people that will do anything for you. I have given him a bit of a hand assisting with the advertising set up on his site and its been a blast. We haven't quite got there with sorting out AdSense sharing yet however you can enter your Amazon banner code into your user profile and it will get displayed on the site.

As far as the AdSense sharing goes this is on the cards but needs to be very carefully implemented to ensure that all Googles TOS are adherred to.

If you want to join the forums competition you can read the Competition details on the site, theres also banners available that you can place on your site and by doing so Greg will place you in an additional monthly draw.

I will be hanging around the forums a bit, so it would be great to catch up with you there, lets share our money making ideas and see just how far we can get.

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Featured Post - Viewsonic Monitor

Monitors have come a long way in the last few years and the viewsonic monitor is an example of the latest technology at an affordable price.

The ViewSonic 20" VG2030wm features a 16:10 WIDESCREEN VIEWING EXPERIENCE and 1680x1050 optimum resolution that give you ample space for viewing multiple document windows, side-by-side full-page layouts and immersive game play.

CRT screens are now the dinosaurs of a past era, LCD's are the way forwards and not only look stylish but are much easier on the eyes as well. With a 20" screen boasting a resolution of 1680x1050 you will never have to scroll across another web page again.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Paid Post Tips #3 - Ask for a payrise

When you are writing paid posts for a company don't be afraid to ask for a pay rise, especially if it has been a while since you have joined and your Blog may have increased a lot in popularity over that period of time. Some companies don't continually monitor the traffic and ranking of your blog so you may be missing out on opportunities or extra money that you are now entitled to.

Normally the sites that you can clearly see reporting on your Alexa rank, PageRank and so on are keeping an eye on these things, it is the ones that don't show these statistics that you will want to be asking. I recently had one company review my Blog and they have now pretty much doubled the posting price that I was getting. This works well for both of us, because I will do more opportunities for them and they will pay me more for my time.

Its hard work trying to make money from five dollar posts, much better aiming for at least ten dollars and above. Occasionally I get posts for around the 16 - 19 dollar mark and these quickly help raise the income. If you can churn a couple of decent paying posts out in an hour or so, then by spending just an hour or two a day you can substantially increase your online income. It does however take time to build up to this level and you may need to spend a few months creating content on your blog first.

One thing to remember is that if you don't ask the question you certainly will not get a payrise - don't be afraid to check and make sure they have the current status/ranking of your blog.

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Monday, June 18, 2007

How to make $600 US Dollars a Month Part Time Blogging

For me the last 10 months have been a lesson in goal setting, if you had said to me in October last year that in nine short months I would have the processes in place to make US $600 in one month I would have probably laughed it off and not taken you very seriously at all.

This month I am at day 18 and I have accrued US $358.25 cents, mainly because I had set a goal to earn 20 dollars a day for the first seven days, however once I had achieved this ( read about this here Seven Days - 140 US Dollars - staying focused )I thought, that's not to hard - lets just carry on for a whole month. Once you do this for a whole month its simple arithmetic to work out that its going to add up to around $600 dollars.

When I say accrued I mean that it has not all been paid to me, however that is what I have earned and is currently going to be paid to me from the work I have done for that time period.

Some of this money will not be paid to me until next month, so much of the money will not be counted in my end of month summary as I do not count money until it has been paid out to me. (except for Google AdSense)

Here are some methods you can use to do the same...

1./ Set an achievable daily budget for yourself
Remember this needs to be achievable, there is no point setting yourself a budget of 100 dollars a day if you simply do not have the process's in place to achieve this. You need to be realistic. Think about doing what you already are now more consistently rather than heading for big numbers.

2./ Go like a bat out of hell and try to get a good start
You will quickly become despondent if you do not get out of the blocks fast, its really important to split your time period up into smaller blocks and try and blow away your first target. The more you make at the beginning means less pressure throughout the rest of the month.

3./ Work smarter not harder
A lot of my money is made by doing sponsored posts for the likes of and others. Now often I will go in to PPP and there will be no decent opportunities, however instead of spending to much time on writing a $5 post (unless I am desperate of course!) I will move on to other things and keep checking back until a 15 dollar or 10 dollar opportunity shows up and then nab that instead. Normally it is the same amount of work or thereabouts for double or triple the money.

4./ Don't fret the small things
I had one day last week when I was starting to stress a bit, I had not made much money however the next day I absolutely creamed it and made three days worth in one day. Sometimes its important just to chill out and let opportunities present themselves.

5./ Try not to be distracted from your task
Its easy to surf sites, and generally much around wasting time on the Internet, what I suggest is that you do your work first (i.e make your target) then you can spend time having fun. Otherwise you end up feeling a bit guilty.

6./ Diversify your income streams
Try not to be to reliant on one income source, I probably have at least fifteen different avenues that I can chase to reach my targets, that way if one stream isn't going to deliver for you on a certain day, you just switch to another one.

Well if you want to make your target dollars in the next four weeks its time to stop reading about how other people are achieving their goals, you need to set some for yourself and get into it. Come back and see me in four weeks and tell me how well you did!

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Featured Post - Pain Killer Addiction

Its easy to become addicted to pain killers, it happens all to people all the time. What is not easy is freeing yourself from the addiction and that's when places like Drug Rehab Sunset Malibu come into the frame.

Nobody beats pain killer addiction alone and the simple fact is that millions of Americans are using pain killers for non medicinal purposes. If you or someone you know may be starting or have already become addicted to pain killers its time to start along the path to recovery.

Pain Killer Addiction does ruin peoples lives, that is the harsh reality. Sunset Malibu can help once the problem is recognised - by assisting with the healing process.

Unfortunately the problem is not going to fix itself so it has to start somewhere, if you are faced with a situation like this you need to get professional help fast. Delaying treatment will only strengthen the hold that the drugs have on you or your loved ones.

Featured Post - Caribbean Fun in the Sun

Now is the time to take your Caribbean vacation! CVOA has villas on all the best islands, including St. Thomas villas and Aruba villas. Why not take a vacation now and enjoy yourself? I think you'll be glad you did when you're sitting on the beach soaking up the rays. Be sure to also check out their Caribbean Real Estate.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Blog Traffic Challenge nears its conclusion

A few months ago I entered the Blog Traffic challenge on the Can I Make Big Money Online website. You can see the details of the challenge here ... Join The Blog Traffic Challenge! basically it involved doubling your traffic in a period of three months. Certainly not an easy task (for this blogger anyway) - I'm pretty good at exponential growth but maybe this was a little to exponential.

At the end of this month the challenge ends and my traffic from March will be compared to traffic from this month and we can then see if the challenge has been accomplished. I have run Google Analytics in "compare" mode for the June month 1-16th and the equivalent in March just so we can see how we are coming along.

I was actually pleasantly surprised to see how much that this sites traffic has grown, it has almost doubled, however I am fast running out of time, so need a big boost for the last couple of weeks if I am to achieve the challenge.

The best thing about the challenge for me was that it really got me making a conscious effort to learn about and improve the things that I had control over to increase the search engine results and this has been a real success.

Of course I could go and use some kind of Blog explosion or other dodgy method to get myself over the finish line, but prefer to do this in as natural a way as possible, what good is a short term gain from a bunch of visitors that never really wanted to visit in the first place.

One of the big things that had a huge effect due to more effective SEO was changing the title tags - you can read how it was done Blogspot Title Tags how to Remove Blog Name from the Beginning .

Another effective method was writing a number of how to articles..... Make Money Fast by writing "How To" Articles. If you can create a really easy to follow and useful how to article that gets linked to by other bloggers then some very real traffic gains can be made.

Its been a great learning curve to identify a key word that is widely searched for - in my case "Make Money Fast" and optimize my site for it. This has been so successfull that now its by far my biggest keyword phrase referrer, particularly from which by the way seems to be particularly fond of optimized title tags.

In two weeks I will be posting the conlusion to this experiment, you may want to Subscribe by Email to the Million Dollar Experiment Down Under so that you don't miss the finale.

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Paid to Post Tips #2 - Multiple Blogs help make money fast

If you are interested in making money from your blog it may be worthwhile having more than one, especially if you are prepared to invest the time in it.

Alot of paid posting sites let you submit more than one blog to them and this certainly increases the range of opportunities that are available to you. You may find that there is nothing suitable for one of your sites yet there is something for one of your others.

And of course you may want to have a blog or two that have no sponsored posts whatsoever, by having some that do and some that don't you can compare different methods of monetisation and also build for the future through creating a blog full of related content only, while still making money from your other blogs.

Once you create multiple streams of income on any given day you may find money getting deposited into your paypal account from all directions. Sometimes I get deposits and I am not even sure what they are for until I do a bit of digging around. (sometimes the company name is different from the name of the website)

I have a blog that is on its own domain with wordpress and through payperpost this blog gets a lot more opportunities than my blogspot blog, even though it has a lesser page rank, less visitors and is not as established. The fact is that a lot of advertisers are not keen on a blogspot blog, so you may want to bear this in mind, if you are looking to maximise the opportunities that you will have made available to you.

In summary - more blogs equals more opportunities to make money, if you have the time to commit to them.

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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Paid to Post Tips #1 - How to get a Disclosure Policy for Your Blog

Why disclose?
One of the first things that you need to do when considering writing sponsored posts is to get a disclosure policy sorted for the site that you plan to do sponsored posts on.

Some sites like actually require that you have one, others don't but in my opinion you might as well be straight up with the readers that are spending time by making their way to your site and warn them that some of your posts may indeed be sponsored ones.

What is a disclosure policy?
A disclosure policy can come in many different formats but basically you are choosing a stand on what kind of stance you are taking when it comes to forms and sponsorship and informing your readers of what that stance is.

For example you may never write sponsored posts, or accept advertising etc on your site, and your disclosure policy would say this. Or alternatively you may often write sponsored material and link to affiliate products that may or may not be marked as such, your disclosure policy will outline this clearly to your readers.

Where can I get one?
The easiest way I have found to get a disclosure policy is simply to head to and work your way through the wizard on the site. If you would like to see an example of a disclosure policy you can have a look at my disclosure policy.

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Featured Post - Save money with coupon codes

A number of online stores have coupons that enable you to get some kind of discount on the items that you are buying. My favourite online store is Amazon and just to give you an example if you were looking at buying a book, or magazine or anything from Amazon firstly you would head to and check out the amazon coupon codes.

There's bound to be something there for a discount, a quick glance today shows coupons for discounted shipping plus all kinds of coupons for daily specials and more - a sure way to save money fast!

Friday, June 15, 2007

If you are serious about Blogging start with Wordpress

If I had my time again I would definitely have started out with Wordpress as the platform, I have a couple of other Blogs that are Wordpress and I really recommend it. The problem for me now is with over 300 posts on this site and so many links etc everywhere it becomes extremely difficult to move.

I was watching a video by Yaro today who did a Blog Case study on a Blogspot Blog and that was about the first thing he said. You might like the video especially if you are just embarking on your Blogging career. (its probably more aimed at beginners this video, but still full of good tips ).

Hosting is so cheap these days and wordpress is free with some great themes and plugins. Theres really no excuse, unless you are not sure that you will stick at it for long and are just testing the water.

Also I am now selling post level text link packages for $10 US dollars each. You may want to try this on your own blog as a way to extract a little more out of every post. Basically for 10 US dollars you get 4 links with the anchor text(s) of your choice. (the links will be spread over 4 posts and will be at the bottom of the post) . If you like you can check out our advertising page for more info.

Happy Blogging


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Featured Post - Discount Furniture

I have been fortunate so far that when it comes to purchasing furniture for the house my wife is normally the one that does the initial research and hunting around. Then once she has made up her mind on what to buy I am then called in to make the final decision (and pull out the credit card!).I always ask that she shops around and does a lot of comparisons as there can be a lot of money to be saved if you take your time and try to find the best discount furniture that you can.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Landing Page Success at Last!

Finally I have had some limited success with my PPC experiment where I set up a Google Adwords campaign and sent the visitors straight to niche product Amazon Astores. You can read about the original experiment here.... Landing Pages - Can they Make Money Fast?

The Background to the Experiment
The experiment has been running for just over 3 weeks and it is time to check the results and see if it is possible to make money fast with landing pages. Remember you don't even need a website to do this!

I became very disillusioned with this after the first couple of weeks - probably half the problem was that I was checking the results everyday and sometimes its best just to leave things for a bit. The biggest problem was that despite getting literally thousands of impressions for my ads the click through rate was very low.

In some ways this is good, because you want to structure your adverts so that you are only going to get clicked on if they are already sold on the product let me explain...

Specifically targeting the Ads
Say you are selling star wars DVD's , specifically Empire Strikes Back DVD's, now you would be crazy to have an advert that said DVD's for sale. As how many that clicked on that would be interested in an Empire Strikes Back DVD? probably not many. However if your advert specifically said Buy Empire Strikes Back DVD online now then you would be in with a much better chance of converting the traffic. Also funnily enough the keywords would be cheaper as well.

To find the areas that these niche products were popular in you would use Google Trends so that you are also narrowing down your targeting to a specific geographic area for your product.

The Results
The results are around 5 US dollars spent on clicks, and approximately 12 US dollars earned. One of my campaigns was responsible for most of the results and from only 8 clicks (90 cents) I had 3 orders. Thats a great conversion rate, I am currently boosting what I am paying on this campaign to try and get more click throughs.

Going Forwards
Now although you could hardly call my results startling the fact is that I have made a small profit by creating free astore pages, and driving qualified targeted traffic to them. Now you can have up to 100 astores and I am really excited about the potential of this. I am going to spend more time setting up more campaigns and creating more stores and will report further on this in the weeks and months ahead.

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Make Money Fast with Lists

One way that you can get a bunch of new traffic to your site is by creating a useful list of something, a list I recently created was the definitive list of paid to post sites and I have to say that the list is quite useful and I even use it myself on an almost daily basis!

The best thing is that its started to show up extremely well in Google for popular search terms like paid to blog sites so its something that I am starting to get a bunch of traffic from. Obviously it took a lot of time to collate and especially experience all the sites in the list but it should pay off.

From your own experience it shouldn't be to hard to collate some kind of list or resource page, make it something that you would use yourself and you will probably find that it is useful for other people as well.

I would recommend that you don't stuff your list full of affiliate links if you can help it, as sometimes this can put people off as they may not be sure whether you are recommending something because its going to make you 5 dollars if they sign up, or whether you are just recommending it - so in my opinion one way to prove that you are for real is to post without affiliate links.

Don't be afraid to go back and update your list as things change as well, something you may have recommended my change their terms and conditions, or something new worthy being on the list may come along in which case you should add it in and keep the list as current as possible.

Lists are a great way of sharing and saving other people time, if I have spent 9 months trying different pay per post sites and someone is unsure of which ones are legit then I can save them a hell of a lot of time by referring them to my list, and if they appreciate that normally they will send a link my way, which is worth a great deal in the long term.

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Featured Post -

If you are looking to shed a few pounds, then I have the site for you. is a free site that after registration helps you monitor your fitness and weightloss project, primarily by keeping track of how many calories you are putting in - versus how many you are burning via way of exercise.

When you are signing up for the site you are required to enter details like your current weight, what weight you are aiming for along with how active you are and the usual date of birth etc. Once you have entered all the information you are then ready to go. Once logged in you are met with your home station which displays your essential stats of where you are at the current point in time.

myfitnesspal home page:

From here its just a matter of entering the food that you eat and the exercise that you do into the system. By writing everything down it will help assist you in achieving your goals and the calorie counter will help you judge exactly how many calories you are eating at each meal.

Entering the meals:

The site is monetized with Google Adsense so no payment is requested from the users of the site which was a pleasant surprise. The advertising is unobtrusive so does not get in the way of letting you get on with the task of improving your fitness. I would recommend this site to anyone that wanted to improve their fitness and/or lose weight as it will certainly help by assisting you to set goals and then help you toe the line on the way to achieving them.

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Featured Post - Value Stairlifts

Stairs can be challenging for all of us at times, and if you are elderly or disabled they may be nearly impossible to negotiate unaided.

Value stairlifts are a UK company that have been established for over 6 years and provide their customers with a full range of indoor and outdoor stairlifts and the latest homelift available in the UK.

Every home is unique in its requirements, thats why Value Stairlifts offer free home estimates. Its just a matter of filling in the enquiry form on their site or you can give them a call on 0800 587 0759

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Auction Ads meets Google Earth

For those of you that are familiar with Auction Ads, you will enjoy this video, Shoemoney and his team have integrated their Auction Ads clicks with Google Earth so you can see auction ads being clicked all over the Globe in almost record time.

As far as auction ads go, I seem to get a pretty good number of click throughs on my ads, however they don't often appear to turn into money. How have you gone with Auction ads I would be very interested in hearing how they are doing for you.

I think this is the wrong type of site for them, or maybe I am pushing the wrong products. Maybe I need to try a few more variations.

Shoemoney mentions that this month they will be paying out over 500,000 to their publishers, if they have approximately 16,000 users that averages out to about 30 dollars per publisher, however the top layer are no doubt making substantially more than the lower traffic sites.

Try AuctionAds

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Wordpress tip - How to filter categories

While searching for a way to exclude a category (eg sponsored posts) from my feeds I found a way to do it with Wordpress, and have tested it on my one of my wordpress blogs, and it works fine.

Download the plugin from here

You can then (for each category) exclude if from the list on your sidebar, your feeds, your archives and even your front page if you like.

Unfortunately I have not been able to find a way to do this for Blogspot blogs, however if you know of a way please let me know.

Also you may wish to read the terms and conditions of the company you are doing sponsored posts for and see if you can do this or not.

Yet another reason I guess to have a wordpress blog rather than a Blogspot blog.

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Monday, June 11, 2007

300 Posts and the top 10,000 on the Technorati ladder - whew!

Wow so many Posts
This is post number 300 for this site, its been a great ride so far and thanks to all the people that have continued to support this site.

Technorati countdown
Yesterday I also achieved one of my long term goals which was to crack the top 10,000 on the Technorati ladder. Out of all the blogs in the world it is great to be down to 4 digits - next goal top 5000!

Celebrity Blogging
My brief foray into celebrity blogging a couple of posts ago brought no traffic whatsoever, obviously Google is a lot smarter than I am so that will be the end of my Celebrity experiment on this site, I have however decided to add some Celebrity Gossip to my SirBlogger Blog. Will give it a go for a few weeks and see what happens.

This site and the other sites I am part of as of this month are starting to contribute significantly to my income and I am hoping to build on this in the weeks and months ahead. One thing I am very interested in doing is getting a Blog job on another site, if you know of any going or have any contacts regarding this please let me know.

Consistency creates cash
Its amazing how by just creating a small amount of money on a regular basis it adds up over a week or a month. Making 20 dollars online is no big deal but do this every day and you have created around $600 in a month, and that starts to become very useful money indeed. I don't think I will quite manage to crack that this month, however so far after ten days in the month I am only a little bit off the pace, so it will be a good one regardless. The biggest problem is if you have a slack day it takes so much effort to catch up again, best to try and keep ahead of your self if you can - that way if you have a slack day its not going to give your income to much of a hit.

Keep on Climbing
Every day I just make an effort to keep on climbing up that ladder, I know that every step no matter how small is one step closer to success. One of shoemoneys tips for success is to ensure that you make some progress every day - it doesn't matter how big or small it is just keep on doing it.

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Featured Post - Best current account

When it comes to bank accounts for most of us have plenty of them, and are using them on a daily basis. There is the cheque account, the savings account the mortgage accounts the kids accounts and on and on it goes.

If you are looking at opening a bank accounts for yourself or a family member you may want to consider Alliance Leicester and for good reason as well. They were awarded the "Best Current Account Provider" award in 2006.

If you have teenagers it is important to teach them the values and principles of saving money from a young age - this can help instill in them good habits that will hold them in good stead throughout the rest of their lives.

Alliance Leicester have a quick and easy to navigate website that looks simple to use, if you are in the UK you should think about checking them out.

Featured Post - Coaster Furniture

It wouldn't be hard to furnish your entire house with Coaster Furniture as the coaster company covers all types of furniture from dining room tables to bedside furniture and more.

If you regularly entertain visitors but don't always have a spare room or bed to host them in coaster furniture do a wide range of daybeds which can come in handy for these situations - ideal also for small rooms or spaces.

Blogsearch - How to optimize your posts

For those of you that do not get a lot of traffic from Blogsearch there are ways that you can optimize your posts and your blog so that you have a better chance of ranking and therefore getting increased visitors to your site. I wrote this article after having a good read of How Google Blogsearch ranks your Posts… In their own words!

Have lots of readers subscribed to your blog
It is quite possible however by no means fact that Google Blogsearch includes how many readers are subscribed to your blog as part of its algorithm when ranking the search results. Also again this is only conjecture but the type of other blogs the readers are subscribing to may also play into this.

Popular article that has had lots of readers already
Google already knows how many people have read one of your articles (through their search data) so may well include this in the ranking as well.

Being linked to by trusted sites
If trusted and popular Blogs are linking to you Google may then assume that you to are to be trusted so will increase your score accordingly

Good use of tags and social bookmarking
Google may also examine social bookmarking sites like technorati and analyze how your article and blog are tagged and how often the tags are used.

Blogsearch related Blogs
You have two shots at your site showing up when someone enters a key phrase, see in the example below where I have typed in the words make money fast that this site shows up under related blogs as a site in general and then the individual articles from sites are listed in the results below.

Its hard to get an idea out of how many people actually use blogsearch, however I can see that in the future especially with the rising popularity and acceptance of blogs that it will be a valuable search tool, and certainly worth optimizing for.

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Featured Post - Ashop Commerce

Ashop Commerce is a turnkey solution for shopping cart software that enables you to set up your online store in a SEO friendly and programming free manner. There is a WYSIWYG editor to enable you to easily maintain the store pages and it integrates fully into various payment and banking systems.

You can also create your own payment options if you prefer and the system directly integrates to commonly used accounting packages like Quickbooks and MYOB.

For more information you can view a video presentation of the products ecommerce software.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Paris Hilton Crying - The Experiment

I watched the news tonight and was dismayed to see the amount of cops and paparazzi that it took to drag poor Paris back to jail, the picture of her face in the car with tears rolling down her cheeks really brought home to me the fact that for most of us, at some stage in our lives we all do things that we regret - the difference was that Paris got caught and now has to spend time in jail for it.

One way to find good headlines for a blog article that will hopefully generate traffic to your site is to go to Google Trends and see what is hot on the search front at the moment. Todays hot topics included Paris Hilton crying and as I have always been a Paris fan as well as in a bit of a desperate situation with my Blog Traffic challenge of having to pull through double the traffic that I managed in March I thought I would try what we shall call the "Paris Hilton Crying" experiment.

Heres how you do it in three simple steps.

1./ Go to and find one of the top search results that you believe you can write about - in this case I chose Paris Hilton crying

2./ Write an article using this in the title, and make sure you mention it several times in the content as well.

3./ Add a picture and or a video of what everyone is searching for so that at least if they get to your article they won't be to disappointed.

Well there we have it, Paris is one handful of a lady I would imagine, however probably adds a touch of class to any prison.

Video of Paris Hiltons saga

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The experience to help your company grow

For years, consulting firms like BNC have been helping companies like yours grow in Colorado and Texas. Computer Networking is quickly becoming key to any business' growth as information has to be shared amongst a growing number of employees. Why print out all the paper when you can simply share the information over the network?Unfortunately, few companies can afford to hire a full-time IT department to help them with their networking needs. That's why you'll like BNC. BNC is a Dallas Computer Service consulting firm that can help your company with issues ranging from SPAM filtering to planning for and testing a disaster recover plan, in case somebody accidentally deletes everything on your computers. I know you'll be happy you let a qualified consulting firm help take your company to the next level with improved computer networking.

Featured Post - Real Estate Broker

Buying or selling a house is a stressful time of anyone's life and it helps to have a professional real estate broker to assist with the process.

Marketing a property is an art in itself especially with the many different forms of advertising that are available. Unfortunately for those of us that own homes it is not as simple as just placing a sign out on your lawn, sitting back and waiting for the offers to flood in. Its very important to get a real estate broker to help, and one that you can trust.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Seven Days - 140 US Dollars - staying focused

For most of you that follow this experiment in exponential growth you will know that if nothing else I am one determined Blogger and when it comes to making money online I have found that often a simple stop at nothing frame of mind can return great results.

For the first seven days of this month I have attempted one way or another to accrue at least $20 US per day and I am pleased to say that at the end of seven days I have managed to do this with an end result of just over $145.24 US dollars.

How have I done this? Well here is exactly how.

1./ Passive Income from Google Adsense and TextLink Ads $36.91

2./ Active Income from being a pay per poster from PayU2Blog $40 , $20 , payperpost @28.33 and bloggerwave $20 being a grand total of $108.33

All you need to do is to set yourself a daily target and then do whatever it takes to achieve it. I was lucky and got ahead of myself in the first few days so pretty much cruised to victory on this assignment that I set myself but the fact is I probably had another 20 or 30 dollars in me if I had really needed to.

This is not money physically paid to me but money accrued. I keep two spreadsheets, one with actual money received which is what I count in this million dollar experiment and another with money earned which keeps track of what I have accumulated on a daily basis.

If I continue the way this month has so far gone it is quite possible that I could get near the $500 US mark this month, which is almost twice what I did last month. The only thing stopping me from doing this is myself!

If you are interested in earning money like this for yourself I suggest you stick with us and Subscribe by Email to the Million Dollar Experiment Down Under

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Blog Jobs - Where to find them

There are a number of sites out there where Bloggers can get paid for writing content for a blog site . Here are some of the sites that offer Blogging opportunities if you are interested in earning extra money in this manner...

The ProBlogger Job Board
The Problogger Job board has a number of positions available at any one time. They range from jobs that involve writing about celebrities, to sports, business technology and just about every thing else that you can think of.

Performancing Forum
Performancing appears to have quite a lively forum with jobs posted as well as bloggers looking for work.

Their jobs are often advertised on ProBlogger, but even if you have an idea for a topic you can fill out the application from for blog jobs on their site.

From the Blogging Jobs that I have looked at it appears that if you are keen on Blogging about celebrities or gadgets their are plenty of positions available. Some of the positions require a lot of commitment so you would need to make sure you could meet the terms of whatever was required.

Requirements to get a Blog Job
Most of the Blog jobs that I looked at required three things...

1/ A commitment to a certain number of posts per day, or week, or month

2/ An interest in the subject that you are going to be blogging about

3/ Proof of your writing/blogging ability as well as being able to create unique content time on an ongoing basis.

Payment for Bloggers appears to vary widely, from 5 to 10 dollars for a post right up to hundreds of dollars a month. Some of the blogs offered profit share as an additional sweetener which would certainly be the type of thing that I would be interested in.

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Is a Blog a Business?

For some a Blog is a diary online to record what they have been up to, for others it is their main job and income. Then there is the rest of us who sit somewhere between the two. We don't make enough money to survive solely on our Blogging income however you could hardly call us diary bloggers.

What are you actually selling?
Traffic is a blogs main product, its like a TV channel - you are not going to get any advertising unless the programmes are interesting and have people watching them. Once you get the traffic levels up to a few hundred visitors a day all kinds of doors start to open.

Cash flow
Running a Blog or any Internet business requires management of cash flow, there are expenses to take care of plus with any luck an influx of payments coming in. The kind of expenses that would be typical of a blog or website include...

  • Domain Renewal Fees

  • Hosting Fees

  • Marketing/Advertising Costs

  • Development Costs

Customer Service
As with any business the state of your customer service could well have an impact on your business. This can include the way that you deal with and process enquiries from advertisers, what kind of deals you can do for them and the build up of goodwill is important as well.

Startup Costs
A blogging business can be very economical to begin with, even with hosting and a domain name it is possible to get going for under $100 (or even for free for a hosted blog like blogspot) . A certain amount of knowledge is necessary to do this however as far as building a money making Internet business goes, this is certainly not expensive.

Word of Mouth
Like any business the best form of advertising is word of mouth, in the cyberage of course this type of viral advertising is seldom the spoken kind, however if you happen to get linked to by some of the A-List or popular Bloggers out there you can certainly get inundated with traffic.

Overall Blogging is very much a Business for many, however kudos to those that blog simply for the pleasure of sharing their lives or passions with the rest of world. I do think however it is possible to enjoy yourself and earn a few bucks at the same time. Only by doing sponsored posts and having LOTS of advertising have we managed to afford our new HO in Auckland City below.

Million Dollar Experiment Head Office in Auckland City

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