Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!!

Well it has been a crazy year that is for sure, and to all my readers over this time I just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and I hope that you take some time out to spend with family and friends.

For myself I am down at Mt Maunganui, soaking up a few rays of sunshine, sinking a few cold beers and enjoying time with the family. Hearing about how some of our northern hemisphere friends are cold and miserable, while we enjoy the middle of summer down under is hard sometimes, however I have learned to live with it.

Its nice to take a step back sometimes, and reflect on what is important in life.

Enjoy your day! I hope Santa is kind to you.

Rob StGeorge

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Saturday, December 22, 2007

5 Things to Consider About Internet Partnerships

I thought it may help to share what I have found useful qualities when finding and building internet relationships in terms of making money together. In the last year or so I have been able to team up with a few different people and these are the qualities that I have found to be invaluable.

Don't pick someone the same as yourself.
There is no point choosing someone with similar skills and experience as yourself, you need to attempt to find someone with a different skill set that can complement yours.

Know when to give each other space.
There are times in your life where things come up that are important and/or may require your time for a while, meaning less time for other things. Its important to realize that this does happen sometimes, and I recommend that you try to find people that are fairly easygoing, and don't easily become uptight about things.

Use each-others strengths.
You need to find out your partners strengths and make sure that you utilize them and vice versa. These can take time to discover, however can mean the difference between success and failure.

Someone that will watch your back
Its always nice to know that someone has your back. So remember that when things turn to custard one day and you have the opportunity to support and help your partner. Chances are that one day you will need them.

I have put this last, however it is one of the most important qualities when it comes to succeeding in any business. You really do need to have unquestionable honesty in all your dealings withe your partner.

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Nike Golf

Whether you play golf or not you would have heard of Nike and Nike golf has one of the best ranges of golfing accessories including a comprehensive range of clubs that can be looked at and purchased from the online shop. To play like a professional you need to look, and have the same accessories that the professionals have.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Make Money Fast Important Update

To be honest I am over whoring my sites for money. I have accepted my lot - taken a caning and now head back to work full time in the new year - no more part time work for me. I think the whole Google bitch slap thing has been a good wake up call for me, because I don't really want to earn my income by paid posts and text links. Again I will still continue to do the ones I have committed to - and the links that paid for long periods will stay because thats what they paid for.

Its been a great 6 months working 3 days a week and trying to make a living online, however now time to get back to work. I don't think it has been a waste as I now have about 30 websites that I can continue to work away with when I have some time, and thats something that I probably wouldn't have if I had continued to work a full week.

Spending more time with the kids has been great to, however it probably wasn't quality time as I was always trying to earn the next fast dollar online.

What does this mean to the Million Dollar Experiment Down Under?
Well we carry on as per normal - except probably I won't be posting quite as much as I used to, however will still aim to write 2 or 3 articles per week. The exponential growth part of our experiment will still be a driving force for me, however I am going to really try to work on the passive side of it more than anything else.

For a while there I was almost living the dream and the lifestyle was great, however reality has set in and its probably more sensible to work hard for a couple more years, earn some real money and just keep building the passive streams.

Sometimes you need to make hard decisions, and this was a hard one, however the way I am feeling right now I think it was a sensible one.

I hope you can stick with us as we head into this new chapter of our experiment.

Rob StGeorge

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Stair Lifts

If you are in a positon where you require chair or stair lifts for your house then I recommend that you check out the site as they are an authorized distributor of several stairlift brands. The site not only talks about the products they offer, they also have some very handy information related to the different options and choices that can be made.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Staying in Las Vegas

Next time that I stay in Las Vegas I think I will prebook the best Las Vegas hotel that I can find, because often where you are staying can influence your entire experience in a city.

One excellent resource for hotels that I came across is so if you are looking for accomodation check out the excellent rates that they offer in the best hotels.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

My Top 5 Passive Earning Websites

As you may or may not know, I now own or co - own around 30 websites, most of them fairly heavily monetized one way or another. It is interesting to see which ones round up my top 5 when it comes to online passive income, this being mainly contextual earnings and a few dare I say it out aloud t3xt l1nks.

When I say passive I mean the money earned is not directly related to an action on my part - so a sponsored post I would not consider passive, however contextual advertising on a blog like this one, I still call it passive, even though it would slowly drop if I stopped writing altogether.

1. Jobhunters - My original money earning site, this is now ticking along nicely and earns well with little input from me. The design is currently getting a big upgrade, as I know its not great - however this is my top earning passive income website.

2. CurryFocus - a niche curry recipe site that has gone from strength to strength in the 10 or 11 months since we started it. A joint effort with a colleague and we have both invested a lot of time into this site, and are looking for payback in the years ahead.

3. This very site, a blogspot blog however in recent months the revenue has definitely increased. I never pay for any advertising on this site, it just ticks along however unlike my jobhunters site which doesn't really change whether I add any content or not - this one I need to at least write 3 or 4 articles a week.

4. ProfileDo - a myspace layouts site, Greg and I bought this and it is maintenance free and earns pretty good passive income.

5. Putoffwork - another site purchased by Greg and myself - maintenance free pretty much, except for the adding of new games every now and then. A nice solid arcade site.

What does all this prove? Well I myself are very surprised at the success of jobhunters, the design is not good, however I think the idea is and it's pretty unique and aimed at a small niche market. Definitely something to think about if you are looking to make money online. I think by doing something different to everyone else you can really give yourself a great chance to succeed, because you are setting yourself apart from the rest.

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Well you have finally found the golden ticket - you just need to ask yourself this question

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Monday, December 10, 2007

Proxy Update - Not Quite Fast Money Yet!

Over the last couple of months myself and Greg set up a couple of new Proxy websites and attempted to experiment with them as a way of making money. Here is how we are going so far...

Proxy 1 -
Setup: Nov 2 - 2007
Last Months Traffic: 2093 Unique Visitors
Average Monthly Earnings: $12.75

Proxy 2 -
Setup: Nov 25 - 2007
Last Months Traffic: 3911 Unique Visitors (worked out from last 10 days traffic)
Average Monthly Earnings: $6.2

(Earnings worked out from daily figures taken over last 7 days, then multiplied by 31 to get average month - this being necessary as one of the sites, has not yet been going for a whole month.)

The advertising that is earning money is just contextual advertising and for the amount of traffic the earnings are quite low. We really need ten times the traffic to start making some decent money however at least the sites are paying for themselves at this point

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When it comes to cables its important to buy the right cable for the right application that you are intending on using it for.

Although wireless computing is becoming more and more popular, when it comes to high speed and quality throughput cable is still the way to go.

If you are cabling up your office, or home, try to remember to keep it tidy as you don't want to cause any accidents that may occur from someone tripping over anything!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Content Really Is King

Over the last few weeks instead of trying to make 10 or 15 dollars here and there via sponsored posts (apart from a few I am committed to doing) I have taken quite a hit income wise but have just concentrated on content content content and I have to say that even though the time frame has not been that long the results are certainly starting to pay off.

Anyway what are the results of all this extra content effort?

Better passive income
- My contextual advertising is steadily growing

More Traffic - For a while there traffic appeared to have peaked and was heading a little down... now we are back on the upward path.

More enjoyable
- Its much more fun writing an article about something you are interested in - as opposed to writing about some kind of lamp shade that you have never heard of!

The chance to build a readership - There's a big difference between writing articles because you want to create content, and writing articles because you are trying to fill the gaps between your sponsored posts...

Search engines love unique content, we all know that and its just a matter of creating it.

There is a trap however and that trap is going for the easy dollar. I for one have been very guilty of it in the past. Maybe I am finally learning?

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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Make Money Fast With Facebook Apps

One of the ways you can make money online is with a facebook application, with facebook apps the users of facebook can plug them into their profile and you have a bit of space where you can add your own advertising to the application which will actually appear within the facebook site via an iframe.

What is a facebook application?
Facebook applications are probably the best thing since sliced bread, a great way to share quiz's, games and many other cool things with your friends. They are essentially a small application that you can add to your facebook profile.

Heres our facebook app... Flash Arcade App .. feel free to add it to your profile of course..

The Technical Bits
To be able to work with your own facebook app you don't need to be a software developer especially if buying something already made, however you need to be able to ..

  • set up your hosting
  • edit php files
  • have basic understanding of php/html

You also need to add the developer application to your own facebook profile.

Where can I buy facebook applications from?
You can either develop them yourself or buy one already made, we bought ours from the DP forums. Well actually Greg bought it as I didn't think it was a great idea at the time, however its looking good so far.

There will be future articles on how well we can make money out of this, and the techniques that we will use to try to make it viral.

Maybe I will see you on facebook..

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Monday, December 03, 2007

Buying Furniture

Who makes the furniture decisions in your house? I know that in my situation it is normally my wife, she will do all the background research and then come to me with what she has found from manufacturers like Bush furniture and others. Then it is up to me to take a look at the final selections and help to make the decision.

November Summary of the Make Money Fast - Million Dollar Experiment

For me November has been a pretty strange month, unfortunately I had to work full time for a couple of weeks which slowed the money making down a bit and also the recent bitch slapping that Google has given myself and thousands of other bloggers has affected my earning potential in the way of selling txt links and also paid posts - but don't worry I am trying to take it like a man.

As a result of both these reasons, what little time I have had I have tried to mainly concentrate on content creation, as well as setting up a couple of new sites and as always trying to keep improving all the other ones..

Quite a bit of money still trickled in from the previous month, but its really going to hit me in December I am thinking, but that's ok I will continue to try to build the core of passive income and not worry to much about the rest.

Traffic has been great for the last two months and November saw a small gain over Octobers traffic which had been a record for us. By getting to the front page of Google for keywords like "Make Money Fast" we are starting to get a good flow of traffic for these and related words.

Top Referrers
1. Cash Quests
This site has recently been sold - thanks for everything Kumiko, will be interesting to see what you are up to in the future.. I am sure you have something up your sleeve.

2. Mike's Money Making Mission
And what a success it has been so far Mike! Thanks again for all the traffic.

3. Hot Blog Girls
An excellent site, full of quality content...

4. David StGeorge Photography
My brothers blog, not sure why he sends me so much traffic but I am not complaining!

5. Gregs Blog
My old buddy Greg, somehow Greg always seems to make it into the top 5

Just missing the cut this month was who was only 7 visitors away from making the top 5. I found an interesting article on his site about being banned from
sounds like a raw deal to me.

New Sites
Two new sites in the web farm this month..

Wedding Love Songs - A place to search for the first dance and entrance songs for weddings. Its been more interesting creating this site than I first imagined, especially watching some of the non traditional first dance videos.

Unblock Shop
- Another proxy site

The numbers - how much money was made

This month we added $901.49 US dollars to the kitty, which brings our NZ total so far to $7862.07 with only $992,137.93 cents left to go.

It was a record month for AdSense earnings, and this is something I am going to continue to concentrate on increasing for the months ahead.

This month I am expecting a drop in earnings, as hardly did any paid posts in November.. trying to create content instead and improve the passive core of the operation.

Good luck in your endeavors - and feel free to leave a comment with how much you made this month..

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learn to blog

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Make Money Fast With Free Stumbles

One great method that I have found for getting a new website launched and ticking over with traffic is by getting it stumbled as many times as you can in a short time frame. (For those of you that don't know what a stumble is, basically it is a thumbs up vote for a website from anyone that has the stumbleupon toolbar installed.

Where to get free stumbles
There are probably many places that you can do this, however one of the most popular and the method that I use is the DP forums freebie section. In this section you just post a thread giving your sites and offer to stumble those sites that stumble yours.

What effect do free stumbles have on traffic?
Well they can have a positively viral traffic effect, depending on the site of course, it does need to be an interesting or useful one!. In the image below you can see how the traffic jumped from next to nothing to over 100 uniques a day on my proxy site On the 26th of November I posted this post in the freebie section of the DP forums and it has been smoking along eversince...

The Skinny (Conclusion)
As far as this method of traffic generation is concerned it can at times be short lived, however it is free, it is great for helping to launch a site and sometimes it can even create ongoing traffic, or result in links from other sites that come across your site and think it is worth linking to.

For this particular example less than one hour of my time has taken a site from nothing to a few hundred real visitors in the last few days.. and that is worth doing.

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Where is a Pen When You Need One?

One issue that I often have, especially at work, is I always seem to lose my pen and it really is frustrating. It seems such a simple little thing to keep track of and it's probably hard for some people to imagine how I could keep losing them all the time, however it is simply something I am cursed with! Maybe I should tie my pen around my neck or something.