Tuesday, July 31, 2007

July Summary Coming Soon

Well its been another record breaking month here at the Million Dollar Experiment Down under as we continue the climb up the mountain.

Although the summit is still far away, it becomes closer every month. This month has seen some great growth in some of the passive areas and that is really what I am trying to concentrate on, although I am trying to pay the mortgage as well, so you will still see a number of sponsored posts coming through.

Affiliate sales have been great for me this month as well, particularly from LinkWorth, I wrote quite a large article on my Text Link Buzz site about the more than 10 products that they offer Bloggers. The article took a lot of time to research and write but its really paying off in affiliate commissions.

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$5 a month web hosting

Can You Get Rich Overnight? (Shoemoney)

Shoemoney keeps getting asked this question and has addressed it in this Video. I think what he is trying to say is that yes you can, but normally it takes a lot of hard work to get there, and if you do get rich overnight the question is can you take it to the next level?

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Monday, July 30, 2007

Featured Post - Save Money Fast With ePerks

If you are interested in Gigantic Perks (and who wouldn't be) then you should check out the ePERKS.com website.

From a consumers point of view the site is a great idea because by utilizing the site to find your providers you can get perks that you wouldn't normally get. For example I looked up Real Estate Broker and the perks that he was offering included a free removal van (within a certain area) cash back as well as free home warranty coverage for sellers.

From a business perspective there is always the opportunity to pick up extra business that you may not have got if you were not offering your services ( and perks ) on the site. Also if a business wants to purchase one of the exclusive packages offered on the site they can secure themselves a geographical area.

ePERKS is similar to eBay in some respects, they have partnerships with some big names on the internet to enable customers to search for the best available deal for services.

Make Money Fast via the Digital Point Forums

I have been hanging around the Digital Point Forums lately and its amazing to see how much money ends up changing hands in that place.

These are my favourite areas to loiter around trying to hook up with people wanting links and/or sponsored posts. Occasionally its possible to land a big fish, however you need a baited hook thrown in the water.

Digital Point Link Sales
- Buy and sell text links
Digital Point Sites for Sale
- Buy and sell established websites
Digital Point Content
- people wanting articles written for them, forum posters etc - and those offering to create content

Its important to be straight up and honest on a forum like this, there are some hard core internet marketers and SEO types that don't take kindly to being spammed or mucked around.

I have been a member for a few months, however have only really been active in the last couple of weeks, you need to have made 25 posts before you can actually start a thread in the buy and sell section.

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$$$$$$ Cash Contest going down at the mmmtalk.com forums.
Enjoy Free Arcade Games
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Featured Post - TriClear

There is nothing worse than acne especially when you are a teenager. Acne of course can affect all ages and at last there is an effective acne treatment that you can buy online.

TriClear is a triple action product that approaches treatment via the following three methods.

1 - Purifying Cleanser
Firstly you apply the cleanser which helps to clear out your pours, lifts out dirt, oil and other causes of Acne.

2 - Repair Gel
The repair Gel assists the repair and regrowth of the damaged skin, not only does it treat the existing acne - it also helps to prevent future acne.

3- Revitalizing Cream

The revitalizing cream replaces moisture in the skin, contains salicylic acid which helps cut down on oil production and also includes other nutrients that will help to fight agains future acne breakouts

In studies done 76% of the people using the product saw significant improvements within 7 days.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Featured Post - Anniversary Gift

Back in April I went to work one day feeling a little bit like I had forgotton something important and sure enough later on that day when my five year old daughter called me up at work and reminded me that it was my wedding anniversary I realized finally what I had forgotton.

Needless to say later on that day I headed for the local shopping center and purchased the most expensive anniversary gift that I could find!

How to double your RSS subscribers overnight

You may have seen a few articles floating around a while ago that Google purchased Feedburner. One of the things that they did was incorporate the feedburner ability to track blogger rss feeds.

By going into your settings and replacing the default feed you will likely experience a nice boost in the numbers that feedburner is reporting on for your subscribers.

Here is a snippet from the feedburner Blog - I suggest you follow it, I found almost immediate results.

If you host your content on a Blogger blog with a blogspot.com address (or use Blogger's “custom domain” feature), you can now redirect your native Blogger feed to your FeedBurner feed (quite easily, might we add)........ Starting right now, you just log into your Blogger account, select Settings | Site Feed, enter your FeedBurner feed address and click "Save Settings."...

Let me know if it had a nice result for your site.

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Featured Post - Real Estate Broker.

A good real estate broker can help to ensure a smooth and enjoyable transaction ending up with you satisfied and living in a new house - as well as hopefully two happy party's.

When I look for a real estate broker I let their history speak for how they will perform in the future, its always good to get testimonials from their previous clients and try and find a broker that has been in the industry for a long time.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Don't Mope Around - Go And Make Some Money!

Today I think I proved something to myself more than probably to anyone else, however it's a powerful lesson in Online Money Making. I am going to make a statement that you may choose to agree with - or disagree with and thats no problem - either way is fine by me.

Anyone that says they cannot make money online is lazy
There are probably a million or more different ways that you can make money online right now, all you have to do is get off your butt, and go and ferret out some money.

If you are really going through a dry patch, head to the digital point forums, there is always someone there looking for a link or a sponsored post. You just need to communicate and do the deal.

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Payday loans - Not that Bad?

Payday loans are a often debated subject and one that I enjoy writing about. There are some people out there that think that lending money to people that really need it is a bad thing - however I don't think that is the case at all...

Payday loans can be a ticket out of trouble
People normally take out payday loans because they need money fast. Its not up to the lender to judge why someone needs money in a hurry - as long as they are up front about the fees and required payment time it is a simple choice by the person taking out the loan. No one is forcing them to borrow money.

Payday loans get paid back
They do get paid back - more often than not otherwise no one would be offering payday loans. Its important to recognize that not only are payday loans repayable - its been proven time and time again.

I think that overall certain points need to be considered before heading down the path of taking a high interest short term loan...

Is it really necessary
Look at the consequences of not having the money - versus the difficulty of paying back not only the loan amount but a pretty hefty interest charge for what is normally only a week or two. Choose the best option..and if the best option is a Denver cash advance then thats what you should do.

Don't get caught in a cycle
Make sure that you never borrow money to payback money - this can be the beginning of a viscious circle that is only going to end in disaster. Payback everything you can first - then try and make ends meet until next payday without borrowing any more.

Friday, July 27, 2007

So close to the $600 Mark

Well folks we are about 4 days out from the end of the month and so far have managed to pump $542-74 into the coffers.

Its quite possible that we will crack $600 this month, and in fact its looking pretty damn likely. If you would like to help ensure that we do, why not check out our advertising page and see if you can help lol.

I was thinking today if you were reading this blog, how would you actually know I was making all the money that I say I am? Well I thought I would show you a couple of screen shots of the PayPal account of the Million Dollar Experiment for the last month.... If you want a PayPal account as busy as this then I suggest you become a subscriber! Its a fantastic feeling getting emails every day with money being deposited in your account.

Page 1

Page 2

Just remember this is not all the money I earn - this is the money I earn via PayPal, other programs like AdSense pay the money direct into my account.

Enjoy the weekend.

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Featured Post - Open tip bras

Have you ever wanted to see your Girlfriend dressed up in a french maid outfit? Well now you can buy her a range of open tip bras that will really get the love life revved up.

If you ever decide to purchase one of these, it is recommended (by those that have bought before) that if you wear it under your clothes you are best to choose a soft top...

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Featured Post - Hoodia

The plant with the amazing ingredient that curbs your appetite and helps you to slim is called Hoodia.
In its natural environment it looks like a cactus plant however you can buy it in pill format and it is claimed that this can aid in the never ending battle that many people face against weight gain.
If you are looking to lose weight these pills may help you however I would also advise that you try and live a healthy lifestyle!

Looking for some Million Dollar Link Love?

Here at the Million Dollar Experiment we have a variety of links for sale on different sites.... (shhhhh.... dont tell G!)

Without mentioning the names of the sites here they are, for more info on any of them please contact me.

Linksales are becoming a big part of my online earnings, its certainly an area that I am hoping to grow going forwards.

If you want a package detail, or a bunch of links let me know and we can work something out as well.

Text Links 4 Sale

  • PR4 Sitewide links on blogspot blog, 380 pages and 177,000 Alexa ranking a few left at $10 per month
  • PR3 Arcade Games site, on most of the pages and going cheap at $5 per month
  • Money Making Forum - text link for sale on the forum itself at $20 per month
  • PR3 Curry Recipe and Restaurant site - This site has been getting great traffic lately (mainly from the UK) $5 per month front page only
  • PR3 Blogspot Blog, hundreds of pages $3 per month
  • PR3 Job sites, three separate sites UK, Aussie and NZ looking for $5 US per month Sitewide links (thats per site not for all 3)
If you want to advertise your text links for free try the text link buzz forums.

Also on text link buzz this week we investigate Google TrustRank - is it going to replace Google PageRank altogether?

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Is a PageRank Update happening now?

Just a quick note, there are rumours floating around that a Google PageRank update is happening - anything going on with your sites?

Check them out and let me know if you are seeing any movement on the DC's


The Truth About Alexa Rankings

I have long been confused about why Alexa rankings are taken such notice of when it comes to monetizing sites, I personally believe that the Alexa ranking doesn't mean much at all, however now that the Alexa toolbar has come out for FireFox, I have finally installed it. Its pretty unobtrusive and now shows me the Alexa rating of every site that I visit, plus I guess it will boost my own ratings, because this is how it works....

How exactly does Alexa work?

Here is the description from their site...

Alexa's traffic rankings are based on the usage patterns of Alexa Toolbar users over a rolling 3 month period. A site's ranking is based on a combined measure of reach and pageviews.

In a nutshell an example is this site, currently it is ranked around 170,000 on the Alexa site, however this really means out of all the Alexa users it is ranked at 170,000. ( its not accurate when it comes to the popularity of a site on the world stage I don't believe, however it is some kind of indication I guess.

The problem is that if you have a site that is visited by for example webmasters, most of whom have the alexa toolbar installed, you will rank way higher than for example a recipe site that may have more visitors but hardly any that have the toolbar installed.

How can you increase your Alexa ranking?

Here is great post done a while ago by Maki at Dosh Dosh -20 Quick Ways to Increase Your Alexa Rank

The one I like this one best for its sheer cunning ...

Pay Cybercafe owners to install the Alexa toolbar and set your website as the homepage for all their computers. This might be difficult to arrange and isn’t really a viable solution for most. I’m keeping this one in because some have suggested that it does work.....

What are the top sites on Alexa at the moment?

On the front page of the Alexa sites you can view that status of the top contenders.

Why do you think sites like review me, text link ads and other programs take so much notice of Alexa rankings? Is it because they are targeted at webmasters and so is Alexa?

Or is there simply no better way to determine the performance of a site?

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Featured Post - Thoof

Thoof is a dig like site that you can submit articles, stories, news articles, websites, videos, photographs, and other links from around the internet.

Thoof is however different in the way that is tailors the stories to each readers unique tastes by way of a sophisticated algorithm.

This means that if you are looking for a site that can offer you personalized news as well as other content tailored to your specific likes and dislikes then Thoof is for you.

Registration would have to be the easiest that I have ever seen on any website, it is not possible for it to get any easier than just entering your email address and clicking on the sign up button. You then get sent an email which has a "click here" link to confirm your registration.

Once you have registered you can then submit articles to the site. Again this is an easy process thanks to some smart programming by the Thoof team. Submitting an article only takes a minute or so, depending on how much time you want to spend on the summary. Tags are then added, made easier by the hints that are given to you regarding the tags - you must have at least two per article submission.

Fast Money from Selling Webhosting

Recently I joined up as a Hostgator reseller. This means that for 24-95 a month not only can I host my own sites, I get all the tools to off sell any of the space that I can spare from the 125 gig traffic a month and 12 GB of disk space plan.

This means that if you want hosting for your site, I can hook you up with 1 GB of traffic and 500MB of disk space for $5 a month (PHP, MySQL included) . What it also means is that if you have your sites hosted somewhere, you can do this and not only pay for your own hosting - its a great way to earn ongoing passive income.

If you are interested in becoming a reseller like me you can sign up for hostgator here. It probably helps if you know a bit about DNS, hosting and PHP/MySQL so you can help your customers however if you have set up a few sites, you should be knowledgable enough.

If you want to learn more about our Starter Hosting Package - ideal for those wanting to move off Blogspot to Wordpress check out the thread at mmmtalk. By the way we also help you set up for no extra charge if you need a bit of assistance.

Sometimes its a bit scary going to wordpress, however with our help you can soon have your own wordpress blog fully hosted with CPANEL access for only 5 dollars a month. The kind of help I am talking about is even to the extent of getting it all installed for you - all you need to do is communicate with me and figure out what domain name you want. (Domain name needs to be purchased first by you - we then set up your hosting, install wordpress, point your domain to the hosting and your away!)

Any questions ask away - I would also be interested as to whether or not you think this is a good deal for hosting.

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Featured Post - Pulse Oximeter

If it is a requirement that the oxygen saturation of your arterial blood is measured then a pulse oximeter uses a light to do exactly this. Basically your finger will have a sensor attached to it, then the light will pass from one side to the other.

This process is painless and not expensive at all - mainly because there are no laboratory costs involved.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Make Money Fast with Money Sharing Forum

In recent weeks I have been giving Greg "Stratz" a hand with one of our joint projects which is the mmmtalk money making forums. Finally we have implemented AdSense revenue sharing which means that members of the forum that make posts and reply to threads end up getting their ads displayed for a percentage of the time.

Its certainly been an interesting and challenging project getting it all set up however it appears to be working well.

How it works...

Everytime a visitor to the forums views a post created by you as long as you have entered your AdSense publisher id then your ads will be displayed alternating with mmmtalks adsense. You share your content with us and we share our revenue with you. The more content that you create the more revenue you will earn.

Does Google allow this?

Part of the delay in setting this up was seeking clarification from Google, and they certainly don't have a problem with it as long as the site follows Google's TOS and you only display the same publisher id on the page at any one time. That means that you cant have an advert in the header with a different id in the footer for example. We have followed this requirement so things are now good to go.

If your forums comply with our program policies (http://www.google.com/adsense/policies ) and the user has given you permission to share ad space, you're welcome to offer this option to them.

There are of course other forums that participate in this type of revenue sharing, one of the most well known is the digital point forums.

How to set up your AdSense sharing once you are a member

Once you have joined the forums then you can enter your publisher id, to do this simply click on edit profile in the user control panel and enter the publisher id number in the field as below..

Thats all there really is to it, get posting and the more posts that you create to and reply to the more times your adverts will show meaning more money for you.

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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Featured Post - Wilmington NC real estate

If you are looking for real estate in Wilmington or the surrounding areas the Sea Coast realty website has a great range of listings available at any one time.

Looking at the prices of these properties it becomes clear to me that this is a very fine area to live in. Obviously Wilmington NC real estate is big business - the site does a great job of displaying these fine properties.

Featured Post - Bed & Breakfast

If you are looking for a country inn or a Bed and Breakfast then iloveinns.com has a great search feature that scours the countryside looking for the perfect accomodations for your upcoming getaway!

The Napa Valley, Santa Fe and other top destinations await you - its up to you to decide what peaceful place you feel like escaping to.

Friday, July 20, 2007

How Much Money Can a Z-Blogger Make?

One of the best things about making money online is there are no boundary's, the only limits are within yourself and thats something that you can work on.

Having said that , how much money do you think an average joe can make online? Well I personally believe that the answer is thousands of dollars a month, after riding out the first year or two of experimentation.

The trend will continue
All things remaining equal as long as you continue to create content the visitors that you receive and income earned from advertising should constantly grow. This is based on the theory that you receive a flow of traffic now, by adding content surely the traffic will continue to increase.

We learn about the things that work
Only by experimentation will you learn about what works for you and what doesn't. As long as you continue to improve and hone your money making methods this to should continue to increase over time.

Historical Proof
Most of the guys that are making big money now online have been around for a few years, most of the sites that are not either are not interested or simply are to new. There are not many blogs out there where their money making missions are continuing to be fruitless after several years of sustained effort. So from this we can conclude that half the battle is simply continuing to do what you do for long enough - you should get there eventually.

Small Improvements Turn into Large Gains
If every month you try to do something a little better than the month before (or every day) - overtime that is going to accumulate into one pile of improvements, by trying to do to much at once little gain can mean despondency and gloom which will lead to the Bloggers downfall.

So the answer is a Z-Blogger can make as much money as they want - the sky is the limit. How much money do you think you can make?

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Can we make $600 this Month?

Last month I suggested that given the earnings from the previous month, the coffers at the Million Dollar Experiment should be fuller by around $600 in July.

Once I have reached this goal, the elusive 1000 dollars in a month starts to look a bit more achievable doesn't it? However I think I will need to take my time and slowly work my way up to this over the next couple of months.

Lets have a look and see how things are going, below is the graph of the Month to date situation of the Million Dollar Experiment Down Under.

We have 10 days left and have just clocked over the 400 dollar mark, every sign is indicating that yes we will manage the 600 dollar barrier this month.

One highlight for me in the last couple of weeks has been the performance of one of my sites - our Curry Recipe website. The site was given a SEO makeover several months ago, however the effects of this have only really just kicked in. The last thirty days show a 163% improvement on the thirty day period before and that is because of a 890% increase of Google search traffic!

Another significant milestone has been the purchase of an existing website along with fellow blogger Greg "Stratz" thats been an interesting time, especially the part when we received a 1.4 gig zipped up file of a web site - ... and then having to make it work!

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Featured Post - Bush Furniture

Established in 1959 and based in the United States Bush furniture is one of the largest home and office furniture manufacturers.

They specialize in quality, ready to assemble furniture for the home or office, including a massive selection of computer desks, office chairs and filing cabinets. All their products are available from their online discount store.

In addition to the versatile office furniture series from Bush Furniture we also have a huge selection of computer desks, file cabinets, and even office chairs.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Make Money Fast - Rotate Your Adverts

If you are running wordpress on your Blog there is a great widget based plugin called the Wordpress Widgets AdBanner Rotator - it was very easy to install.

Now on my text link buzz site I can rotate different text link companies adbanners and are also rotating adsense and exoclick adverts.

Here is how it works, user loads the screen and gets a dose of LinkWorth (one of my best paying afiliate programs) and Adsense...

Then if you refresh the screen the ads change as below and they are hit with Text-Link-Ads and Exoclick...

I have been trying to find an Ad rotator script for my Blogspot Blog however there don't seem to be any - have you ever seen one?

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Featured Post - My Blog Network

In my previous post I had written about the blog network.
In blog network people creates different blog different IP spreading in many different class ‘C’ Ip’s. After that they sell blog post in these network blogs at very cheap rates. See some more blogs belonging to a blog network.

1. Abc Locations

2. IT Kaoyan

3. Well Springng

These blogs on writes reviews on all the latest sites hitting the internet.From Travel to Finance and Entertainment.These blog posting will help you to gain backlinks as well as small amount of traffic The benefits of blog networks are you get blog post at very cheap rates, spreading in different IP’s, this not only help you in getting some traffic, it also helps you go to get some boost in your search engine position.Although there are many blog networks, some are very well promoted, and well organised. While buying post from blog network one should see following things.

* In how many IP’s these blogs are spread.

* In how many different class ‘C’ ip’s thes IP belongs.

* What are the PR of different blogs in blog network.

* How many posts per day they are accepting in their network.

* How well is blog network promoted, and traffic blog network receiving.

Featured Post - Tech and Non Tech Reviews




These blogs hosted on different C-Class Ips. The best part of these blogs are they are promoted by directories submissions, article directories submission and through social bookmarkings.The post on these blogs will not only provide you the quality backlinks but also small amount of traffic to your sites.

Sponsored Post - Vacation Home Orlando

When you work full time, its all the better when holidays come around. There is no better time to spend time with family and friends - time that you may not normally have as modern life is extremely chaotic and busy at the best of times. Why not take some time out - organize a vacation home Orlando is the place to go in the summer, lots of sunshine and plenty of things to do.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Is the Next Google PageRank Update Near?

By looking at the previous dates of Google PageRank updates we can then see if we can predict when the next one is due. Having a higher PageRank as we all know means more money making opportunities for our sites. I would be so happy to achieve a PR of 5, however have been stuck with 4 for the last two updates. This time however I removed many of my links outwards off the homepage ( trying to get rid of the dreaded PageRank leakage ), so it will be interesting to see if by moving this it makes any difference.

One site has exactly what I was looking for, the dates of all the previous PR updates going back a couple of years - Page Rank Export List History.

Looking at the law of averages it appears that the next update should be before the end of July.

What PR are you hoping to get? Some of my sites are so new I will be happy to get any PR, however on this particular site I would really like to get a PR of 5. Its about time the Million Dollar Experiment Down Under got a little more Google love.....

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Featured Post - Boat Insurance

If you are lucky enough to own a boat, its important to protect your investment. Its really important to insure your boat and at Cover My Boat they have very comprehensive boat insurance along with low-cost third party liability options.

Some insurance policies are instantly approved, however it really depends on the type of vessel you are trying to insure. Some older and more valuable vessels can take up to 24 hours to obtain a boat insurance quote.

They insure every type of boat you can think of, if you are looking to insure your boat I suggest you head along to Cover My Boat and get a quote.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Featured Post - Get the Next Big Thing

ExhibitDEAL has always had the best selection of trade show displays, but now they're offering Entasi Tension Fabric Displays for those looking to upgrade their displays with the newest and best thing. I've seen these displays and the graphics are amazing. Visit ExhibitDEAL and ask about their Tension Fabric Displays, I think you'll be amazed by what they can do for you.

Make Money Fast with Persistence, Commitment and Goal Setting

In the last two weeks I have earned just over $300 online, in October 2006 just ten months ago it took me a whole month to earn $36.85. This means my earnings have increased almost 20 times in less than a year and looking back it is the following traits, more than any particular money making opportunity that have done it..

I am a persistent person, stubborn even you could probably say. If I set my mind to something I just keep battering away until it happens. If you are lacking in persistence I would have to say that the chances of you making much money online are close to zero. You will of course be able to make a few dollars here and there but making more than pocket money will be difficult.

As other examples of persistence take a look at Mikes Money Making Mission, apart from a brief holiday he makes a post just about every single day and is now starting to make good money - recently he has struck gold with his celebrity insider blog which is getting thousands of hits. Also Kumiko at Cashquests.com, she now charges $50 US dollars for a review and has gone from strength to strength in the time I have been following her blog (from the beginning I think).

Commitment and persistence are related but also different. For me commitment means making sure you allow yourself the resources to be persistant. This may be sacrificing time that you normally spend doing something else, perhaps even giving up on sleep! Its all about working through your priorities and ensuring that you allow yourself the best opportunities to achieve your tasks. We all struggle with commitment sometimes, however you need to make decisions about what you are going to commit yourself to and see it through.

Goal Setting
In the past I have been someone that has seldom set goals, however when I do set them you can be sure that I will do whatever I can to achieve them in the time frames that I specify. Its true that I don't always quite make it however I normally at least come close and if it takes a little longer than I first thought I will just keep going until its done.

As far as money making goals go, I have kept them small, incremental increases of 20 percent a month over a 30 month period. This month it looks like I will triple my target, however it gets increasingly hard as the 20 percent jumps mean a lot more in monetary terms as time goes on. If you set unrealistic targets its quite possible that you will not reach them, so it is best to make them reachable - however challenging at the same time.

A Simple Formula
There is nothing stopping you from doing the same, just keep on going - when you struggle to write look to others for inspiration or simply link to interesting articles. Have a break or go for a walk to think of ideas, by consistently creating unique content about your topic sooner or later things will start to happen. Is there a Blogger out there that has been writing consistently for 12 months that doesn't have traffic? I know there are lots of sites that wrote 10 articles and never did any more.


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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Featured Post - No Exam Life Insurance

If you are scared of the thought of a medical exam or perhaps have existing medical conditions and have had problems getting life insurance in the past then no exam life insurance is the way to go.

There is no medical exam required when applying for no exam life insurance, no blood test either so its simplified and in some cases can be organized over the phone.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Make Money Fast by Buying Niche Websites

If you are short on time, and have a bit of money to spare it can be worthwhile buying an already existing website that already has traffic, pagerank and preferably a proven revenue stream as well.

How much is a website worth?
It is often hard to put a value on a website, sometimes the rule of thumb can be around 18 times the monthly revenue of a site, so if the site is earning 100 dollars a month you could expect to pay around 1800 dollars for it - however it is never that simple. Some sites for example may not even be monetized yet have great potential.

Places to buy websites
The two main places to buy existing websites are sitepoint and the digital point forums. You have to pay to sell a site through sitepoint, many webmasters actually use both avenues.

Things to check

  • Stats of the site (Revenue and visitor)
  • Alexa ranking
  • Google PageRank
  • Subscriber Numbers (if a blog)
  • Backlinks
  • Competition

How to transfer site
Once you have successfully purchased the site you have the challenging job of getting it transferred onto your own hosting, and everything moved across. It certainly helps to have some technical knowledge here, and things like setting up MySql databases, and setting up the name servers for your DNS settings should be things that you are familiar with - if not it may pay to get some assistance.

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Online Arcade Games

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Featured Post - Loans in the UK

If you are thinking about buying a house in the UK then you will probably be looking at getting a mortgage. You should of course hunt around and make sure that you look at different Mortgages
If you have had a bad experience with credit previously it can be difficult to find places to get mortgages from. You may need to consider Bad Credit Mortgages if your credit is not up to scratch. There may have been a valid reason why you had bad credit in the past and everything may now be ok.

If your credit has a reliable history you might consider Secured Loans.
It is prudent to get a broker to compare different rates for you, this is the best way to make certain that you get the most affordable rate. as it is very sensible to do in depth research before deciding on one.

Its The "Bit Extra" That Counts A Lot

Have you ever been out for a meal and the staff at the restaurant did a bit more than what was necessary? What about walking into a shop and the shop assistant not only does their job but you leave feeling a little bit special because the service they gave you was exceptional and they expected nothing in return - well the same can be applied to a blog let me explain.

Link out to other sites expecting nothing back - there is nothing like the buzz of seeing another site point to yours and say "heres a great article, I enjoyed it why don't you check it out" , a site leaving a comment saying "I will link to you if you link to me" just doesn't quite leave the same warm glow inside does it?

Reply to and communicate with the visitors that are kind enough to comment on your site - I worked in retail for many years and the fact is that without customers you don't have a shop, or in this case a Blog. Imagine if you never had anyone visit your site - would you bother writing articles for it - probably not.

Visit the sites of the people that have taken the trouble to visit yours - most of your visitors probably have a site of their own, likely even related to your site. The least you can do is see who is taking the time to visit yours and return the favour.

Often there is only a tiny difference between a winner and a loser, however one goes on to be successful and the other has to live with being a runner up....

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Make Money Fast - Welcome to the Dream

Thanks for calling by the Make Money Fast Million Dollar Experiment. Join us as we attempt to conjure up one million NZ dollars from cyberspace, its been almost year and progress continues to amaze even ourselves most months when we compile the monthly graphs and realize that we are actually starting to make fast money.

Rob StGeorge

Featured Post - Buying Electronics Online

It can be difficult to buy electronics online, given the numerous choices given to you! There are literally thousands of sites which claim to give you the best of every electronic item available ever. But how do you know if they are the best for you?

Elib promises to solve this problem with their innovative idea of a directory of Electronic Stores Online. It contains the best of stores online which deliver quality goods to the complete satisfaction of the customers. I was browsing the site recently and found that they have a wide range of products right from Language Translators and more to Camera Stores.

I will surely use this site the next time I need some products, what about you? Is electronics not your stuff? Maybe cosmetic surgery is....

Friday, July 13, 2007

Featured Post - NC Waterfront Property

If you are looking for nc waterfront property then you will be interested to know that for over 28 years Mercer Realty Incorporated have been creating communities in Eastern North Carolina.

The site has a number of properties for sale, as well as rentals, I suggest you take some time searching through the available listings, there are some very nice properties for sale.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Bermuda Triangle of Bloggers

There are a couple of blogs that I used to read that abruptly stopped, none stranger than the first one on my list fellow New Zealander Shirlene....she used to write fairly regularly and call by and comment etc, then she just disappeared, never to be seen again. If you ever read this Shirlene drop us a note and let us all know how you are doing.

Then there's Martin, fellow money maker and one of the first Blogs I used to read, Mike, Martin and I all started around the same time , dipping our toes in the water and trying to make our first few dollars.

If you are ever sick and tired of your blog, why don't you try and sell or it at least place a last article on it to say your goodbyes. I notice Martin still has 33 feedburner subscribers, not a bad effort for someone that has not posted an article for 5 months.

Do you know of any Bermuda Triangle type Blog disappearances that we could add to this list? Do you have any information on these missing Bloggers?

If Ya Want - What happened to Shirlene? does anyone know? Last Post May 2007

My Quest to Make Money on the Internet - Where is Martin? Last Post February 2007

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Featured Post - Car Insurance Quote

Insureflo.com is a website where if you are looking for a car insurance quote, by going through their site they can get a number of quotes from insurance companies for you that will enable you to select the package that suits you.

Its very simple to get a quote, all you do is enter your name and your zip code and you are away.

Featured Post - Organic Dog Food

If you are a dog owner would you consider buying Organic dog food? I personally don't even buy Organic food for myself and my family, however thats not to say it's bad.

Some people love their dogs as much (or more!) than their children so obviously want to keep them in the best of health and buy them the tastiest food that is available and that's where K9 Cuisine come into the picture. Premium quality Dog food, at affordable prices.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Make Money Fast with LinkWorth

I have recently started doing a few "LinkPosts" through a company called LinkWorth LinkWorth have been around for quite a while and have a whole suite of products which I won't go into in depth as I already have done a review of their products on my Text Link Buzz site

What I wanted to mention specifically on this site because of the other paid post sites that we have reviewed in the past is their LinkPosts, sponsored posts that you set your own price for. Heres how it works..

Sign up for Linkworth and submit your Blogs.
You can go here to register - submit all your blogs and fill in the usual details

Set a price for your Posts
Remember that LinkWorth work with a 50/50 revenue share on this product (this varys depending on the product) so you will not want to set your price to low. I started at 15 dollars and got a couple of articles straight away almost, so have now bumped my price up to 20 dollars.

Await article offers that will get emailed to you.
If Advertisers that belong to LinkWorth like the look of your site and of course the price that you are charging you will receive offers to write for them. You actually have ten days to write your post once you have accepted it which is a very nice length of time to have.

Write and submit the articles

Try to make the most of the articles that you write, you have an opportunity to learn about a product or website, its much more enjoyable if you take an active interest in whatever you are writing about. LinkWorth recommend that you place a small disclosure badge at the bottom of your article which was pleasing to see.

Affiliate Program
LinkWorth have a great affiliate program where you can actually earn ongoing income from your referrals.

Site Promotion
LinkWorth have some great badges that you can place on your site, with a link through to the stats to your Blog. The page has Google, Yahoo and MSN backlinks, Alexa rank, Google PR and other vital statistics about your site that potential advertisers will be interested in looking at. One thing I will say is that my Alexa rank on this page is a bit out of date, I wonder how often the statistics are updated.

Note: The links in this article include my affiliate code.

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Featured Post - Home Theatre Seating

There is no better way to relax than lying back in your home theater seat, having a drink and a few nibbles and watching your favorite show.

Boston Tables can supply seats and home theater seating at very reasonable prices and once you have ordered from them you can expect your goods delivered within 2-3 weeks.

If you are wanting to set up a games room in your home Boston Tables also supply the other necessary items like the pool table, bar stools and more.

Can you make money from MLM?

This article is a guest post from Doug St.George who has been making money online for more than 10 years

MLM stands for Multi-level marketing.

You sign up with the intention to sell product and make a commission. 1st Level.

You sign up others, and they also sell and receive commission. 2nd Level. You also receive part of their sales.

They sign up others, 3rd level. You also receive part of their sales.

And so on. As there is only so much commission on any sale, the usual deal is a decreasing return, so that your 1st Level direct sales might make 20%, 2nd Level 6%, 3rd Level 4% and so on. A good MLM marketer will try and sign up as many new agents as he can, in the hope that he can retire and live on the passive income generated by the many levels of agents working away under him.

Amway are probably the biggest MLM operator in the world. The heavily promoted goal of 'Diamond Level' suggests that you can reach $US 72,000 to $150,000 passive income in 5 years. Websites such as http://www.cocs.com/jhoagland/ are written by people who found otherwise. You may well be able to make some money selling their products and attending their motivational seminars. You will probably need to sign up quite a few people and it is quite likely that three-quarters of those you approach won't be interested and indeed might become ex-friends.

Some companies set up website schemes with a good product to sell, with a reasonable commission, and a couple of extra levels that allows you to introduce others and you can get a small part of their sales as well. An example of this is the Shop New Zealand affiliate program :aff where you receive 9% of your sales (Tier One) , 4% on Tier Two and 2% on Tier Three. While this is also MLM, it does not come with the promise of huge returns, there is no entry cost and you don't have to convince all your friends to sign up.

Some years back in 2001, I became interested in an MLM scheme with nine levels that was marketing Visa debit cards and paid spotters fees if you introduced customers from your website, as well as an ongoing commission from their spending through a rebate system. This company was called Visa Rebates, but was hastily renamed Viva Rebates after Visa (the real credit card company) told them they did not have permission to use their name. They still have a website at "http://vivarebates.atlasmall.com/" but as far as I can tell, they have only signed up MLM members and never issued any cards that actually did what they promoted. They are heavily listed as scammers these days. I did receive about $US60 from them when they started and I didn't have to pay anything so I can't really complain.

There is a good summary of MLM in Wikipedia

If you are thinking about joining one of these schemes, make sure there is a proper product to sell, with a reasonable commission, and the scheme does not rely on your signing up other agents, especially with entry fees payable.

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Featured Post - Cover My Travels

When traveling it is very important to have comprehensive Travel Insurance. There are all kinds of things that can happen when away from home including things like losing your wallet, a medical emergency and many other unexpected events.

Covermytravels.com have a comprehensive package that has the added bonus of not only supplying the standard range of travel insurance, they specialize in elderly travel insurance as well. The best idea is to give them a call for a quote on there "Over 65 travel insurance" policies.

A Closer look at 3 Popular Insurance Topics

Car Insurance
Will you get your cars actual value from your Car Insurance
company? If you get in an accident and "total" your car, it's your insurance company's responsibility to provide you with an amount of money that would purchase an equivalent car. This doesn't always happen, unfortunately. Most insurers don't use the Kelley Blue Book or NADA standards to estimate values. They have their own formulas and will often consider quotes from various dealers that aren't always that attainable, and this isn't always a good indication of your specific vehicle's true worth. Every car is different, with things like condition, mileage, and repairs playing vital roles. If they choose to use one of these methods, you may want to present them with some local quotes of your own. It's recommended that you keep a documented vehicle history as well, so you can present repair and maintenance receipts if there's a dispute. Make sure the amount you and your insurer settle on includes sales tax for the purchase of your replacement automobile. This is often left out by insurers, and replacing your car should not come with additional tax costs.

ROP Term Life Insurance

Would you like Term Life Insurance that refunds your money if you don't die? Well now you can—it's called Return of Premium Life Insurance. One of the biggest objections to buying term life insurance is that people see themselves outliving the specified term and often think of the premiums as wasted money. The insurance industry has answered that objection with the recent introduction of Return of Premium term life insurance.

Return of Premium or ROP combines the benefits of traditional term life insurance with a return of premium feature. Simply put your family receives a lump sum death benefit if you die, otherwise if you win your bet with the insurance company and you live the insurer returns all your premiums. This money-back guarantee can be particularly comforting for those that believe death will not occur during the term of coverage.

Mortgage Insurance

Mortgage Insurance is insurance for the lender and is sometimes required by lenders on lower down payment loans. It's insurance that protects the lender in case you're unable to pay. Borrowers are able to purchase homes that they wouldn't otherwise be able to afford, due to high 20 percent down payment requirements.

Private Mortgage Insurance—PMI—is insurance on your mortgage designed to assure your mortgage company against non-payment should you not make your loan payments. Keep in mind that this insurance protects the lender, not necessarily you. Though it can provide you with the opportunity to get into a home with less than the standard 20 percent down payment. Private mortgage insurance is frequently called for by mortgage companies because of the larger number of defaults that come with minimal down payment mortgages. The good thing about PMI is that it allows borrowers to get into properties that they might not otherwise be able to purchase because of large down payment requirements.

The Money Alert is a well-known financial site covering insurance matters.
Their popular Pet Insurance articles have been published by several publications throughout the United States. If you rent you can also visit The Money Alert dot com to learn about Renters Insurance and whether you need it or not.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Featured Post - Agee's Fireplace

Sure, you've found the fireplace that you want, but you want to match the marble in your kitchen to the fireplace in your living room.
Thanks to Agee Woodworks you can get marble, granite, and slate fireplace facing kits that will let you upgrade the look of your wood or ventless gas fireplaces with the stone facings that you want to match the rest of your house.
They're experts at helping you to find the fireplace mantels, surrounds, facings, and cabinets that will give your fireplace the personal touch. I can't think of anybody else I'd rather go to for my fireplace needs, and I'm sure you'll feel the same way after you visit them. Check them out today and see if I'm not right.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Make Money Fast with Package Deals

Myself and one of my Colleagues "Greg Stratz" (from the Make Money Forums) have combined a number of our sites into a network of 8 blogs and have been attempting to sell for a small fee a package where someone can submit an article with 3 links in it and we will post it on all 8 Blogs.

This has been having some success in the last day or two however unfortunately the price that we can get is fairly low and its quite an effort for a few dollars.

It is all extra money though and worth mentioning, as it may work ok for you. Here is how we do it.

Make a post on Digital Point Forums with an offer for 3 links in 8 articles spread across 8 blogs for a set fee, posted within 24 hours. The Digital Point member if they are interested in this pay the fee, send the article and we paste them onto the eight sites. For a little extra we write the article for them as well.

I think it is worthwhile experimenting with this kind of money making as if you managed to do it on a large enough scale and outsource the actual effort involved there is definitely scope to make a few dollars.

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Make Money Fast with a High Paying Niche Site

Its well known that some sites earn more money via their Google Adsense advertising than others and the reasons are because advertisers have to pay a lot more for certain words and phrases than others. If you are looking at creating a niche blog about a product you would be wise to consider this and see if you can find something that is highly sought after.

A list of the top 500 adwords is available via this article Most Profitable Adsense Words

Of course you probably want something that interests you as well, and doesn't have to much competition!

By creating a niche site you become more attractive to other advertisers as well, so although it may be tempting to make a "how to make money online" site beware that these are exceptionally difficult to make money out of and niche topics are the way to go!

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Featured Post - Aaron Financial Services

Aaron Financial Services are located in Memphis, Tennessee and specialize in financing/refinancing within the Manufactured/Mobile home Industry. They have over 30 years experience in this industry and also finance private sales of mobile homes.

Lets take a look at the specific services Aaron Financial Services provide.

Customized mobile home loans and manufactured home loans, uniquely tailored to your specific requirements and situation.

Refinancing/Debt Consolidation
Often your existing loans can be optimized to the point where thousands of dollars can be saved, Aaron Financial Services can assist with mobile home refinancing to suit your current circumstances.

Insurance is often difficult to obtain for mobile homes, however Aaron Financial Services can assist you with Insurance that they source from a company that specializes in this area.

Service Contracts
Prevention of problems before they arise is achieved through service contracts which can be obtained for new or used homes (up to 20 years old).

Buyer Agent Services
Aaron Financial Services can assist you through the buying process which can be a difficult and stressful task. They will work hard to make sure you get good value for your money.

Mobile Home Appraisals
Whether you are buying or selling a home it is important to have an accurate idea of how much the home is worth and that is where Aaron Financial Services appraisals can assist. By having the home priced by a professional you can have peace of mind that you are not selling for to little or alternatively buying a home for more than it is worth.

10 Ways to Optimize your Sponsored Posts - Paid to Post Tips

Although it may not be the most "glamorous" way of making money online the facts are that for myself anyway Sponsored Posts are a large part of my online earnings. I have been writing them now for probably 8 or 9 months and have picked up a few things in this time - that could well be helpful to other Bloggers.

1./ Have multiple blogs
You don't have to write sponsored posts on all your blogs, its nice to have a flagship Blog that you don't write any sponsored content on at all. For me that Blog is Text Link Buzz! Its a good idea to have blogs that you do and blogs that you don't.

I have two Blogs that I do write sponsored posts on, this one and Sir Blogger. Most of them on Sir Blogger mainly because of the next tip.

2./ Have your own domain name
You get a lot more offers if you have your own domain name, a lot of advertisers are put off by a Blogspot or other type of Blog where the Blogger doesn't actually own it. They specifically request sites with their own domain names, so by having one of these you will get more and better paying opportunities.

Consider registering a relevant expired domain as these can already be receiving traffic, and have valuable backlinks and page rank.

3./ Have Posts ready to go straight after sponsored posts
I always like to release my own content immediately after writing a sponsored post, that means when visitors come to your site they are greeted with your unique content at the top of the page, not a sponsored post.

4./ Use a variety of sponsored post sites
You don't have to just stick with one paid posting provider, there are loads out there. You can check out my definitive list if you likeMake Money Fast from our Definitive List of Paid Post Sites if you work your way through them all, you will have a wide range of sponsored posts that you can choose to do at any one time.

5./ Word Count plugin for FireFox
Several of the sponsored post sites have a word count requirement for writing articles, e.g it may be 50 words (good), 100 words (bearable) or even 300 words (damn - not for 5 dollars we hope!). In my early days of paid posting I used to copy and paste my text out of my browser into MS Word and use Word to do a word count. Now however I have smartened up a bit and save time by using the firefox plugin called Text Area Count Words.

6./ Split Browser Plugin for FireFox
This is something I have only started using in recent times, the Split Browser Plugin means that with a click of the mouse you can split your browser windows, so for example you can have your article in a bottom or side pane, and the paid post requirements in the top pane, meaning less clicking between different windows. Visit here to download the plugin.

7./ Set a minimum value / word amount
With the wide range of opportunities that are now available, you may want to set a minimum value on the amount that you are willing to do a sponsored post for. An example of this you may decide that you are not willing to write 300 words for 5 dollars, however are happy to write 50 words for this fee.

8./ Write paragraph headings
Its hard to know where to start sometimes when writing a sponsored post, something I occasionally do when struggling to get into a sponsored post is write two or three paragraph starters. Once this is done its just a matter of expanding on these to make up the content and before you know it the article is done.

9./ Reserve posts
Most PPP companies let you reserve posts, PayU2Blog for instance normally dish you out a bunch of posts on a friday and you have all week to write them. PayPerPost give you 6 hours to write the post, once you have clicked on Take Opportunity. Smortys give you a couple of days, Blogsvertise also give you a few days. By using this to your advantage you can take opportunities when they come up, but also reserve other opportunities to do at other times when pickings may be a little lean.

10./ Work before play
Do your work before you start surfing and playing around. It is harder enough to not got distracted in the cyberworld, I suggest you set yourself some targets to achive before you start having fun - otherwise you will be struggling to make money fast online.

Its not the most enjoyable job in the world, but its not the worst one either - so enjoy learning about new sites and products and make some money at the same time. Remember you only need to make 20 dollars a day to make $600 dollars in a month. Wouldn't that be a nice bit of pocket money?

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How Much SEOs Need To Regard Social Media

Obviously it is very hard to run just a SEO company, better to promote your services as SEM services, cause you need to expect many requests for pay per click management or mail campaign or banner ads.
Internet marketing is simply the art of driving qualified traffic to a website, so any source of traffic should be important for internet marketing company.

Did you hear about web 2.0 ? if you are in the internet marketing better to answer yes, with web 2.0 the web transform from static websites to interactive websites, and those websites like Digg, Stumbleupon, Myspace .. etc now enjoying tons of daily traffic which most likely will be sent again to many websites on the net. Again as an SEO you need to care about that, it is enough to know that hitting the first page with Digg may drive you more than 10 000 unique
visitors/day and so on for other mediums where being on the top ten spots will drive you similar amount of traffic. So make sure to have qualified content and then add your website to those website and wish to get the traffic !

Getting some buzz from social media will help your link building campaign as well, since many journalist and bloggers like to write about website on the first page with Digg or Delicious

Featured Post - Sell Your House Fast

If you are wanting to locate motivated sellers then its a good idea to visit CashHomeBuyers.com. They specialize in linking those that want to sell homes quickly for cash with those who are Cash house buyers.

When considering this site you should think about phrases like “we buy ugly houses” and “sell house online” because thats what its all about, no real estate agent fees, no fees for viewing properties, just simple no hassle fast deals that finish with two satisfied parties.

One of the worst things with real estate agents is the way they try and get you to make drastic changes to your house in order to sell it - however if you contact CashHomeBuyers.com they will get back to you within 24 hours with a no obligation quote. From there you are not very far from turning your house into cash that you can use to buy your dream home.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Featured Post - Facebook tricks

FacebookInfo.com is a site about cool Facebook tricks for all facebookers out there. Since 86% of college students use the popular social networking site Facebook.com,it is a site that students should get familiar with. Facebook receives 30 billion web page views in a year for a reason too....because it's awesome.
Members can socialize with friends, post pictures, meet new people, join groups, and write notes.

FacebookInfo.com also discusses facebook proxies, which can be used to bypass high school or college security networks. Facebook proxies are vital to users who need to bypass internet security at their respective university, high school, or workplace.

So when you're looking for cool new facebook tricks, check out FacebookInfo.com

Featured Post - YouTube videos

I know everyone has been on YouTube at least once in their time on the internet. I’m also sure that everyone knows how hard it can be to find some of the greatest youtube movies on the site. The good thing is that there is a site that allows you to see the top rated youtube videos in one place.
Topyoutubevideos is the resource that every youtube junky has been looking for. It has some of the top rated clips from the day and puts it right in your face to see. It ranges from serious clips to funny video clips, topyoutubevideos.com has it all. So instead of browsing all of Youtube, why
don’t you go to topyoutubevideos.com and download youtube clips.

Friday, July 06, 2007

The Confusion of Disclosure - Lets Clarify

I have been getting a little confused by what exactly is meant by Disclosure in regards to sponsored posts lately... one post I recently did for PayPerPost says in the guidelines for the post itself...

No in post disclosure and no disclosure badge, per Advertiser.

Now thats ok, I did the post and submitted without adding the disclosure badge or anything like that however it was rejected saying remove in post disclosure. I have eventually figured out that it appears to be because I tagged the article as a Sponsored Post - as I do with all my sponsored posts.

Fair enough I guess I will have to remove it, however by doing this appears to violate PayPerPosts own Ethics which clearly state...

Truth-in-advertising is extremely important to us. It is your responsibility to follow our full disclosure policy and inform your readers about your relationship with our advertisers. PayPerPost reserves the right to remove you from our system or cancel bounties if you violate this policy.

Certainly makes it confusing. I have placed a support ticket in to try and get a clear answer however will have to wait and see. If you can explain it clearly please leave a comment to that effect.

While on the topic lets answer a few more questions that may have you confused...

What exactly is Disclosure?
I have taken this from http://www.disclosurepolicy.org/ which incidentally was a site created by PayPerPost where bloggers can get a disclosure policy for their sites.

The act of making something obvious. Disclosing (divulging or explaining), the purpose and interests of a blogger in his/her published posts: written, audio or video.
When is Disclosure not required?
Some sponsored post sites require it, some don't - I am still a little confused on PayPerPosts stance on this, I have had posts rejected where they were tagged as sponsored posts however I did not have a Disclosure Policy - and now I have had one rejected for being tagged as a sponsored post with the explanation that it is an in post disclosure.... I am however seeking clarification on this as I am sure it must confuse a lot of people - its important to have very clear guidelines and things are a little blurred at the moment.

What is site wide disclosure?
Site wide disclosure is in essence a clear disclosure policy that is accessible from every page on your site. E.g the one I have at the top right of this site.

Do you think Disclosure is important?

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