Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Building an Income Stream for the Future.

One of the issues that bloggers can struggle with is whether to concentrate on building Passive Income streams, which are normally slow and can be hard to see results from. Or to concentrate on quick fire money earners.

Previously to starting this Blog, on my Job Hunters websites I was starting to see a little bit of passive income building up, for example in the last month these other websites have earned approximately $30 US dollars on Google AdSense and I have had to do nothing except a little bit of (free) advertising.

To make that same income on this website requires maybe 5 or six sponsored blog posts which is probably a couple of hours of work and once you have been paid that is that. It does not keep ticking along while you sleep.

Now here is the dilemma, in the beginning it is possible that you are making considerably more money, through non passive means, so should you concentrate on this or should you be looking at the big long term picture and concentrate more on building up that solid, but slow long term income that earns money while you sleep.

The sensible answer is to do exactly that and concentrate on building up the passive streams, however the motivation to do this, is extremely hard to come by. One way to go about this is to try and split it 50/50. This way you can keep motivated and still be looking to the future at the same time!

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Day 46 We Drink Beer for Money, it was tough work but someone has to do it!

Today was one of the defining moments of my life. Today was the day that I got paid to drink beer. Yes you heard it here first, the Million Dollar Experiment Down Under just led me into a market survey centre and I had the pleasure of sampling not one but 5 different kinds of beer!

They then placed an envelope into my hand with actually more money in it than had been promised. ($30 NZ Dollars) It was an almost religious experience and something I would recommend to anyone.

The beer tasting "Drinking Session" involved answering a series of questions about 5 different types of beer, and took under 30 minutes to complete.

The way I stumbled upon this fantastic money earning exercise was through the NZ survey site smilecity and I have to say that I would do it all over again.

Its amazing where the money making opportunities spring from when your mind is open to them, not so long ago I was wondering how I would be able to find a way to earn money online, now I find there are not enough hours in the day to keep up with them all!

I have posted a paragraph on the google group and already appear to be getting a bit of traffic from it. Thanks to Mike for another great idea.

Other than that have done a couple more sponsored posts, and have also nearly reached $2-00 in our often painful myLot project.

Remember if you want to swap links leave me a comment with your site address and we can help each other out.

Take it easy, and please share your money making efforts as well as checking out the Like Minded Blog links on this site, these sites can really help with a wealth of information on making money online.

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Monday, November 27, 2006

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This car insurance comparison will enable you to be able to compare features, rates, coverage and price alternatives to provide you with the car insurance policy you require quickly and efficiently.

The way it works is simple and quick, you enter the ZIP code where your vehicle is garaged, fill in the answers to a few basic questions and then you can compare auto insurers for the most competitive car insurance quote.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Day 43 - Sports Betting Crashes in a Steaming Heap

Well once again our bad luck with Sports Betting continued and another upset has finished us off. We have now lost a total of $10 from that little project, so will quit and leave it there.

From my experience it is not easy to make small profits from Sports Betting, and actually quite easy to lose all your money. We give it the big thumbs down.

We made a total of 8 bets on low odds, where one team looked certain to beat the other and ended up losing 3 of them. I had wondered what would happen if you actually bet on the less likely team to win, in this case the high odds may be enough to pull you through on the odd occasion that an upset happens, however this experiment will have to wait until I have a lot more spare money!

Paid blog posts seem to be ticking along nicely at the moment, this appears to be a good little earner however we will need to see how consistently the offers roll in.

I have added to my sidebar along with the money accumulated to date, the actual yearly salary that this represents, we will be looking at raising this significantly over the next few months, be sure to check back regularly to see how it is looking. It will be updated a couple of times a week.

Stats to date are...

Created: NZ $53.68
Yearly Salary: NZ $466.50
To Target: $999946.32

Continuing to spend a little time on mylot with earnings now sitting at 1.76, I really don't know if I can be bothered expending the effort that will be required to get it to $10, however maybe I should as punishment for losing the money that has been lost on sportsbetting!

I have a couple of referrals on there now which have contributed 3 or 4 cents to the effort, thanks guys! (every little bit helps)

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Friday, November 24, 2006

Do or Die time - Sports Betting reaches crisis point

It is do or die time in my sports betting experiment. About time we made up some ground, or else the experiment is over, its as simple as that. So far we have been 100 % successful in our basketball bets, hopefully it will continue this week.

Bet Number 1

Phoenix v New Jersey - Head to Head (Phoenix Suns @ 1.30)
bet $5.00
Bet Number 2

Seattle v Sacramento - Head to Head (Seattle Supersonics @ $1.35 )
bet $5.00

Technorati Ranking I checked that this morning and it looks like this site will shortly break into the top 200,000. Its taken a while and once you get to this stage of the ladder, the rise certainly slows, however we are still gradually climbing.

We have added Social Bookmarks to out posts. Sites like Digg, Furl, Delicious, Reddit, are ways to post bookmarks. I spotted a great way to add these automatically to your posts on the Getting Rich Blog, go and check it out.

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One of the great features of the ViaTalk Internet phone service is that you can use it from anywhere in the world that a broadband connection is available. Simply connect the adapter at your new location and your phone will function as if it were in your own home!

You can view more frequently asked questions about ViaTalk here.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Sometimes the best blog earners slip under the radar

When I began this blog I guess I assumed that Google AdSense would be the biggest earner for me. I probably would not have predicted that a few weeks down the track they would not even be in the top two. You can read my 40 Day Summary Here

This is nothing against AdSense as I am sure in six months time for example things will have changed. It is just a fact that the amount you earn from Google AdSense is directly related to the true traffic of your website and a Blog that has just started out is not going to do as well as a more established Blog.

With my exponential growth graphs and different sums and figures that I have done, to date I am well on track to retiring once and for all in less than 33 months. This may seem a little ambitious when you see that I have only earned a little over $50 in the last 40 days however it is like a snowball gathering momentum. For instance in the first couple of weeks I was lucky to earn 2 or 3 dollars.

As long as the momentum keeps flowing before long a very reasonable amount of money will be starting to materialize, and remember this is all above and beyond any of my previous money earning methods.

Traffic has been starting to rise in a slow yet consistent manner, as you can see from the graph below. You will notice the peak at the beginning, however that should be disregarded as I was using blog explosions there for a couple of days until I realized they were not worth the effort.

Many Blogs are created every single day, however only a small percentage are updated regularly and survive long term. Given the right attitude and refusal to give in an income should be possible from such a blog as long as the content is of value to the readers that are interested in the subject of your blog.

From my Blog I am hoping that visitors can gain some insight into ways of making money that have been proven through my own sweat and tears to not only work but work well and consistently. I can recommend joining the Million Dollar Experiment as a great motivator if you need something to aim for, and a fresh way at looking at money making.

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Day 41 We prepare for a weekend of Sports Betting

This weekend I am sure that our sports betting will get back on track, I have now decided to stick with sports that I have some knowledge of, yet I will not bet on a team that I support.

I have been spending more time at mylot, and now have 2 referrals, thanks to you both. I just wish they would hurry up and get posting so I can earn some dollars! So far I have made about 40 posts and earned just under one dollar. Certainly not a fast earner, but money is money.

Google AdSense has been ticking along well lately, not a heap of money but fairly consistent which is nice to see, especially as you do not have to actively do anything for this money.

I have been watching my visits over the last month and they are on a slow but gradual increase which is nice to see. I think the key to any website is consistent content updates, if nothing happens for a week or two, readers will soon lose interest.

Let us not forget the reason this blog is here, to intend one million dollars into our lives, and to everyone else that shares this intention... here we go..

In an easy and relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way, in its own perfect time, for the highest good of all, I intend $1,000,000 to come into my life and into the lives of everyone who holds this intention.

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Monex has very competitive gold coin prices, and are the preferred source for the purchasing of coins.

There are many types of gold coins including Canadian Maple Leaf, American Buffalo and pure 24K gold Vienna Philharmonic coins. Purchasing Gold coins is a proven method for protecting wealth.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

40 Day Summary of the Million Dollar Experiment Down Under

This is a summary of the last 40 days which is the time this Blog has been running. I am hoping to provide value to anyone else looking to make money online as hopefully reading through my site and the Like Minded Blogs that I link to combined supply a wealth of information for anyone wanting or thinking about making Money Online.

I will start with the biggest earner to date and move my way down.

Number 1 Money4Blogs
These guys are amazing, what a great way to get started making money for blogging, you simply go to their site and send them an email, they will check your site out and if ok make you an offer for a simple text link on your site. Remember however this is a one off, and not going to be a passive income as such.

Money Earned to date $NZ 29-41

Number 2 Paid Blogging Blogsvertise and Blogitive
So far I have completed 2 posts, one for each site, certainly an interesting way to learn about a new product and earn money at the same time. Not a passive income, however can be counted on for a few bucks every week.

Money Earned to date $NZ 14-71

Number 3 Google Adsense
The faithful google adsense, is a passive income, as nothing really needs to be done, just set up the ads on your site and reel in the bucks.

Money Earned to date $NZ 7-13

Number 4 Mylot
Mylot is certainly an interesting idea, basically it involves posting to discussions and creating your own discussions online. I am unsure exactly how profitable it could be however. For me it is going to be a mission in itself to make 10 dollars which is the minimum payout. The key is to get a lot of referrals going, then you will get 25% of the income earned by the people you refer to the site. So far I have one referral signed up, if that was you thanks and go and get posting!

Money Earned to date $NZ -94

Number 5 Sportsbetting
I have never been much of a gambler and my lack of experience is starting to show, I thought by betting on super low odds, that a small profit could be made, but have so far been disappointed. I have made six 5 dollar bets to date, and two of them lost against all odds. Not for the faint hearted however it has been fun anyway, once I have lost a total of ten nz dollars this will be dropped from our portfolio once and for all.

Money Earned to date $NZ -6-60

All up in 40 days we have made a total of $45-59 NZ dollars, and I am happy with that as a start, I am pleasantly surprised at the number of money making opportunities there are out there and I am still only scratching the surface. We have just started with commission junction and will be reporting on this in the weeks to come.

I would not like to count the hours I have spent making this 45 dollars, and prefer to think of it as leisure time spent earning money.

Be sure to check back regularly and let me know via a comment if you have any good ideas that would be worth trying.

Take it easy and good luck with your endeavours, if you would like me to link to your site, please place a link to mine and let me know via a comment.

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Monday, November 20, 2006

We look at another way to Make Money Online

If you have ever thought about making money from your Blog Posts it is worth considering Blogitive. They offer a simple format in the quest to make money online and it works like this.

Firstly you register on their site and you need to submit your blog. It takes a day or 2 to get approval and it is likely that someone actually checks your blog to make sure it is suitable for the program.

Their site is very simple to use, once you have been approved you can login and check the "Open Offers" which are basically paid blog posts that you can choose from. Once you have accepted an offer you then need to get writing about it and submit it. Once they have approved you will be paid via paypal for your troubles.

So far I am very impressed, I will keep you posted as I continue to use the site. If you decide to join up please keep me posted on how you are getting on. Although some people may be upset to think that you are being paid to write about companies and products remember that their is no rule that says you need to say a company is great when it is not.

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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Day 38 - Sports Betting takes a turn for the worse!

The week has not started well, although the Australians came through as expected and defeated Great Britain in the Rugby league, my American football bet lost out big time. Philadelphia v Tennessee was the match and it appears that Tennessee came through (against huge odds). I have no idea about American Football so can only guess that Philadelphia had a bad game.

I have decided that I will allow myself to go to -$10 profit, in the sports betting experiment, then I will throw in the towel. (Currently we sit at -$6-60). Out of six games that we have bet on almost guaranteed odds, we have lost 2! Is this beginners bad luck or the way it goes in the big bad world of sports betting?

So far to date this sites biggest earner has been sponsored advertising, so we may need to look at more avenues relating to this, it is important that we spend times on the things that work, and disregard the things that don't work.

Our technorati ranking continues to improve. We are now ranked Rank: 233,724 (24 links from 15 blogs) . I see Martin has cracked the top 100,000 at Rank: 99,524 (72 links from 33 blogs) . Congratulations Martin, we can only strive to emulate your success! You can take a look at his site here.

Remember if you are looking to promote your site, and are keen to swap links, please set up a link to this site on your site and post a comment saying you have done so. I will then post a link to your blog site, this will help both of us climb the Technorati ladder.

Let us not forget the chant that started us on this journey...

In an easy and relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way, in its own perfect time, for the highest good of all, I intend $1,000,000 to come into my life and into the lives of everyone who holds this intention.

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Friday, November 17, 2006

Day 36 - Money 4 Blogs - Quick, easy way to make cash

I noticed on a couple of other sites that they recommended Money4Blogs as another idea for getting paid advertising on your website.

In particular Mikes Money Making Mission and My Quest to Make Money on the Internet had used and recommended this site.

This is how it works.

You go to their website, email Mike and request a text advert for your website. He has a look at your site and if suitable will make you an offer for a small text advert to be displayed on your blog.

I found the whole process to be extremely streamlined, and Mike is very professional in his handling of the transaction, as soon as the link is placed he pays you via Paypal.

I would recommend this as a great idea, to make some easy money from your Blog, if you know of any similar sites out there offering cash for links, please share them so we can all profit from it.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Day 35 - Blogvertise, links, Beer Tasting and More ideas

The last week has certainly been the most productive that I have had to date, with over $25 US dollars earned. Some of this will be repeat, however some of it is one off payments.

We have had our first project from Blogsvertise and these guys appear to deliver as promised.

I belong to a survey site in NZ called smilecity and they sent me an invitation to a beer tasting project in a couple of weeks, normally I probably wouldn't bother but in the interests of the Million Dollar Experiment and a quick 20 bucks I have decided to give it a shot. ( the perfect job... getting paid to drink beer!)

This weekend we look at some new ideas that have been put forward by some of our readers. have a site where everything is digital downloads. If you have some software of your own you can sell it there, too.

Commission Junction lets you get a cut as an affiliate

I have not tried these avenues yet, but will look to investigate over the coming week. Please let me know if you have had any experience with them.

Sports Betting this week we have picked the Kangaroos to beat Great Britain in the league. $5 head to head and we will be looking for a profit of 60 cents. (I know GB won last time, however they will not catch the Aussies napping twice in a row)

Our second bet this week was American Football Philadelphia v Tennessee, we have bet $5 on Philadelphia to bring it home and will be looking at at 40 Cent profit on this game.

We continue to persevere on the mylot website and have so far earned 6 cents! A pittance I know however this is probably the only site I have found to date where you can just go and earn money whenever you feel like it.

Keep it real, believe in yourself and lets keep the money rolling!

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Day 34 Some new ideas start to evolve

We are now into the second month of the Million Dollar Experiment and the action is starting to heat up. This month along with the Sports Betting and Google Adsense that we are already making money from we are about to kick off with a couple of new ventures.

One is called mylot I noticed this over on Mikes Money Making Mission , basically it is like an online community where you join discussions, make comments on other discussions and supposedly make money. From what I was reading in one of the discussions on the site, you need to be in a fairly poor country that really values US Dollars to make a living out of it. (e.g probably $3 - $5 US a day. But I am happy to make a few comments and see if I can earn a few bucks towards the experiment.

So far I have replied to 2 discussions but don't seem to have earned a cent, if you have used mylot and have any suggestions as to the best ways to make some bucks out of it please let me know!

Also as I joined up via Mikes referral, hopefully he will make money when I do... passive income at its best! Apparently if you refer someone you make 25 % of what they earn.

Here is what someone has posted to assist you to make up to $3-00 a day.... (hey there is no such thing as money for nothing...!!)

Follow these tips and you can earn approximately $3 a day which is what this chick is averaging

1. Respond in posts not comments.
2. Comment back to ALL responses to your discussions.
3. Tag all your responses with AS many words as possible
4. Answer a wide variety of topics.
5. Answer questions with no response (see brain busters)
6. Apply plus ratings to everyone
7. When you reply in posts write a minimum of 4 lines and don't babble, make quality replies.
8. Keep discussions going.
9. Make friends that can help you out.
10. Aim for over 50 posts per day to different discussions to make and maintain at least 10 new topics per day- obviously they wont all take off but that's why you need to post sooo many.

I don't know if I can be bothered, the hourly rate looks to be a little low for my liking, however I will try and make a minimum payment and see how much effort is involved.

If you feel like going and making some money, and making me some at the same time please go and sign up here.

The other one is similar to pay per post, however I am still in the process of checking out the exact process, so will post further information on this one later in the week.

Take it easy.

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Day 31 We take a look at the Google Adsense Referral Program

Google AdSense have a referral system than can help you to further monetise your site. The four options that are available from my AdSense setup are..

  1. Google AdSense - Ad Revenue for publishers
  2. Google AdWords - Targeted online advertising
  3. FireFox plus Google Toolbar - Improved web browsing
  4. Picasa Photo - organization software

Depending on where you are located, more options may also be available to you.

Please note, it is best to check their website for up to date information, below is a summary only of the main points.

Google AdSense
This referral involves you placing an advert or link on your page, that offers the opportunity for visitors to your website to sign up and monetise their website. Once they have earned $100 US through the program, You will be payed $100 US. (They need to do it in under 180 days)

Google AdWords
You can also advertise Google AdWords. If an advertiser that has not advertised with Google before signs up through your referral and spends $100 (within 90 days of signup) your account will be`credited with $20.

FireFox plus Google Toolbar
When a user downloads and installs FireFox (that has not downloaded FireFox before) as per your referral, you will be paid $1-00. Certainly a great way to increase usage for a browser that many of us prefer to Internet Explorer.

Picasso Photo
Picasa is an application that allows you to easily organize and edit your pictures. Picasa also makes advanced editing and picture sharing simple. Visit them here Picasa website. When a user downloads and installs Picasso you will be paid $1-00. Again money for encouraging people to use a great application.

So there you have it, four more ways that you can earn money online, and help promote some cool products at the same time.

If you found this site to be helpful or inspiring you are welcome to donate to Robs Experiment!

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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Day 29 - First tastes of success with Sports Betting in the Million Dollar Experiment Down Under

Both our bets came through over the weekend, hopefully the beginning of a bright future earning additional money via "Smart" Sports Betting.

Houston beat the New York Knicks, and Clistjers won the tennis. In all only a profit of 90 cents however you would need to put your ten dollars in the bank for a year to get that kind of return.

The big question is how often to big upsets happen? If you bet 10 times at odds of 1.10 it only takes one loss to lose any money that you have gained, so it would be interesting to know if for example big upsets happened at least 10% of the time or less often than that.

Also some sports must be bigger risks than others, if for example you are betting on a tennis player and they happened to injure themselves you can easily lose your money. However this is less likely to happen in a team sport.

What are the best safest sports to bet on? It would be interesting to know if there are any statistics anywhere which showed the average percentage of upsets in a particular sport. If anyone knows of such a site please let me know.

Other avenues of income appear to be very quiet at the moment, we are however hoping for a more productive week ahead.

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Friday, November 10, 2006

Day 27 - Place your Bets, Hang on Tight, its Sports Betting Time!

You may remember last week we had a short sharp welcoming experience to the world of "Sports Betting" (If you missed it you can read it here.)

To cut a long story short we placed a bet against the NZ Knights soccer team, expecting them to lose (like they had for the previous 7 weeks in a row.) however... they of course proceeded to win. Although I hope the Knights win many more times in the future, they can no longer count on any assistance from me. (Sorry guys your on your own!)

Sports Betting is like anything, you try, you make mistakes and if you are smart you learn from your mistakes and only make them once. For us the lessons we learnt were...

1/ Don't bet on soccer, because of the nature of the game, it is easy for it to result in a draw, or a win to the unfavoured team. (As of course happened )
2/ Home advantage - if a team often loses, the time they win will more often than not be in front of a home ground.

With these new found lessons behind us and another week of sport approaching two new bets have been placed. This time we have gone with Tennis and American Basketball.

The tennis bet is...

K Clijsters vs E Dementieva - $5-00 head to head bet on
Clijsters paying $1-08
Following on from our successful betting on NBA Basketball last week we have decided to give it another shot.

The NBA Basketball bet is...

Houston Rockets vs New York Knicks - $5-00 head to head bet on Houston
paying $1-10

We have been extremely conservative this week, making the kind of bets that even a parent would be proud of, in the face of the facts that we must win continually to make this work. Although the returns may be small the chances of winning are high.

This post will be updated with the results as soon as they are available. Please wish us luck!

If you found this site to be helpful or inspiring you are welcome to donate to Robs Experiment!

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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Day 26 - Are frequent Quality Posts better than Daily Posts?

A decision has been made over the last few days, to stop trying to post every single day, and combine a few days events and ideas into a less regular post of more substance.

Have you ever noticed, that a large article, that sits for three or four days, without other articles being continually plonked on top of it seems to develop better feedback from visitors to your site?

Million Dollar Project Update - The Sports Betting Project gets another whirl this weekend, and I am looking for tips from anyone that knows of any "Sure Thing" match ups happening. (Please don't mention the Kiwi Rugby league team or the All Blacks, as much as I support these teams I cannot bet on them, as that is my number 1 rule)

Visitors to this blog, have been providing a few new income ideas, like payperpost and a site that pays for your articles Associated Content however I have been unable to join either at this stage. (Payperpost require a blog at least 90 days old and associated content require you to be a legal US citizen).

Thanks for the ideas Cybercelt and Elizabeth , please keep them coming!

Blog Carnivals, I have always heard they are a good way of advertising your blog, so have joined up on one Martin has instigated, you can read about it on his blog it sounds like a great idea, and its all about submitting money making articles which suits the topic of this blog. If you are interested in submitting an article yourself you can check it out here , thanks Martin for another great idea.

Look forward to hearing any sports tips for the weekend, or any more money making ideas that can be investigated as the Million Dollar Experiment continues...

If you found this site to be helpful or inspiring you are welcome to donate to Robs Experiment!

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Day 24 - I Hate working 5 Days a Week - Show me the Money!

Are we humans really as smart as we think? For many of us it is the norm to work 9am until 5pm, at least 5 days a week, then some of us work on the weekends and week nights as well!

Why don't we work 3 days a week, do away with the lunch breaks and wasted time, achieve the same amount of work and have a four day weekend.

Going to work appears to be the biggest waste of time there ever was, yet as children we are trained into believing that this is the way we should spend our WHOLE lives. Maybe if we are are lucky we can retire at 65 and have a few fun filled years when our time is finally our own.

We are so tired after working all week that it takes the whole weekend to recover then we go straight back to work. (Intelligent species eh?)

Is it possible that the economy would actually be better off if the average worker worked 3 days a week? ( it would have to be rostered of course)

As I don't think my country or Government is going to do this for me, I have taken matters into my own hands, and now work flat out, trying to make this happen for myself and my family. I don't want to spend my whole life working, would rather spend it playing with my kids, and enjoying what life has to offer.

Will a company employ someone for only 3 days a week? Well its really up to them, if you are good enough at what you do, you should be able to sell it to them.

Imagine actually looking forward to going to work, after a very long weekend every single week...

So how can we make this happen?, well first of all it would help to earn One Million Dollars, (join the experiment) then we can use this money to provide the additional passive income that is required to make up the 2 days work that we will be missing out on, plus a bit extra for that extra spending that you will be doing. You may find that the extra time that you have will allow your creative thinking to return, and many great opportunities will be uncovered.

You are welcome to join me on the journey that I take to achieve this goal, will sheer willpower and the intention to bring one million dollars into ones life be enough?

In an easy and relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way, in its own perfect time, for the highest good of all, I intend $1,000,000 to come into mylife and into the lives of everyone who holds this intention.

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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Can a Million Dollars be Earned from a Website?

Over the last month several online revenue streams have been evaluated as the Million Dollar Experiment Down Under has progressed. Whenever you are attempting to achieve something like the task that has been set, as things progress it is important to evaluate what has been working, what hasn't and change course accordingly.

The revenue streams that have been focused on to date are primarily..

  • Sports Betting
  • Google AdSense
  • Donations
  • Trademe (NZ's Version of Ebay)

The traffic building methods we have tried include

  • Blog Explosion type sites
  • Swapping Links with other Blogs
  • Technorati Tags
  • Article Writing
  • Commenting on other Blogs

Revenue Stream Analysis

Sports Betting - This did not get off to a great start, and I think that you need to be extremely careful if this type of revenue avenue is to be explored, do not spend to much time or money on it would be my advice to date. However maybe more careful research is required on my part.

Google AdSense - I continue to be impressed with the AdSense model, it has been a reliable source of income for this blog, and although a very minor amount of money is involved it has the potential to exponentially increase along with Blog traffic. I highly recommend Google AdSense as a revenue earning tool. If you want to sign up for AdSense, you can do via the image link to the right. (This link will send you to Google AdSense and list this site as the referrer. When you earn your first 100 $ I will also receive a payment)

Donations - To date I have earned nothing from the donations requested on this site. However that does not mean that they are not worthwhile, it would only take 1 decent donation and that could far outweigh Google Money.

Trademe - Unfortunately have not really had anything worthwhile to sell to date, this is definitely worth more focus going forwards, because it is a great way to make money.

Building Traffic

Blog Explosions - Although I was initially quite keen on the idea behind these, I have changed my mind somewhat. For one thing from what I can gather Google AdSense appears to frown upon them, and also most of the visitors that you would gain from such a program are often not really interested in the content of your site. Still probably worth listing your site with them however, a link is a link. I would however rather get my traffic the old fashioned way, through blood, sweat and tears!

Swapping Links - A number of the visitors to this site come from other sites that have linked to this one, another nice feature of linking to others is that it helps your Techorati Ranking. So remember if you are looking to boost your Technorati Ranking, and don't mind helping me out at the same time, please place a link on your site and let me know via a comment on this blog. I will then place a reciprocal link on this site. Thanks to all the great sites that have linked to me in the past, which has also helped me expand the content of this site by linking to them.

Technorati Tags - I cant really say that I get a lot of traffic from Technorati, however it is important to tag your blog appropriately as this makes it a lot easier for people to find it! Hopefully as the site matures more traffic will be fed from the Technorati Portal.

Article Writing - Writing is what this blog is all about really, I look forward to submitting some of the articles to places like ezinearticles in the future. At this stage I have not submitted any from this particular blog, however have received hits from my other blog via articles so realize that it can be a nice solution in the hunt for long term traffic generation ideas.

Commenting - I have found that commenting on other blogs is a good way to get a return visit and often a return comment as well! Most bloggers are interested in the people that comment and read their blogs, so this method of traffic generation is a great one!

Be sure to check back regularly for updates on our Project, it is turning out to be a very interesting journey!

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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Sports Betting Results from Today - And Steve Pavlinas Forum goes live

Well unfortunately for me the NZ Knights ended an 8 match losing streak and beat Queensland today, isnt that always the way? They didnt need a new coach, and heap of new buy in players, all they needed was for me to start betting against them, and suddenly they are a new team!

The Basketball went well for me however, Detroit came through as expected despite a few nervous moments. All up over the two events a loss of NZ $3-10.

I will give it another shot next week and maybe see if I can place 3 bets that cover each other off. e.g although I will bet on the favourites 1 loss will still see me getting my money back.

Steve Pavlina has his forums up and running today, you can check it out and join if you like at I will mainly be hanging out in the Business & Finance forum. My Forum name is simply Rob, hurry up and register before your name gets taken!

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Day 21 - The Sports Betting Project Begins

OK so far we have not found a way to make money very quickly, at this rate of $5 every 22 days it is going 12453 Years to make my million, chances are that no matter what advances are made in the next few decades, I will probably not be around to enjoy the money!

So the next phase of our project has been instigated, we could call this Plan B. We are going to bet small amounts on low odds, to try and return a small profit with little risk of losing. The first obstacle that I encountered is the minimum bet, I was planning on making $1 bets on 5 to 10 different Sports events to try and cover the occasional loss that must be expected. However I have found out today that the min bet is $5.

The next obstacle I encountered was a strange one, it appears the NZ Tab website is not IE 7 friendly and I could not view the Sports Categories in the side panel, so I then had to fire up trusty FireFox. However when submitting the bet in FireFox an error kept occurring, so I had to find the bet in FireFox and then submit it in IE.... nothing is ever easy!!

1st Bet NBA Basketball Detroit v Memphis $5-oo on Detroit to win
Return $6.30

2nd Bet Australian Soccer League NZ Knights v Queensland $5-00 Queensland to win
Return $7.40

I am hoping for some first up "Beginners Luck" because as you can see, I have not covered myself if one of the teams loses. I doubt the NZ knights will win, as they only win about once a year but are a little more nervous about the basketball bet, not knowing much about it.

Please let me know of any suggestions you may have, or any worthwhile information as to better ways to carry out this type of betting.

Fingers and toes crossed, for once I will be interested in the soccer results...

Incidentally a tremendous win by the Great Britain League team last night against Australia. Congratulations, I am sure a few punters would have lost out on that one! The look on Willie Masons face was priceless as he tasted yet again the bitter taste of defeat.

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Friday, November 03, 2006

Technorati Tags - What are they and how do they work?

Firstly lets get Technoratis defininition of what exactly a tag is!


Think of a tag as a simple category name. People can categorize
their posts, photos, and links with any tag that makes sense.

You can tag a post with anything you like, you can even make up a tag! To view blog posts,that have the tag of "million dollar experiment" you can just go to this link and see them all.

You can view the most popular tags at I see today the most popular tag is microsoft, followed by Iraq? Two subjects that seem to be forever talked about.

Great thats what a tag is, now how can we use this to make our posts popular and should we bother?

Well the good news for Blogger Beta users like myself is that by adding labels to our Posts, Technorati will automatically pick them up and tag them.

It is certainly worth the small amount of effort because it makes your site easier to find in the blogosphere.

The only downside to this whole process is that because effectively anyone can tag a post as anything, and it does not always mean that the tag is relevant to the content of the post. However readers will quickly get sick of sites that do not appropriately tag their content.

There is also the possibility of confusion, where one person may feel that a tag is relevant and another may not, however it is hard to make everybody happy all of the time.

Now I have to try and figure out what to tag this post with.....

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Day 19 - Article Marketing - Another way to build Website Traffic

Writing articles is a great way to help create traffic to your website. In the past with the JobHunters sites I have submitted articles to Ezine Articles.

They don't pay anything to you for the article, however they do allow you to include quite a bit of self promotion down the bottom of the piece that you submit to them. (It is best not to try and abuse the actual article content, tempting as it may be to fill it full of links to your site, they will simply not allow it to be published.)

I just looked at one of my articles that I published a couple of months ago and 63 people have read it. Each of those readers would have been interested in the topic I was writing about, and they would have seen the links to my sites at the bottom.

If you are interested in reading the articles I wrote a couple of months ago you can view them here.

The articles are checked by humans, and it takes a few days for them to be approved. They have some fairly reasonable standards that must be adhered to, or your article may be rejected until you fix it up.

They also provide logos once you have been approved, that you can display alongside any articles that were published by them.

Certainly a great idea if you are looking to build long term traffic, and quality links to your website.

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