Saturday, December 30, 2006

Sponsored Post -

If you are looking at buying or selling Hawaii Condos then the CondoList program should be your first stop. The CondoCompany site receives thousands of visitors every day looking at buying, selling or renting condos.

Potential buyers looking for Hawaii Condos, can find out the contact details of the listing agent or owner through the CondoList Program. This means that it is possible to bypass any middleman and deal direct with the relevant party.

If you are looking for a vacation in Hawaii there are also a number of Condos listed with this in mind, from the site you can view details about the properties and view a wide range of photographs.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Text Link Ads

After hearing about this from Tom, and also reading about it on problogger, it appears that text link ads are now available for . I have just signed up and will post more information as it becomes available. Meanwhile you can join the program here..

Monetize Your Site :aff

----- update received a polite yet blunt rejection of my application from text link ads...

"We are sorry but the inventory you have suggested has been declined at this time. The main reasons inventory is declined is:

-The website does not have enough link popularity.

-The website does not have enough traffic.

-The website is currently selling text link ads.

*Please note that our algorithm that accepts or rejects inventory submissions can make mistakes and if you feel the above criteria does not accurately describe your website, please reply to this email asking for further review by our editorial staff."

OK well I am not sure what they mean when they say that I am currently selling text link ads, or why if I was it would be a problem, however guess that its not that easy to become a text link ads publisher.

Maybe I will try again in a couple of months when the sites popularity has increased.

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Thursday, December 28, 2006

What is Google Pagerank and How Does it Work?

Pagerank is an important component in the algorithm that Google uses when deciding how "relevant" a site is compared to the search words that are being used.

It is fairly simple to determine what pageranking your site has - just head to Google-pagerank and type in the URL of your site.

Pagerank goes from 0 - 10 with 10 being the best. Pagerank is worked out by how many good quality sites are linked in to yours and how many good quality sites you link out to. It is not just a matter of having 100's of links, the quality of the site determines the weight of each link, linking to "bad" sites can actually penalize you. (i.e if your page links to sites under penalty or ban, this can negatively impact the linking page’s search ranking.)

If your website has a pagerank of 0 there is no reason to be concerned, you will still show up in Googles search results, however you just may not rank as highly as other similar sites that have been around for longer and may have a better network of quality links.

The best way to improve your Google Pagerank is to provide links to quality content sites, and have good content sites link back to you - lots of them!

More information at Google by clicking here.

More Reading on Pagerank... click here

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Sponsored Post - Epocrates

Epocrates have additional clinical tools, along with patient education materials available online from their free web-based drug and reference guide celebrex. There are pill pictures available online that Clinicians can reference, and this helps patients identify their prescribed medications.

It is not common for Physicians to discuss drug costs with their patients, because the information has not been historically easy to lay hands on. However now with the Epocrates drug database uninsured patients can get clinicians to look-up the average retail prices for medications.

If the patient is insured clinicians can also check for copay tiers and the coverage of a particular health plan. For either insured or uninsured patients the option to prescribe a lower-cost alternative may be viable.

How to supplement your income with Sponsored Posts

Lately I have been writing sponsored posts, lots of them and although one may think that this could negatively impact a blog, I actually think that it has a positive impact, additionally it is helpful revenue to my part of the Million Dollar Experiment.

Writing sponsored posts can mean that your Blog is regularly updated - which is a good thing.
Reputable Pay per post companies like Blogitive require that you have at least 2 posts of 50 words or more between sponsored posts. This means that if you are writing lots of sponsored posts, you are also writing a lot of not sponsored posts - this is also a good thing.
You can clearly mark a sponsored post, as a sponsored post, this means that readers can tell at a glance what it is and choose to read it if they wish or simply ignore it.
Key words, you may find that your site starts to show up from searches that it would not have previously, because of the wealth of new key words that you have been using in your sponsored posts.
It is quite possible to earn more than $50 US a month doing this, even on a relatively low traffic blog. That pays for your Internet connection, hosting if you pay for it and a domain name!

I recommend that if you are writing sponsored posts, that every time you publish one, you have another article ready to go straight after it. That way whenever someone visits your blog they are greeted with a genuine article, not a Sponsored Post, which could put them off.

Happy Posting - Any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

2007 A Year of Challenges Ahead

Looking at the exponential growth projections that we have put together for our various online earnings, by the end of 2007 we need to be earning US $473.12 per month. This is certainly achievable and only laziness can really stand in the way of it becoming reality.

In fact I would be hoping to achieve this figure many months before the end of the year, however that is going to take a lot of hard work.

We have a new project launching on or around the 20th January which I am hoping will contribute greatly towards our overall earnings, as well as our Million Dollar Experiment Down Under specifically. This has taken up a lot of time over the last couple of months, and it will be good to start seeing some kind of return from it.

In the last few days I have joined up with loudlaunch which is a brand new payperpost type site, and also I hope to be joining up with payperpost themselves in the next couple of weeks. These will all help to increase earnings going forward over what are going to be extremely challenging and busy months.

Google AdSense has for the first time for me passed the $40 US mark this month (over all my sites). This really excites and motivates me to spend more time trying to build traffic to my sites, as the growth of this appears to be directly related to the visitors received. I would have to say that a Blog is probably one of the harder ways that you can expect to earn Money from Google AdSense as niche sites, that attract a wide range of web surfers appear to get a much higher rate of click through. My biggest earning site, was never even created with AdSense in mind!

In the coming months I would like to see more interaction on this blog, you may have noticed that there is now an option on the sidebar to give me a call if you have skype. I am not sure whether this is of any interest to anyone, however why not be a bit more sociable and have a real talk about whats going on in the Online Money World? I fear sometimes that humans will eventually lose the ability to speak, as communication becomes more and more non verbal!

I am not a great one for making specific New Years Resolutions however some of these goals could be considered Resolutions. It is important to realise that the only thing standing in the way of our dreams is ourselves. (providing our dreams are attainable).

Lets look forward to the year that is ahead - take it easy.

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Sponsored Post - Acorn Systems

Acorn Systems provides your enterprise an IT Cost Allocation and IT Chargeback solution that fits your needs, whatever your method of usage-based allocation may be.

"Because IT Chargeback makes IT cost allocation simple, fair, predictable, and controllable, organizations can understand the relationship between their IT consumption and their IT expenses. "
For forward thinking IT organizations, Acorn Systems IT chargeback software can help with the journey to increased accuracy and granularity which will help achieve maximum accountability and cost management.

Whatever the size of your business, Acorn Systems has solutions that will directly interface with your the systems you already use and enable quick improvement regarding the results of your organization.

RSS feeds for your IPOD

It is possible to get your RSS feeds synchronized with your ipod. This is made possible by a cool looking application called ipodagent.

If you are looking for the free(beta) version you can download it from here. (if you go to the vendors website they have a later version, however it is no longer free. you can go here for this.

How does it work?

You fire up the program, enter the address of any RSS feeds that you would like to synchronize with your ipod and click on synchronize. It really is as simple as that. The rss feed then is available under the notes section of your ipod. I have a video ipod, but I am sure it works on earlier versions as well.

Why not give it a shot, if you commute to work, or ever have a bit of spare time waiting around, you can read your favourite blog on the go! Another tool for the Web bloggers toolkit.

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hits4pay - No Way!

I thought that I would give hits4pay a shot, as another method to earn money online. However I have to say that for my own situation it is not going to be a viable option, the main reason being that the time it takes to earn 2 cents is not in my opinion worthwhile.

The site works by you registering with the usual sort of information, then you tick the areas that interest you. (e.g sport, finance, technology etc). Once this is done you need to wait for them to approve your account, then they start sending you emails, saying that you have emails to read.

This involves logging into the site, viewing some advert for maybe 20 seconds or so, (while they "Credit" your account.) with 2 cents. Once you get up to 25 dollars, they will send you a check, also they begin by crediting your account with 10 dollars.

To me this does not really appeal, because I believe my time is worth more than this. I choose to spend my time, working on projects which may in time earn recurring passive type income, rather than reading 750 emails to earn 15 dollars. Even if you could read 3 a minute you would only be earning 3.60 per hour, and would probably have a bad case of RSI to boot.

There is a referral system, with 2 down levels, so that if your referral reads an email, you get 1 cent, if your referrals referral reads an email, you also get 1 cent. It could possibly start creating a passive income if you could get enough people under you. I wonder how many have managed to do this successfully?

I signed up through this article and I apologise to the blogger concerned for not being able to put more time into it, as he appears to be doing OK. However for now, I cannot justify the effort for what would appear to be quite small returns. If you are however interested I would recommend signing up through his article, as he appeared to be more than happy to help with any questions that one may have.

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Sponsored Post - Monex Precious Metals

Gold bullion is a one of a kind investment and the Monex group of companies have been Americas's gold and precious metals investment leader since the Monex group of companies was founded by Louis E. Carabini in 1967. This was at a time where the 1933 federal law prohibited gold ownership.

"Today, the beauty of a gold bar lies in its proven ability to diversify investments, protect wealth and preserve one's purchasing power."

The professionals at Monex Precious Metals are committed to serving your precious metals investment needs, and being the leading Dealer in America when it comes to competitive precious metals prices.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Why not give me a call via Skype for a friendly chat about Making Money Online?

Being a newcomer to the Skype world I am keen to start talking to a few people. So in my sidebar on the side, I have placed a link to my Skype phone, along with a status update of whether or not I am online. It would be great if you happen to be a fellow skype user for you to give me a call, whether it is to discuss Money Making ideas, or just to introduce yourself and say hello!

I am not sure what the quality of the call would be like, so are keen to test it out as much as possible. I am at the other end of the world to most of the web surfers out there so it would be an interesting experiment to compare the quality of Skype in a US to NZ link up, compared to say a US to UK call, which some of you may regularly make.

Anyway don't be shy, give me a call if you feel like it.

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Saturday, December 23, 2006

70 Day Summary of the Million Dollar Experiment Down Under

Another 10 days has passed since our last update. Things have been a bit quiet on the Blogitive side of things which has not helped us, however Google AdSense and mylot have made small gains for us.

GoogleAdsense Total $7.53
Money4Blogs Total $29.41
Blogsvertise Total $22.06
MYLOT Total $5.54
SportsGambling Total -$10.10
Beer tasting Total $30.00
Blogitive Total $66.18

Grand Total:NZ $155.33 (US$105.62)

It has become apparent in recent times that additional pay per post type resources are going to be an essential part of future growth.

For the Million Dollar Experiment Down Under, most of our traffic comes from referrals, this is something I do not mention enough as it is a key ingredient for the ongoing success of this site. The top Five Referral sites are (in no particular order)...

Mike's Money Making Mission
How to make money by blogging and how I am doing in it!
Can I Make Big Money Online
My Quest to make Money on the Internet

The main surprise out of the above is the Money4Blogs site, as they actually paid me to place a link on my site. As I was so impressed with this, I wrote an article about the service that they offer. As a result of my article there is quite a decent sized comment on the Money4Blogs site, pointing to my site and this has sent a large number of visitors through.
As well as this a number of Google searches for "Money4Blogs" find there way to my site.

This is quite a strange turn about when you consider that I am getting traffic from someone who was kind enough to pay me for a link to their site! I sincerely hope that the Money4Blogs team get plenty of visits in return!

It goes to show that if you see value in a product or service, be sure to tell your readers about it, even if there is no apparent incentive. Quality recommendations will result in visits, links and good karma for all!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the sites that have linked through to mine, it is great to see the referrals coming through, and I am sure that this experiment would not even be possible without all of these. If you have a like minded blog, or an interesting one, please link to me, and post a comment saying you have done so. I will then link back to you and we can all help to enhance each others networks.

Thanks also to all those that have taken the time to comment on my articles, it is always great to read your views and thoughts.

Have a great Christmas, Enjoy the day and try not to eat to much Christmas pudding!

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Friday, December 22, 2006

Sponsored Post - USWeb

70-80% of web customers use search engines and/or directories to help find relevant content. This is why search engine marketing is the most widely used method when it comes to attracting visitors to a site. USWeb is an internet marketing firm and was founded in 1995.They are known around the world, for being the most professional, experienced and qualified Internet consultants.

"Our Search Engine Optimization, PPC Bid Management, and Trusted Feed services target the Internet's major search properties to drive self-qualified prospects to your site...."

There is fierce competition for the top spots of Search Engines. When potential buyers are looking,USWeb's search engine marketing services are designed to get your site noticed.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Frequently Asked Questions From the Million Dollar Experiment Down Under

Here are answers to some of the questions you may have about this website and experiment.

Q1: Do you really think that you will make 1 million dollars online from your site...

Yes I do, I am a great believer in the power of positive thought, and have noticed that exponential growth appears to be achievable if the right systems are put in place. If you don't believe it is possible I invite you to call back every now and again for an update and I think you will be surprised, we are only just beginning in our quest.

Q2: Can anyone join the experiment and where do I sign up...

Yes anyone can sign up for the million dollar
, and I would suggest that you do, because there is everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Q3: What is the biggest earner for you, since you have started the experiment...

The biggest earner has been a bit of a surprise, I had never even heard of Blogitive when I started this, and would not have realized that now a couple of months down the track it is the biggest money earner from my blog site.
Q4: What has been the biggest let down for you as a blogger to date...

My Sports Betting project was certainly disappointing, at worst I thought that I would break even, however a ten dollar loss was very hard to take, especially when every dollar is so hard to come by!

Q5: Suggestions for other people looking at making some money Blogging...

Just make a start and get into it. I would have to say that it can become addictive, at first it was hard going updating the blog all the time, however it is starts to become second nature.

It is fairly easy to make a little bit of money online, once you start making money it gives you something to build on, and this can be the key to creating an exponential amount of ever increasing wealth.

One key thing that I have learned, is that when you are feeling creative write as many posts, or beginnings of posts as you can, and save them as drafts.
Then when you are feeling tired or perhaps not as creative as you could be you have something to fall back on.

Stay honest and open about what you are doing, don't promote something that you don't believe in without declaring that you are being paid for it, and certainly don't try and trick people into clicking on your affiliate links or ads etc.

Try to get as many other sites linking to your site as you can, this is key in improving your rankings with search engines and sites like

Be patient, chances are it is going to be a very long time before you earn enough to quit your job, so set small achievable goals and think long term, stay positive and things will start to click into place.

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Consistency with your Blogging will Reap Long Term Rewards

From articles that I have researched in the past few weeks, plus my own recent experience it has become clear that there is no easy "Quick Money" to be made online. If you think you are going to start up a blog, post a few articles and start reeling in the money then you are sadly mistaken. Click here for an article on ProBlogger where the top 100 blogs on technorati were studied, to see how many months they had been around.

There is however hope for those that have the stickability to outlast the duration of many of the other blogs out there. It is hard to find an accurate figure on how long the average blog lasts, however it would seem that many Blogs would struggle to last the first six months. Exact statistics on this would be very interesting to read.

Looking at Technoratis state of the Blogosphere Report it appears that 100,000 new blogs appear everyday, and the overall quantity of blogs doubles every 230 days! The article also has some interesting facts on how the different levels of authority are measured on the technorati website.

As our own blog begins to creep closer and closer to the top 100,000 Blogs on Technorati it becomes apparent how much of an achievement this really is, especially if there are Millions of other blogs out there and growing by 100,000 every day!

I think that it would be fair to say that most people don't have the perseverance or the patience to make something like this work, otherwise everyone would be quitting their jobs and blogging away like crazy!

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Sponsored Post - Dot Flowers

For fabulous flower gift ideas that are perfect for any person, or any occasion Dot Flowers have a professional operation that prides themselves on delivering fresh, beautiful flowers and quality gifts to your door by the date specified.

They offer delivery (same day) on Florist Direct flower arrangements from your local floral shop, or Field Fresh flowers straight from their grower's farms, and this is to anywhere in the United States.

They also have a wide selection of gourmet treats, available to those that are looking to purchase gift baskets online.

With such a range from savoury delights, tasty cookies and fantastic flowers, Dot Flowers has something for everyone, their website is the answer to all your gift giving needs.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

myLot begins to show Promise as Referral Income begins to Build

I have been guilty in the past of almost dismissing the income potential of myLot, especially when it takes so much time to earn what appears to be very little income. Lately however my referral income has been ticking along with little or no help from myself. Once you log in and see that your income has gone up by 50 cents and you didn't have to do anything you start wondering.... what if I had 40 referrals instead of 4...

So instead of saying how little money myLot makes, maybe I should start plugging the benefits and try and get more people to sign up! I have to admit that maybe I was a little hasty to say that it was not a great money earner, I will give it a few more months, will continue to post the results on this site. I have heard that everyone gets paid once they reach $10 so it can be a sure way to earn a few extra bucks - why not give it a shot?


If you click the link above, you can go through to the myLot site, make some money for yourself and also make a worthwhile contribution to the Million Dollar Experiment Down Under!

That's it for today... take it easy

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The Jury delivers a Swift but Fair Verdict

The Soapbox Jury has been kind enough to review our site, the final score 6/10. You can read the full review here.

Thanks Tom for the review, as per usual it is an honest appraisal, and has given me plenty to think about!

I guess the problem with a site like this is that there are a lot of Guys/Gals out there trying to make a few bucks, and as a result several Blogs that have similar ideas and articles. It certainly provides an incentive to try and provide something a little different from the norm, and over the next few weeks we will be trying out some new ideas, to see if we can create some added value to our readers.

Thanks for sticking with us so far, its always a pleasure to get your comments and feedback, as we try to find our way through the labyrinth of online money making ideas out there!

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

60 Day Summary of the Million Dollar Experiment Down Under

Another 10 days passes and the cumulative results are shown below. Our main income earner in the last 10 days has been blogitive, they are certainly proving to be a key part of our experiment, and I would definitely recommend them if you are looking to make a few bucks online.

Google Adsense Total $7.23
Money4Blogs Total $20.00
Blogsvertise Total $15.00
Blogitive Total $35.00
MYLOT Total $2.52
Sports Gambling Total -$6.87
Beer tasting Total $20.40
Grand Total: US $93.28 or NZ $137.17

Although I have spent very little time on myLot it has been noticeable that lately small increases have been made to the total earned even though I have not been actively participating in the site. This is due to a few good conversations that were started as well as a couple of referrals that have been posting a few discussions.

As Christmas and the New Year draw closer it is important to make as much money as possible in the next week or so, as there are bound to be a couple of quiet weeks around this time.

Although progress has been fairly good over the last few weeks, in recent times we have become a little reliant on one main earner. This will never stack up in the harsh reality of making money online. (multiple income streams are essential) so over the next few weeks we will try and find another productive source, we look forward to hearing your helpful suggestions regarding this if you would like to share them.

I read a great article tonight, you can read it here, its an interview with 3 or 4 guys that are making 1000s per month with adsense, and has some excellent advice for all of us wannabes!

If you found this site to be helpful or inspiring you are welcome to donate to Robs Experiment!

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Sponsored Post - Heart Rate Monitors

It is important to be in the right heart rate zone if you want to burn calories or train your heart. Often people are not achieving their desired results and work themselves too hard and it is because they do not realize this.

Reaching the correct heart rate can help in gaining the most benefits from working out.

While at the gym, running, walking or biking heart rate monitors will tell you what your heart rate is precisely, this allows you to keep your heart rate exactly at the intensity you want it, meaning that you can achieve the best possible gains from the time you spend exercising.

Its not that hard to make $100 US Dollars a month part time

I have found that over the last couple of months that with the systems that I am starting to get in place, it is not that hard to make $100 US Dollars a month online with little or no outlay.

But you point out, you are not making $100 a month from this site, so how can you say that? Well the answer is that although I am not, this site is only one of my money earners, and I have a few other sites populated with Google AdSense, that make an additional amount of money. I am quite fortunate in the sense that the other sites are virtually maintenance free, so apart from trying to advertise them I do not have to actually work on them in a regular manner as you would have to with say a Blog Site, however the amount of time in setting up these sites was substantial (e.g 3 months effort of earning nothing to get them to the stage they are now).

This is the sum of my earnings over all online revenue streams over the last 3 months. ($US)

October $36.85
November $101.22
December $40.31 (12th of the Month )

You can see that in October across all streams we only made $36.85 however managed to almost triple this in November, and now we are only 12 days into December and are looking to at least maintain that figure, even though in November there were 2 substantial one off payments that will not be repeated.

Its all about multiple streams and exponential growth. Aim for a figure each month and then set about beating it, or even doubling it. The only thing that holds you back is time and determination. You must be prepared to keep plugging away and after a few months, you will begin to see the fruits of your labour, as the money starts to gather it becomes very exciting indeed.

We make most of our affiliate income from Linkworth and you can to.

Are you looking for free movie downloads
Want to buy or sell text links
How about games to play at work

work from home $100k job

Friday, December 08, 2006

The Soapbox Jury - Get an honest appraisal on Your Blogsite

The Soapbox Jury Site is an interesting idea, basically you submit your Blog or Website to this site, and it will get a no nonsense review, along with a rating, screenshots and also tips for improving parts of your site that may be letting it down.

It is mentioned, because I believe if you have a money making blog, or any blog for that matter, having a review done on it can only help bring traffic to your site, plus as an added benefit may highlight some areas where you can improve on what you are currently offering to your readers.

A word from the site about the Products and Services that they offer:

Products and Services: Soapbox Jury prefers web reviewing, but we'll also review products or services if requested to. Please only ask for a product review if that product is readily available to us for testing.
We all know the truth can hurt sometimes, so be prepared for some constructive criticism, however from the reviews I have read about on this site, Tom and his team are quick to point out the good points of a blog, and they also provide useful tips to help counter the not so good aspects.

A number of categories are used to determine the rating of the site including description, appearance, navigation, regularity of posts etc.

It appears that the blog has mainly adbrite adverts on it as far as revenue earning goes, plus a donation option for those that would like to give something back for the obvious time and effort that is put in reviewing different sites.

There is no actual charge at this point in time for a review of your site, however this is certainly something that could be turned into a money earner in the future one would would imagine. I encourage you to submit your blog or website to the Soapbox Jury for a review.

If you found this site to be helpful or inspiring you are welcome to donate to Robs Experiment!

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Sponsored Post - Link Popularity

As far as page rankings for a website go, Google have a very complex algorithm. It is worthwhile to learn as much as you can about how the algorithm works because Google drive the most traffic to the sites that rank at the top of their organic results.

This is where Link Popularity comes into the picture.

By having links to your site through hundreds or even thousands of Blogs, you will find that you will gain a significant improvement in your ranking. Search Engines thirst for the valuable content that blogs contain and the way they link into other relevant websites, so by having a blog link to you this is a great quality link.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Try to Build Up Income Streams while Still Working

It is very tempting to embrace a money making idea, quit your job, throw everything into it and try to make a fortune. However a word of caution, this is seldom successful!

The Million NZ Dollar recommendation is to first dip your toes in the water, splash about a little, then slowly move your foot in, then your leg, rest of your body and finally become fully immersed.

Set yourself small but easily achievable incremental targets each month, and then do whatever you have to do to achieve them. (Legally of course!)

My previous post about exponential growth is available here.

It is easy to expect too much to soon, however you will only disappoint yourself if you take this approach. So see how you go for a couple of months, then set up your future targets from there. Remember if you set unachievable goals, you are asking for failure. Be realistic, achieve reachable targets, and enjoy the feeling that success brings.

If you cannot make a bit of money on the side, the chances are that even if you devote 5 times as much time to it, you are still going to struggle. For myself I will not quit my job until I can almost earn close to the same amount of money from my online endeavours that I earn at my Day job.

If I look at my exponential budgets and graphs, retirement is however now less than 32 Months away, and we all know how time flys.....

If you found this site to be helpful or inspiring you are welcome to donate to Robs Experiment!

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Using Google Analytics to track and Analyze your Blogsite

I have recently started using Google Analytics and I have to say that in line with most of Googles products it appears to work well, and has an in depth amount of information that you can drill down into.

Google's service was modeled upon Urchin Software Corporation's analytics system, Urchin on Demand (Google acquired Urchin Software Corp. in April 2005). Google still sells the standalone installable Urchin software through a network of value-added resellers.

Setting up Google Analytics is a simple enough process, you need to go to and enter the normal information. (email, website etc). Once this is done you will be provided with a small amount of code that you need to place on your site.

It can take a day or so before Google Analytics starts processing the data from your site, however the information that it provides is both clear and meaningful.

Many ad filtering programs and extensions (such as adblock block the Urchin JavaScript. This prevents some traffic and users from being tracked, and leads to holes in the statistical data. Also, privacy networks like tor will mask the users actual location and prevent accurate geographical data.
Here is an example of the type of graphs that are shown when looking at your sites statistics. This has only been running for a day and half so the data is a little scarce however it is certainly easy to interpret. I will certainly be using Google Analytics from now on, another valuable Web Bloggers Tool

If you found this site to be helpful or inspiring you are welcome to donate to Robs Experiment!

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Sponsored Post - Belisi

Peter Belisi is a story of inspired fashion. While trying to support a family by Bartending in Palm Beach, he wanted to start a business. For Peter it was about doing something he enjoyed, as well as making a better life for his family.

While supporting his family and trying to come up with a novel idea, Belisi invested any spare money in his forever expanding tie collection. Never wearing the same tie more than once became his trademark, and soon clients as well as his co-workers began to look to him for inspiration.

Belisi make a difference for those in need. Everytime a purchase is made, no matter how large or small a donation is made to the cause of your choice.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

50 Day Summary of the Million Dollar Experiment Down Under

For the last 50 days, we have been attempting various different methods in our quest to make One Million NZ Dollars. We are aiming to identify the best ways, so that these can be concentrated on in the future.

From the below the only source that could be termed Passive Income is the Google AdSense earnings, as these are not directly related to work that we have done.

The most enjoyable so far would have to be the Beer Tasting, which although not strictly an online activity came about from an Online Survey, so we have counted it.

The worst earner so far as you can see from the below, was the online Sports betting that we trialled, this is one way to get rid of cash in a hurry!

Value (US$)
GoogleAdsense Total $ 5.12
Money4Blogs Total $ 20.00
Blogsvertise Total $ 15.00
Blogitive Total $ 20.00
MYLOT Total $ 2.26
Sports Gambling Total -$ 6.87
Beer tasting Total $ 20.40

Grand Total $ 75.91

This converts to $111-64 NZ Dollars, which is a good start however looking at the size of the mountain that we are trying to climb, we still have an extremely long way to go!

By linking to other blogs and in turn getting links back our technorati ranking had climbed to around the 175000 mark last time I looked, thankyou for everyone that has helped out by linking to this site. Remember if you would like to swap links please leave a comment with your site details and we can do a reciprical link. I am especially keen on linking with other money maker sites so that my Like Minded Blogs, can be built up as a resource.

Sitemeter - Part of the Bloggers Toolkit

Sitemeter is an add in for your blog that enables you to keep an eye on your visitors, your referrals, and provides a good overview of the traffic ins and outs of your blog site.

To install sitemeter on your site, it is just a matter of going to the site, filling out the simple registration and then installing a little code onto your blog, that will send the visitor information to sitemeter.

For an example of the kind of information that sitemeter provides you are welcome to view my sites stats by clicking here. You will see that it is possible to drill down to the individual details of a visitor as well as run reports showing daily, weekly and monthly trends.

The location maps are another interesting feature, where you can see a graphical representation of the locations where the visitors to your site have originated from.

Sitemeter.. another tool in the Web Bloggers Toolkit.

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Friday, December 01, 2006

The Google Home Page - Your Home away from Home

Welcome to the first of our Web Bloggers Toolkit Series, we take a look at a simple yet useful tool from Google, the Google home page.

The Google personalized homepage is a useful tool because you can place all your links in one place as well as receive feeds from websites, blogs etc, all onto the one page. Then where ever you are in the world you simple sign in to and all your info is there.

You can add a task manager to the Google Home Page by using a 3rd party add in such as Remember the Milk. This can be a handy feature especially if you move around different machines a lot.

Once you have logged into your customized home page (you will need a gmail account for this) it is very simple to add new content, or move your existing content around via drag and drop.

It is possible, that simply by adding your own blogs to this homepage, it will ensure that googles spiders will revisit the site on a regular basis, which may help with search engine information.

Over the next few weeks we will be looking at several more web tools, that can be a useful part of every Bloggers Toolkit, including Pay-pal, the google toolbar, feed burner, Technorati and more.

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Help! What to do when you get Bloggers Block

Sometimes it is hard to think of a new fresh article to write, bearing this in mind, there are several ways to approach this problem, some more successful than others.
One technique that may help is to save plenty of short drafts in your blog, when you are in a creative mood. That way when it comes time to write an article you can pick up on one of these and carry on from there.

Often the hardest part of writing an article is thinking of a topic, once the topic is settled on it will flow fairly easily from there.

Other ideas include...

  • Pick a topic that may be unrelated to your Blog but try and relate it to your blog in some way.
  • Choose a meme, visit other blogs and get ideas
  • Do a review of a site
  • Research some kind of new technology or Internet craze
  • Report on something that you have heard or read in the news
  • Visit other blogs and see what they are up to.
  • Go to ezine articles have a look at the area that relates to your blog and try and get some ideas. Worst case scenario, use one of their articles, as long as you link it back to them that's cool to do!

There are plenty of ideas out there, it is just a matter of deciding on one, let your fingers do the talking and before you know it an article will be written.

If you found this site to be helpful or inspiring you are welcome to donate to Robs Experiment!

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