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Monday, March 26, 2007

Keyword Selector Tool - Bloggers Toolkit Series

Our Bloggers Toolkit Series continues with a look at the Wordtracker Free Keyword Selector Tool. This is not the only tool available in this area of SEO, however is certainly easy to use so here's the lowdown.

What is a Keyword Selector Tool?
These kind of tools let you type in any keywords that you like, and by going off what terms have been searched for over the previous month will give you an idea of how popular that term is. So for example if you are basing your website key words around the term "Money Blog" it is apparent that 602 searches on this term were carried out in February. If you manage to rank highly for these words, then you are going to get quite a few visits on a monthly basis. (From what I understand the Tool only queries the Yahoo database so there will actually be a lot more searches than what this tool shows you if you count Google etc - however it gives you a good idea of popularity)

Why would you want to use a Keyword Selector Tool?
This tool helps you directly identify the kind of key words that are popular. There is no point in spending time working on your site that is full of keywords and phrases that are rarely searched for - you are better of setting your sights on something popular as that is going to directly relate into improved traffic to your site. (As long as you do a better job than anyone else at optimizing your site for the words that you have in mind.)

OK now I know which Keywords I want to focus on - What do I do now?
Now that you know what words you would like to concentrate on it is a matter of fine tuning your site and the links into your site for these keywords. Also you will probably want to track the ranking of your site for these keywords both before you start optimizing - and on an ongoing basis, however that is going to be covered in the next article on this subject.

Your homework for the next few days while I prepare the next article in this series is to start finding what key words you would like to track - don't always assume that it should be the most popular that you find as there is a lot of competition for these words, find something in the middle and concentrate on building quality content around these words.

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