Friday, August 31, 2007

How to Make $1000 a Month Online

I have been wanting to write this article for a long time, however the truth is that I have never really been qualified to do so until now. Finally I have cracked the 1000 dollar mark in one month and I want to share how I did it with you - so that if you want to do so you can simply replicate the same things I am doing and bring home the big one yourself.

At the bottom of this I have pasted an excerpt from my PayPal account so you can have confidence that here at the Million Dollar Experiment we are the real deal, and making money online at a reasonable pace.

1./ Have multiple sites

I have lots of sites, I don't think that what I am doing is easily achievable with one blogspot blog, this very site probably brings me in a couple of hundred a month, not one thousand, the rest comes from my other sites which I have built up over time. I havent even sat down and added all my sites up, however I have about 6 or 7 core sites that make me money, with about 3 or 4 that make over the hundred mark every month. I also have some sites that make no money at all, that is the price you pay for experimenting with different things. The old adage is true, don't put all your eggs in one basket - by approaching from different angles it is much more likely that one or more of the sites that you create will come through for you.

2./Let the sites do the work
This is one principle that I don't follow as much as I would like to, however it has recently started to pay off for me so I will try to do more of it. What I mean by this is try and have your sites set up so that you can literally make money while you sleep. Several of my sites do not rely on me updating them every day or two, or even every week. If I want to add content I can and that will be good for the sites - however they keep churning away with me doing so or not. The Blog model is unfortunately not to good for this - again it pays to have various models in your web site farm.

3./ Selling advertising at monthly rates.

To build up monthly income I have found one of the massive growth areas for my sites in the last couple of months has been in the advertising area and most of this I have pulled through privately via the Digital Point Forums. There are people on those forums with lots of money to spend on advertising their sites. Dont be afraid you just need to stop thinking about it and head over there and start marketing your sites.

4./ Sponsored Posts - arghhhhh

My least favorite of all online money making methods is writing sponsored posts, unfortunately to get the numbers that I am getting it is still a large part of the equation however what you can do is make the most of what you are doing, and try to maximize the opportunities in this arena, just like everything else that you do. I have two sites that I write sponsored posts on and this comes to several hundred dollars a month. The main companies I use include the infamous PayPerPost as well as the lesser known but very cool PayU2Blog, its almost like a paid job with the PayU2Blog guys they just fire probabaly 10 - 15 assignments at me a week and I can just work through them at my leisure. They pay fortnightly and my latest payment from them is $110 dollars.

5. Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are great if you can write articles that are good enough to get search engine traffic. Once you get to this point visitors will come across to your articles and hopefully sign up for the programs that you recommend which will mean money in the pocket for you.

The best performing affiliate programs that I use are (in no particular order)

Linkworth - Pays $10 per signup
TextLinkAds - Pays $25 per signup
MoneyforBanners - Pays 10 pound per signup (lots of NZ dollars!)

You can also make money from these programs, just sign up and recommend them to others and you make money. Its not rocket science its just a matter of getting off your butt and doing it. (heres a secret for you - most people that don't make money online don't actually do anything to make money online !)

Paypal account for first week of August...

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free movie downloads Coupon Code for Discount Promotion

It's that time of the week again where we check out the fantastic savings that can be made. This week we find that you can save money with a valid Coupon Code - how did we ever survive without coupons!

Everytime I go to buy something in my mind I am thinking ...Coupon Coupon.. and its no wonder when you think about how much money can be saved. Just the other day I purchased something online that cost 9-95 a month and I got a coupon that gave me a 9-94 discount for the first month! That is the kind of savings that you can get.

I am looking at buying an LCD t.v in the near future. So if you are like me head online to, find what you want to buy and then make sure you search for an up todate Promotion Code or you could be wasting big money and that would not be good would it?

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Bringing home the Bacon Online

This month is a month of milestones, finally we will make $1000 US ( this months income ) which is very cool, especially because this experiment started less that 1 year ago and we are able to prove that it is possible to make money fast online, not big money yet, however the way the graphs are going things are looking fairly solid for the future at this point.

Finally we crack monthly payments for AdSense, we had been stuck on bi-monthly payments there for the last few months, however at long last thanks to a boost particularly on one of my sites we have broken through.

Other News

Linkworth get a redesign. These guys are one of my best affiliate programs, they also are linkbrokers for about 10 or so different link products like text links, links in text, sponsored posts and more - lots more actually definitely worth checking out. The old design was a bit clunky and not very user friendly however things are looking a lot tidier and easy to use in their new control panel

Payu2blog have launched their much awaited "town forum", if you want to earn regular income blogging I can recommend signing up with the blog marshals, great company and very cool to work with. They seem a little hard to get accepted by these days, however give it a go anyway.

Anyway folks, its early morning and now unfortunately I must head to work, although I only work three days a week, its three days to many!

Have a good day - I will try to make at least 20 dollars tonight, how much are you going to make?


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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Todays Challenges - One "foot" at a time

Well yesterday ended up being a somewhat successful day I guess, I spent most of it finishing off my new site World Oldest People and thats pretty much all set. For those of you that see the logo I realize I missed an apostrophe there, however that will go on the todo list.

As far as earnings went I clocked in at around 32 US dollars which is just under my daily average for the month, we are going to crack the 1000 US mark this month thats for sure.

Its really going to be a month of benchmarks, because all things going to plan this month will also be the first month that I start getting monthly payments from the big "G". My first payment took almost a year to accumulate so things are certainly on the improve.

I continue to do sponsored posts and will be getting paid over $100 dollars for my last fortnight with PayU2Blog, on the other networks I now try to stick to a $10 dollar minimum to make it worthwhile. Trying to focus on building the Make Money Fast empire on day at a time.

My sirblogger site is on the front page of google for the words "female celebrity foot picture" however am I seeing increased hits from this? Yeppers sure are, lets just see what happens with this one, I need to keep collating information for a while before I can make any definite conclusions!! But damn that wasn't to hard which is kind of scary.

Today I want to earn 25-30 Dollars, and maybe flick off a couple of links. That's it. I have a 10 dollar post waiting for me, so best get into it.

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Featured Post - Alive Blog Directory

Submitting your sites to a blog directory is one of the best and cheapest ways of not only generating traffic to your sites but also gaining valuable backlinks which can help your site rank better on the search engines.

The more quality back links that your site has, the more "trust" the major search engines like Google will attribute to it and this is one of the reasons that link building is so popular with internet marketers.

Built on the trusted and well established Alive Directory is the Alive Blog Directory. The directory has a wide range of categories to suit the diverse range of blogs that exist out there. A number of options are available including yearly and permanent submission options.

The directory is nicely presented and the categories very easy to navigate. I am certain that this will become one of the top blog directories on the internet.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Featured Post - Epazz BoxesOS

Epazz is effectively the answer to your enterprise level information requirements. It does this by supplying a product that provides clear information to the key stakeholders of your organization.

From taking a look at the product it appears to be everything that you would want in a company intranet. Built in shared calendar and email functions mean that information sharing is easily done, and an example of this is a senior executive could share some (does not have to share everything) of his/her appointments with his PA meaning that she can easily see what is going on.

Other key features mean that users can establish secure online online discussions and share research findings with their colleagues whether they are on the other side of the world, or sitting right next to them.

The content management component of the software means that you don't need to have to be a web programmer to add content to the system.

Goals for Today - Make Some Cash and Finish a Website

Today I want to make at least $25 which isn't much really, however will keep the dollars ticking over.

I also need to finish a website I am putting together with the help of Greg. I will post a link when it is finished, however lets say its a niche little site that once up and running hopefully long term it will create passive income.

I am thinking maybe 10 hours all up to get the site going and it cost 11 dollars to get the domain name registered for 2 years. I will probably slip a couple of paid posts under this article, that will get me half way to the first goal.

As far as my keyword experiments are going for a limited time yesterday my celebrity site was on the front page of google for an article about celebrity feet. Then it appeared to drop off, and I am not sure where it is at the moment, hopefully it will resurface soon!

Update , before competing this article I whipped through a couple of posts, so already have created ten dollars of earnings for the day.

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Featured Post - Sahara hotel

Located on the Las Vegas Strip, Winchester, Nevada is the famous Sahara hotel. With a Moroccan theme along with 1720 rooms and a large casino this is one of the best places to stay if you are visiting Las Vegas.

For those interested in the history of the hotel it was opened in 1952 and was the sixth resort to open on the Las Vegas Strip.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Featured Post - Business Opportunity

There is money in jewelry that is a fact, how would you like to earn extra money every month by selling jewelry that practically sells itself?

When you are looking for a business opportunity you need to look at niche markets where you are not competing against thousands of other people trying to do the same thing. This is one of those markets, so is definitely worth a look.

Featured Post - Da Vinci baby furniture

While browsing through all the categories at related to baby furniture it is obvious that they have all the cribs, bassinets, palyards, rockers, high chairs and dressers to suit your needs and at very reasonable prices as well.

They specialize in Da Vinci baby furniture which is certainly priced at a level where everyone can afford it.

They also offer free nationwide shipping within the contiguous United States.

CNBC Fast Money

I did not realize that there is actually a show called "cnbc fast money" until I noticed a lot of searches for that when carrying out some of my keyword analysis.

cnbc fast money
is a show about making money fast on the wall street stock markets

You can see the cnbc fast money team in this video when the iphone was launched..

You may wonder what this has to do with the Make Money Fast Million Dollar Experiment Down under and you guessed it, this is another step in the journey in my experimental series of narrowing in on targeted words without much competition.

A lot of people that watch this program are interested in making money fast, and if we can attract a few of them over to our site which address's the same subject I will consider it a very successful operation.

As the month draws to an end at this point I am less than $50 away from the $1000 dollar mark (accumulated this month) , certainly not something I had considered less than one year ago when I began this journey.

It will be interesting to look back in another years time, and see how far we end up going in the next 12 months...

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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Pros and Cons of Coupon Codes from

If you were ever wondering what the advantages of using Coupon Code over others were then you can read a post on wpdemo. On the other hand there is also an article at that can help you to know why a Promotion Code is so much easy to use and very much in demand these days.

Although prices are already rock bottom on the internet if you take the time to use coupons you can normally get an even better price, and who wouldn't want to take advantage of that?

From a personal point of view in the past I didn't really understand what coupon codes were or how easy they were to find, now I never buy anything online without finding out whether the company takes a coupon code and also how much I can save with one! Its so simple I wonder why everyone doesn't do it.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Featured Post - Trophies

If you are looking to buy sports or other trophies online then the best place to do so is

This company pride themselves on their processing time, and normally a new trophy will be fully engraved and ready for shipping the next business day!

They even have a shipping calculator on the site where you can type in your zip code and check the price and estimated time frames of the various options provided.

Make Money From How

Firstly an apology for the weird title, I was looking at some analysis and found that lots of people type into to search engines "Make Money From How" however apparently there is not to much competition for the phrase.

I have been trying lots of stuff like this lately, because I think that if I can really nail a couple of sure fire ways of getting a bit of search engine love then I will be away.

On my Sir Blogger site I have already mentioned my Melissa Wolf experiment, however funnily enough this site is now ranking higher for Melissa Wolf than what my Sir Blogger site is. I have heard that because is owned by Google it is a "trusted" domain so gets a lot more of the big "G" love than your average domain.

This is a bit ironic especially as there are so many spammy blogger blogs out there.

Anyway I am just going to keep trying this kind of stuff and will keep reporting back to you my valued readers because I am sure what I find out will benefit us all.

I found that theres a lot of people out there with a celebrity foot fetish as well, so have given that a shot also on Sir Blogger - you can check this one out here female celebrity foot picture - it wasn't easy actually finding one either, however luckily I found a picture that has Paris Hilton tanning herself with one of her big hoofs waving at the camera.

Do you have a favorite method for getting your articles ranking?

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free movie downloads Coupon Code for Discount Promotion

I have managed to find some more coupons, this time its a Coupon Code and if you didn't know already compusa is one of Americas leading retailers for Computers, Notebooks, Upgrades, Games, Electronics and more.

The best thing about using a Discount Coupon is that even though you may be already getting the cheapest price, with a coupon you can get that little bit more. Most of the time we are trying to make money fast, however the alternative to this is saving money - its a lot easier to!

So if you are looking to buy your next electronic gadget make sure you don't delay. And remember that if you want a great deal you can use our Promotion Code and please be sure to come back and tell us all about whatever new item you purchased, and of course how much you saved.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Melissa Wolf Experiment Continues

Despite me frantically checking ever day, our ranking on the Melissa Wolf experiment has remained unchanged at Number 20. Normally we appear right at the bottom of page 2 or at the very top of page 3.

You can read my original post - The Melissa Wolf Experiment

When conducting an important experiment like this it is important to remain very patient and just keep doing what you do. Having persistence is half the battle.

Google Analytics is a program I probably spend 15 - 20 mins in everyday, analyzing my sites, seeing which ones need a boost and tracking what is working well on others.

Its actually a direct result of studying my Celebrity Gossip sites keyword traffic that set me on the path of trying to improve the ranking for the keywords "Melissa Wolf". I pretty much figured that if I could make it to the front page for those words a pretty good boost in traffic would be the result.

With enough traffic, making money seems to just happen, and you don't have to chase it quite as hard. Tonnes of traffic is the holy grail of making money online and something I am chasing on a constant basis.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Basic SEO Plan for a Website

Lately I have been approaching my sites with an SEO plan to try and improve their positioning for certain words. Anyway I thought other people out there may want to do something similar for their own sites and may not know where to start - so I have thrown together this simple SEO optimization template that you can follow.

Step 1 - Analyze your Organic Search Terms
Firstly you should have Google Analytics installed on your site and running for at least a week. Check out your top 5 to 10 keywords and see whats being sent organically to your site.

Step 2 - Check the popularity of key words and competition - decide
I would advise that you use keyword tools to find out what people are actually searching for. An ideal match for your site is keywords that are popular and you are maybe already getting a few searches from them which you can see coming through in Analytics. This means Google already thinks they are a good match for your site, its just a matter of making them an even better match.

Heres a list of keyword tools that I find useful - Keyword Tools

Step 3 - Title tags
Now that you know where you are going it is time to create the title tages, and make sure they reflect the keywords that you are trying to optimize for. Start at the left with the most powerful words and head to the right, try to have a maximum of 6 - 8 words.

Step 4 - Headings
It is believed that headings in the traditional < h1 > or < h2 > tags are the most optimal, consider placing your keywords in these tags on the page you are trying to optimize.

Step 5 - Content

Last but not least mention the words at least a couple of times in the main body content of the site. This should not be to hard to do because this is what your site is about right?

We are making great income from LinkWorth - how about you?

Your link here $5 for 4 links (1 link X 4 posts)

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Newegg Coupon Code for Discount Promotion

If you haven't heard of then you should know that they are a great online store offering more than 25,000 computer hardware and software, consumer electronics and communications products at extremely competitive prices.

We are able to point you in the right direction for a Coupon Code its very easy.

Also we can help direct you to a site that has other Promotional Coupons for all types of online purchasers. There is no need to pay full price ever again!

You can save quite a bit of money with a Promotion Code so it is definitely worth investigating.

Go back 12 months and I hadn't even heard of coupon codes, now I make sure that I find one for just about everything I buy, most people like a bargain and by using coupons you can make sure you get one.

Featured Post - Safety utility knife

Knife safety is quite high on my list of prioritys, especially I guess because I have young kids around the house most of the time. It would be horrible for an accident to happen that could have been avoided and thats where products like the safety utility knife can help.

Its not only kids - also adults need to be careful because its to easy to accidentally touch the sharp edge of a knife when rummaging around in your drawers.

Featured Post - Contemporary Office Furniture

When outfitting an office if you would like it to look smart its probably a good idea to consider purchasing contemporary office furniture. Working in a nice environment can be very productive, and comfort is not something you should have to think to much about when working.

Soon I hope to make an office within my home to run my online business endeavors from and I will certainly be looking for office furniture to make it look and feel like a real office.

Featured Post - tranquility diapers

I have just had nearly 4 years of changing nappies thanks to two kids, and its great to see that Tranquility Incontinence Products cater for all age groups, because its not always just babies that have the need for Incontinence Products.

Their protective tranquility diapers provide heavy protection — some of the lines absorb up to a quart of liquid.

Make Money Fast - Selling Reading Glasses

Reselling Wholesale Reading Glasses is I admit not something that I have considered until now, however it is niche products like this that can really launch your online marketing career.

From what I hear there is actually a booming market in the Reading Glasses market, mainly because most people like looking smart and being able to read at the same time!

With this being a given it is not that hard to sell such a product especially when you can offer them at a fantastic discount compared to other brands. If you can line up a few bulk orders it won't be very long at all before you are making fast money.

So next time you are thinking of buying Wholesale Readers I suggest you think long and hard about the money making opportunities that this offers. Don't be the person that says should have, would have or could have!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

How to Get to The Front Page of Google With An Article

I am trying an experiment to try and get to the front page of Google with a search term on my Celebrity Blog. I was inspired by Mike from Mikes Money Making Mission and the success that he has had with his celebrity blogs.

Now if you haven't heard of Melissa Wolf she was an ex penthouse pet who is now in trouble regarding an illegal brothel. The court case is pending and I know that this is going to get a lot more publicity in the next few months so what better place to be than the front page of google for the words "Melissa Wolf"

At this point in time I am at page 2 and hoping to move to page 1, I will keep writing articles and linking to the site and keep you informed of the progress.

Lets call this the "Make Money Fast Melissa Wolf Experiment"

First steps when Creating an Article

  1. Use the key words as the first few words for your Title
  2. Use the term again within the first paragraph and if you can a couple more times in the article - its a fine balance between to much and not enough.
  3. Bold the phrase or italize in your article
  4. Get backlinks with the keywords to your article url directly.

Page 2 of Google

Next steps
Try and get a few quality links to your article with the Anchor Text of the key words, this lets Google give more authority to the fact that the article or page is related to those key words.

We will keep you posted on our rise up the ranks. Current position 20

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The Make Money Fast Empire Grows

Its been a busy month around here. The conglomerate between myself and Greg has been going really well and we have bought a couple of sites, as well as created some from scratch which has really kept us very busy.

My Curry Recipe website has really taken off in the last month or so and its really great earning passive income from a site that started off as an idea (well actually it was someone elses idea, but he was kind enough to share it with me).

Its fair to say that I am struggling to keep up with everything at the moment, and my posting on this site has not been as frequent as I would have liked, however its impossible to do everything.

Arcade games sites
Greg and myself purchased one existing arcade game site , that had a reasonable traffic history and at the moment are creating one of our own. The new one is not quite finished yet as we are still in the process of uploading all the games however the site is Arcade Genius if you want to take a look.

Make Money Forums
Our make money forum is ticking along nicely with a lot of new members in the last month or so trying to get their hands on a share of the generous prize money that Greg has put up. The forum is set up for AdSense sharing as well - its great to be able to share the revenue of the site with the people that are kind enough to contribute to it.

On partners
I am lucky enough to have teamed up with three separate individuals on a variety of projects that I have got going on, and I must say I recommend it as long as you are linking up with likeminded and motivated people. Everyone has different skills and strengths and the key is identifying those and trying to cover all corners as best you can.

Income this month
I don't know how because it seems like I have spent most of my time mucking around with websites this month, however it looks like we may crack the tonne. 1K US and with the NZ dollar plummeting lately its certainly like getting a pay rise. As per usual a full summary will be done at the end of the month.

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Monday, August 20, 2007

Featured Post - Debt Relief - Credit Card Consolidation

When it comes to managing debt its easy for things to get out of hand and that is where Debt Relief can help.

How do you know that you actually need debt relief? Well the signs are things like maxing out credit cards, and expenses that exceed your income levels.

Debt relief is taking stock of your various debts and then consolidating or merging them into a manageable debt that can then be cleared however there is no point in doing this if you are just going to get yourself into even more debt.

One way of managing your debt is by Credit Card Consolidation, this involves taking the money owed to your credit card and paying it off with one loan with a lower interest rate than what you are paying on your credit cards, it means that the debt is easier to pay off, however again be careful that you don't then go and re spend on your credit cards!

I personally think that if you are in position where you are requiring credit card consolidation you should be seriously considering getting rid of your credit cards altogether as obviously you are not managing them very well!

Featured Post - ThoofRank Explained

If you are submitting an article to thoof you can get the code to place a ThoofRank badge on your site. Initially of course not many people will have read your article however as more and more people get to see it the ThoofRank will increase meaning of course the better the article the higher the ThoofRank.

Thoof is a site that specializes in personalized news and because of this very fact is starting to grow rapidly as the experience they provide is unique and tailored for every individual that joins the site.

There are starting to be some great articles on the site I just went on and browsed through a few great articles that pointed to some very funny youtube clips, however that is just one of the many categories available on the Thoof site.

Another category that I enjoy browsing is the technology category and its amazing how many interesting stories there are to read if you have a bit of time to kill.

Overall I am very impressed with the Thoof site and will be spending a lot more time there in the future - its so much quicker than searching the internet for interesting articles because the users of the site have already done that for you.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Make Money Fast with The Next Internet Millionaire

Finally the first episode of the next internet Millionaire is here, for those of us trying to make money online this is of course something that we will be following with interest.

In the first episode we are introduced to the contestants and hear a bit about their backgrounds and of course their aspirations.

It will be interesting to see how much content from the actual lessons that they attend will be shown in the programme, the first lesson was a bit vague and high level - all about drawing a line from one point to another to symbolize what you are doing to actually achieve your goals.

One of the contestants doesn't actually get out of bed in the mornings (before she came on the show of course), she just pulls out her laptop from under her bed and gets into her internet marketing! What an easy life she must have.

There is of course quite a bit of advertising carefully slipped into the show, however I must admit it is quite well done. The contestants aren't up to the calibre and polish of a show like "The Aprentice" however its still interesting enough to watch.

What do you think of the next internet millionaire? Who is going to win it?

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Free Online Games

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Featured Post - Las Vegas Luxury Condos

When you are on your way to earning a million dollars it is only natural that you spend part of your time thinking about how you are going to spend it once you get there. For me I would be very keen on purchasing one of the Las Vegas Luxury Condos that I have just been looking at.

Unfortunately I am not quite there yet however you have to have dreams.

Featured Post - Investment Property

One of the best off line ways to make a lot of money is by investing in property and its something that has helped me personally be reasonably well set up at an early age.

I purchased my first property when I was 21 years old and have never looked back so if you are interested in investment property then I suggest you just do it.

Buying Links Under The Radar

I was listening to a great podcast today by Mr-SEO and it talks about buying links, selling links and even why a simple link exchange should be avoided if you can get a one way link instead. (Incidentally I also saw this cool churchsign on the SEO site and just had to have one!)

The podcast continues on to talk about how potentially easy it would be for Google to pick up on those sites that are running Text Link Ads and that perhaps if you are Google may not be passing any Pagerank onto the sites that are purchasing links from you.

I have recently installed a plugin for my firefox called SEOQuake and this is a must for any webmaster with an interest in SEO, because it tells you at a glance of any page how many outgoing links it has, the PR, and all types of other interesting stats about a page.

The best ways to go if you are buying links is obviously to make them appear as naturally as possible, even a post that has sponsored in the title could well show up as a blip on the Google paid link radar.

There are numerous ways to buy natural looking links, you just need to approach bloggers and site owners and start talking about the best ways that you can both help each other. A lot of bloggers are very open to various methods that you can put to them regarding advertising - its just a matter of being upfront about it.


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I make passive income from Linkworth and you can to. Its simple

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Featured Post - Books

When buying books online I normally do a lot of research. I check out reviews of the book, because it is always interesting to hear what other people have thought of the book, and I check a range of sites to get the best price.

When checking reviews its important to read as many as you can to try and get a feel for the common theme - a one person review is next to useless, however ten peoples reviews can give you a great idea of what to expect.

Featured Post - Luxury House

For most of us owning a luxury home is a dream, however there are many celebrities and high fliers of the business world that not only can afford a luxury property often they have lots of them!

Over the last half a century luxury homes have come a long way, nowadays technology is a big part of what defines the modern luxury house.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Google Giving Loads of Search Engine Love..

I have noticed that over the last three or so days on a couple of my sites the search engine traffic has increased enormously. PR has stayed the same however its obvious that something is going on with the algorithms because the increase is substantial.

I am interested to hear if other bloggers and site owners have noticed anything in the last couple of days.

The only problem with getting this kind of increase is that you start to expect it however its important to remember that it can be quickly taken away.

I was reading today an article about pagerank and what if Google decide to suddenly take it away - what happens to the whole text link industry if they do? Well I think it would simply get replaced with something similar, it wouldn't be to hard to calculate the value of back links for a site and work out a similar rating would it?

Google would still have to include backlinks as part of their algorithm so the best they could do would be to hide it.

You need to spread your revenue sources as much as possible, so if something is taken away from you your empire is strong enough to continue.

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Featured Post - Hair Transplant

Dr. Larry Shapiro is the Doctor that can help you to feel younger. Actually (and probably more importantly!) he can make you look a lot younger as well.

Losing hair can make young people look much older than they are and a Hair transplant can help to rectify this.

Dr. Larry Shapiro doesn't have fancy salespeople trying to empty your wallet, you will talk directly with him and he is based in South Florida so ideal if you are located around the Florida area, or it could be worth a trip.

His website has a great deal of information as well as testimonials and even videos of previous clients. Its great to be able to see how previous patients have regained confidence and youthfulness after having a transplant.

I don't think I will be getting a hair transplant in the next couple of years however who knows what will happen in the future?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Featured Post - Under Foot – Quality Trade Show Flooring

While it's always important to have an impressive trade show display, it's also important to remember the little things about your display. Top quality trade show flooring is just as important as the display, and I think you'll be happy you went with Modern Day Displays to get yours. They have the best selection of flooring for all of your trade show displays.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Passive Income - A Dream or a Reality?

As the earning potential continues to improve things have changed a bit for my money making mission. In the past I used to struggle to find a way to make some money - now it is a matter of choosing the things to work on that are best inline with 2 requirements that I have going forwards

1./ I have an immediate requirement for money
2./ Long term dream of earning money while I sleep.

At the moment this month I have probably spent more time on number 2, however it has taken a lot of number 1 to get me to where I am currently sitting.

Sometimes the time that it takes to do a sponsored post can be spent promoting your other sites and the money that you will earn is tenfold what one sponsored post will earn.

I read a great article a couple of weeks ago by Shaun Carter about Passive vs. Active Blogging Income and he alludes to the fact that out of all the ways to earn money online passive income is the holy grail that few really achieve in a significant way.

Do you think that you will be able to achieve the dream?

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Featured Post - Tutoring

If you are interested in World Class tutoring you should really consider Tutor Vista.

The site offers one on one tutoring for those looking to be more competitive in exams and for students that are wanting to improve their performance at school of college.

Students can access the Tutor Vista from the convenience of either their home - or alternatively from school. The in depth lessons that they offer will assist students to really excel in school.

Reading some of the testimonials that have been left by previous clients it appears that private tutoring really can be affordable - and of course to have it available 24 hours a day is particularly attractive.

A free demonstration is available to those that want to try before they buy and even if the subject that you are wanting tutoring help in is not available you can send them an inquiry and they can perhaps add it to the program. Coupon Code for Promotion Discount

Coupon codes are not something that I used to have much to do with however recently especially because I have been buying a bunch of domain names I have found that with the right Promotion Code you can save a great deal of money.

When it comes to getting hold of a Discount Coupon Code I normally just do a search on the internet or sometimes I will visit a coupon mall site that has a range of coupon codes.

If you want to get hold of a Coupon Code then its best to head to a reputable site like and that way you can search for stores that accept coupons as well as find free coupons for well known sites.

Once you have your coupon its normally just a matter of heading to the site where you would like to make your purchase and entering your coupon code at checkout time..

Monday, August 13, 2007

Weekend Update - The Million Dollar Experiment Down Under

This is a quick update of a few things going down at the moment.

ShoeMoney is One funny dude
Check out this article from the shoemans travel diarys - Airports and their bathrooms I would have to say a must read for the American Air Traveler.

Money Making Madness
Things have really stepped up for me on the money making front in the last few weeks, have been flat out wheeling and dealing on the DP forums as well as trying to keep up with everything else. One of the biggest problems that is really starting to become apparent is the time management side of it all. Are there any good resources that people use out there to save time? Let me know if you are using anything and I will give it a shot.

A couple of months ago I removed the "No Follow" from my comments hoping to encourage worthwhile comments on my articles, however unfortunately the majority of what comes through is just spam.

My suggestion is that if you are going to leave a comment that (you want to get published) at least show that you have taken the time to read the article. Each comment is checked by me and a lame excuse to try and get a free link is not going to work.

I am seriously considering adding back the "no follow", as I am sure it does cut down on spam.

Google PageRank
Theres been a lot happening with the Google data centers over the last couple of weeks however I dont think the actual update has yet happened. You can check your site on a bunch of dc's at

Advertising Opportunities
We have a number of advertising opportunities available at the moment across several of our sites, one new method that seems to be quite popular is the post level links that we are selling. For only $5 you get 4 permanent links with the keywords of your choice. You can check out our advertising page for more information or contact me via my contact page.

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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Featured Post - Cabinet hardware

For all those door and cabinet knobs and lockers you should try they stock a great range for all types of cabinet hardware to meet your requirements.

Another thing the site offers is free ground shipping, as well as a 110% low price guarantee which means that if you buy something off them and within 14 days find something cheaper they will not only match it but beat it by 10 percent!

Featured Post - RC Helicopters

Something I always wanted when I was younger was a radio controlled helicopter. I had of course RC cars as they were affordable, but a helicopter was a bit more than what the paper round was ever going to cover.

Looking at the site it appears that RC helicopters have come down a lot in price in recent times so maybe its time to buy one. However probably I will wait until my son is a bit older.

Featured Post - Radar Detector Reviews

If you sometimes like to go a little faster than what you are allowed to when driving, or perhaps realize how easy it is to let a lapse in concentration result in a speeding ticket then you probably will want to invest in a radar detector.

As with any purchase its a good idea to read up on as many radar detector reviews as you can. Knowing as much about the product as you can find out means that your purchase will end up being a sensible one.

Thoof - Whats In A Name?

When a magician creates a spell there can be a great puff of smoke and poof! Well for those that want to create a similar effect with their blog articles you can write a great article and Thoof! it.

Thoof is a site with a name that tends to stick in your mind, the question that everyone is asking though is how do you come up with a name like Thoof? As they now have an entry in the Internets encyclopedia you would have to say that Thoof is now actually a real word.

I think Thoof is some kind of acronym that probably made a word, however if I had to guess it would be this.

Thoof is all about personalized news so with that in mind we here at the million dollars experiment down under have shown what we believe to be the acronym for Thoof


Those are all words that could be used to describe Thoof, so could that be what it stands for? I hope that at some stage the creators of Thoof will let us know how exactly the name came about.

What do you think it stands for?

Featured Post - RFI Shielding

There is nothing more annoying than Radio Frequency Interference when you are trying to operate electronic devices. However there is hope at hand - RFI Shielding can block potentially detrimental electromagnetic and radio-frequency interference.

RFI Shielding is used in a wide range of industries (particulary in medical and military type scenarios) because there are some electronic devices that just cannot operate correctly if any interference is present.

Featured Post - Drug Rehab

If you or anyone you know is directly or indirectly affected by drug addiction you will be pleased to know that there is help close by. Drug addiction is known to ruin lives and its very important to do what you can to get help for your loved ones.

One of the things that you can do first and foremost is encourage them to seek professional help, as this is absolutely necessary to assist them through the drug rehab process.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Money4Blogs Back Up and Running

The very first way that I made a few dollars from this blog was back in October 2006 - I was just reading my first post, always interesting and I had said this...

As I need new income sources I figured why not create a new blog. Place some adverts and a donate option to it and see what happens.

Wow - haven't we come along way over the last 10 or 11 months, the donate option didn't last long as noone ever donated so I just removed it.

At around day 36 of my initial foray into blogging I came across and they paid me $20 US dollars to place a link on my site for a period of one year. This was a great boost to my online earnings and I really never looked back from there -Day 36 - Money 4 Blogs - Quick, easy way to make cash

For the last 4 or so months, I have not been able to access their site, however I noticed yesterday that they are back in business. Probably a good time to head over to them and see if they are still dishing out the link money love that got me started late last year.

I also noticed when reading my posts from November last year I had written a heart felt article back on day 24 called ..Day 24 - I Hate working 5 Days a Week - Show me the Money! its hard to believe that now I no longer actually work 5 days a week. It really shows that putting your goals and ideas into words can help to mold your future. I would have never believed that when writing that article 10 months later I would be well on my way to having my first 1000 dollar month and only going to work three days a week.

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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Make Money Fast With A Niche Website that Runs Itself

Blogs are all well and good for earning money online, the only problem is that you have to update them on a regular basis which although enjoyable most of the time is a bit hard if you want to go on holiday for a few weeks, or have a break for a while.

Niche websites that run themselves are hard to find, and its not often that you hit upon an idea that works well. Just over a year ago now I had the idea that it would be great instead of a job site where you searched for jobs, you could just place your own advert and let employers come and find you. I know this idea is not exactly unique, however I have never seen a site do it quite the way that I decided to. Most get to complicated and you end up attempting to upload c.v's and recording videos of yourself etc. I believe in keeping it simple, quick and user friendly.

Anyway from this idea and a few weeks of frantic developement at home on my laptop Jobhunters was born - the first site was our Job Hunters NZ site, and a couple of months after that I teamed up with my Brother in Law in Perth and we launched Aussie Jobhunters and then a couple of months later Euro Jobhunters, and thats where we stopped for probably the last 6 or 7 months. The NZ site has always done particularly well and right now we have something like 166 candidates registered and looking for jobs.

The Australian site is the next best and easily covers its hosting fees plus a bit left over. The Euro one has been slow to take off, and has only just started paying for itself however it is now ticking along making a nice little profit and theres not really anything to do, except check and approve new candidates when they sign up and promote the site when we have the time.

The NZ one has a blog attached and I try to write an article on that every now and then to keep the content reasonably fresh, also I have added a few cv templates and found helpful videos etc for the candidates to reference.

Always in the back of the mind I had the thought that one day we should step into the US market however never quite got round to it. In recent times however and after teaming up with Greg from Canada on a couple of projects we have decided to give it a shot and today Canadian Jobhunters goes live. Greg will be driving this site from that side of the world and although it hasn't got any candidates on it yet we will sort that out over the next few weeks as word gets around.

If you can think of your own idea like this I strongly recommend that you just go and do it, there is minimal cost to getting started especially if you have some basic IT skills, and plenty of templates etc out there that you can use. My site I made myself and I admit its not that pretty - my skills lie in the database backend, I am no web designer thats for sure, so its pretty basic but works well. There is nothing like the satisfaction gained from having an idea, turning it into a reality and then watching it slowly grow over time.

Plus it makes money while I sleep.

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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Making Money Fast Online is Like Monopoly

Lately I feel like I have been playing monopoly, with all the websites I own or part own and the different monetization strategies that each one has its a bit like having all the houses lined up on a monopoly board.

Some of the sites (houses) are not great returners of rent and its a matter of working on them to build them up to the best that they can be, other sites are earning well however its important to keep building momentum and ensuring that noone takes it all away from you.

As you earn more and more money you can either spend it all, or spend some of it and pump the rest back into building your empire. Remember who wins the monopoly game often has a lot more than one house on the board.

I found this quote on a site about how to win at monopoly...

Win the game by snapping up all of the property on the board, ruining the other players and acquiring more money and assets than anyone else.

Now I am not out to ruin anyone thats for sure, however I like the sound of acquiring more money and assets than anyone else.

Do you feel like you are playing monopoly and that its not real money when you seem to conjure it out of thin air over the internet?

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Featured Post - TestFreaks

Testfreaks is about to launch into beta and now is the time to head along to the site and register. For now you can submit your email address and they will keep you updated as the site moves into is beta launch stage.

The site aims to provide a vast array of user reviews on products so for instance if you were after a new digital camera you could just head over to the site and read reviews from other users that had bought the same camera and this can help to make sure your purchasing decision is a wise one.

There are already a number of reviews on the site and when you look at them it is clear that this will become a valuable resource over time as more and more product reviews are added to the site.

I will certainly be keeping an eye on the site and will be heading there next time I go to buy a new gadget!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Make Money Fast Without Sponsored Posts

After my 56 dollar day yesterday I was left feeling a little deflated, mainly because so much of the day was spent doing sponsored Posts. I was determined to turn that around today and was pleased to see that overnight $8 had come in from a post level link deal I had been doing.

I decided to do my first actual sales thread on the DP forums, normally I just lurk around looking for people that want to buy links, but as I now have made the required 25 posts I can now create my own thread.

It was a busy couple of hours, I probably had about 6 people interested in the 2 sites that I offered, sold one $66 package and a $50 package (this one came about when the guy asked about any other sites that I had) plus a few bits and pieces. Also had some offers that I rejected because there were to low.

I think at the moment I am pricing my links at about the right prices, as I don't seem to have to many problems selling them.

Also I managed to fit in a $10 PayPerPost today, that was easy money,and reserved a Smorty post for 12 dollars, will save that for tommorrow as quite beat now.

Total for the day around 130 - 140 Dollars, and a nice warm glow that comes with making 90% of my money today without sponsored posts!

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Monday, August 06, 2007

Make Money Fast With a $50 Dollar Day

Today I would like to do a little experiment, with the resources I now have available to me I would like to prove how simple it is to earn fifty US dollars in one day online.

I just want to show that its not only possible, its quite simple as long as you have built up enough blogs and money earning opportunities.

Firstly we will do some sponsored posts, then try and sell some links.

Sponsored Posts

Loudlaunch - I headed over to loudlaunch and they have 2 or 3 ten dollar posts available to do. I selected this one.

wow that wasn't to hard, I am now well on my way to earning 50 dollars.

Current earnings $10 Next stop for me is Payu2Blog, I always like doing there posts because they are quick and easy. You only need to write 60 words and they are great to slide in under a regular post. Now Payu2Blog are one of my most regular earners, I probably make $80 - $100 a fortnight from them on a regular basis, today there are 2 sitting waiting for me I will do them both - they only take about ten minutes each so its fast money.

Now thats out of the way we are sitting at $20 earnings for the day, and its still the morning. I am a bit sick of sponsored posts now having already written 3 of them, but popped into and reserved one for later on. The great thing about smorty is that you can reserve them and have three days to write them!

Forums - Digital Point - Advertising Sales

The next stop in my intrepid adventure is the DP forums, I am looking for people that are wanting to buy banners and/or links as I have a number of sites that I can place things on including this one. Ironically there is someone looking to place a smallish banner on a PR4 or upwards site so I have PM'd them the info and will hear back in a short while. They are looking for 3 months, so I have offered 3 months for $30. That will finish my day nicely if it comes through otherwise I am going to have to continue battling away, with sponsored posts etc. I try not to do to many of them if I can help it as I would rather sell advertising and then theres always the chance of renewals etc to build up passive income.

Post Level Links - One Dollar is better than No dollar

When you are trying to make money its important to get the maximum value out of everything that you spend your time on, some things like regular articles for your site although you may get long term returns via adsense and affiliate programs its also good to get a quick dollar or two and thats why I post level links. I wrote my daily celebrity blog article and managed to get a dollar for a link underneath it. That brings our tally to 21 dollars.

Well I havent heard back yet from the guy at the DP forums about the banner advert and its been a couple of hours since I left that message, so with time ticking on it means a visit to payperpost to try and get a decent valued article to write.

Luckily for me unlike last time I checked there is an 11 dollar offer available that fits in well to my celebrity Blog. I decide to take this opportunity.

Now its time to login and check how my affiliate scheme at Linkworth is going, these guys pay you a great referral fee everytime someone signs up underneath you and they also have a great range of products that they sell, like text links, links in posts, sponsored posts and much more. Unfortunately today there is no linkworth love for me, so I am now sitting at $32 dollars and need to scrape up another $18 to reach my target for the day.

Unfortunately I am starting to realise that I picked a bad day to do this, not much action coming through from the DP forums and the day is more than half over. If you remember earlier on I reserved a post on so I head back there and pick it up.

Luckily its an easy one to write and doesn't take long at all, maybe 6 or 7 minutes and brings our total up to 38 dollars.

Starting to think now that the only way I am going to reach this target today is by sponsored articles, not my preferred method, however I wanted to show that it is possible even if things don't always go as planned. Anyway I head back to Payperpost, its worth rechecking at regular intervals because their opportunities get updated quite often.

Theres an $8-50 one available, easy money really so I swoop on that and post it in record time, bringing my total up to $46-50

Well my day is nearly over, my daughter nearly home from school, time for one more post to get us over the fifty dollar mark. There is one ten dollar opp left from loudlaunch, so I pounce on that to finish the experiment with. I temporarily save it which then in effect reserves it for me for the next 2 hours, its really important to do this, otherwise you may spend time writing the article then go back in to submit and all the money is gone.

The post completed and another ten dollars to add to the kitty, $56-50 US earned and a fairly cruisy day - now time to go and spend some time with the family!

How much do you think you can earn in a day?

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Looking for sites to Buy

Myself and Stratz are looking for niche, passive income earning sites to purchase, please let me know if you hear of any for sale. We are also regular visitors to sitepoint and the DP site sales forum - both great places for buying and selling websites.

It pays to be very cautious when buying a site, see if you can satisfy yourself that the owners claims are legitimate. At the very least you will want to see and check...
  • Proof of earnings
  • Web stats
  • Alexa rank
  • Google PR
  • Google Backlinks
Also check out any advertising obligations that the site owner may have, there is no point in buying a site that has 90% of their text link inventory sold out for the next 3 months! (unless the owner is planning on factoring that money into the deal).

Payment is normally done by Paypal from what I can tell, luckily the traders on DP have feedback ratings so you can see what sort of past deals they have done. You can be assured that you will be fairly safe with an established trader

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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Featured Post - Kailua ocean front rental

As far as names go Kailua has an interesting translation, it means "two seas" or "two currents" and with its two lagoons it is very aptly named. The beach at Kailua has been ranked as the number one US beach and as one of the overall best beaches in the world. Also extremely popular with windsurfers and kiteboarders this beach is definitely a sought after destination for holidaymakers from around the world.

One of the most popular ways of getting accommodation is with a Kailua ocean front rental. There is a great range of home rentals most of which are located very close to the beautiful beaches - prices range depending on the size of the house and other demographics however appear to be very reasonable.

Hawaii vacations are a fantastic way to experience the unparalleled beauty of Hawaii. Booking a holiday to this great location would be highly recommended!

Featured Post - Digital Framez

There is a new breed of photo frames that have been rising in popularity in recent times. A digital picture frame offers a whole new dimension to displaying your favorite images to the visitors to your home.

The digital frames are simple to use, its just a matter of removing your memory card from your digital camera and switching it to your digital frame. Now you can have all your photos displayed in the entrance to your home, or on the living room wall.

Although most people just place in their card with their latest photos, you can actually edit your photos on your computer and then transfer them to the frame.

A digital frame can normally show any content as long as its in a supported format. So you could even display a PowerPoint show by saving the slides as jpegs and then setting the best interval between the pictures.

Featured Post - Skin Care

As we get older and time takes its toll on our skin its worthwhile exploring the many benefits of using skin care products , I myself have noticed that now that I am into my thirties my skin is starting to look little weather beaten.

Its well known that great skin care can make you feel much more alive and young, and who wouldn't want a more youthful glow to their skin?

Featured Post - Florida Rentals

Florida is well known around the world and is a great place to head for a holiday. If you are looking for Florida rental vacation then its a good idea to head online and that way you can check out all the details of the properties that are available, along with photos, pricing and availability.

There is so much to in Florida and a lot of untapped countryside as well, away from the main centers if you feel like doing a bit of exploring.

Featured Post - Maui Condos

Maui in Hawaii is one of the most desired holiday destinations anywhere in the world, in fact visitors to Maui actually spend more than 3 billion dollars per year so that gives you some indication of just how popular Maui really is!

Typical holiday activities in Hawaii include snorkeling, sunbathing on the sun drenched beaches and fine dining at some of the thousands of restaurants. The most economical way to experience the magic of Hawaii is by staying in Maui condos which you can organize through a Hawaiian vacation package.

As Maui’s economy is tourism based practicing ecotourism is critical to the long term protection of the raw beauty of the pacific islands that make up this paradise. Its fantastic to see that over 95 million dollars has been committed in the last year to protect against environmental violations and help to protect it for the future, I found a great Hawaii travel blog that talks more about the different areas and tourism activities in Hawaii.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Make Money Fast With Post level Links - Permanent and Cheap

Post level links are starting to become more popular as site owners can see that it is possible to get a permanent link for a very good price. Post level links are normally placed after the post and once published on a site are (normally) there for good.

Some people probably think I am crazy for giving away all my secrets, however this is how I have successfully sold some. Head along to the Digital Point Forums, find someone looking to buy permanent links and pitch it to them.

Sometimes you take a bit of a beating on the price as there are some shrewd wheelers and dealers on the forums - be prepared to negotiate!

Although only a few dollars at a time can be earned this way it does all add up over time. If you look at most successful sites out there you will probably find that they started out making one dollar, then ten dollars, then one hundred dollars and so on. The trick is to get started making something - then you can work on optimizing and fine tuning your endeavors.

If you need a bit of million dollar love in your life, you can get a PERMANENT post level link for a very good price at the moment.

For just $5 I will link to your site on 4 articles that remain on the internet for the lifetime of this Blog.

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Friday, August 03, 2007

Featured Post - World Series Tickets

If you are looking to buy world series tickets I suggest that you visit the website.

Not only does the simple to use Ticket Solutions website provide you with World Series tickets, they also can provide any other MLB tickets that you may be after - they are and have been for some time one of the best and most affordable ways to buy tickets online.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

July Summary of the Make Money Fast Million Dollar Experiment

Another month has flown past and I have to say that on the money making front it has been four exciting weeks with some big areas of growth finally in passive areas, or semi passive anyway.

Text Links
Have been selling these all over the show, many through the DP forums, the way I do this is by looking for people wanting to buy links related to the sites that I have and making them an offer. You need to be flexible and realistic when doing this.

Affiliate Income
Have made decent affiliate income this month from LinkWorth amongst others - by referring other people to LinkWorth which is a company that not only do text link ads, but sponsored posts and many other related products. They don't have such strict criteria as text-link-ads probably because they have so many other products so other bloggers can easily join LinkWorth - feel free to do so if you also want to earn excellent affiliate income.Another affiliate program that pays you 10 pounds to join up as well as an amazing 10 pounds per referral is Bucks4Banners - there were a couple of referrals this month which was fantastic.

Contextual Advertising
This has had a big boost in the last month, partly because one of my Curry Chicken site had a big boost onto the front page of Google for some popular Key Words, plus that site is now starting to come of age. My partner in that venture has been adding some great content via targeted blog posts as well which is helping make it the curry place to be.

Money Money Money
This month we banked $644, a fantastic amount and almost double last month. Although looking back it seems like it wasn't to much trouble there were some days when I was struggling to reach the daily targets that I set myself. I wanted to make $600 and I achieved that goal which was very pleasing on a personal level. In August I am looking to do a similar amount, however want to increase the text links, affiliate and contextual portion - less sponsored posts I promise!

Referrers of the Month
Congratulations to the Top 5 referrers of traffic to this site ( as reported by Google Analytics )

I hope you can join us in August as we continue to live the dream - making money fast on the internet.

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