Friday, September 28, 2007

Featured Post - Coupon Chief

Spring is in the air and there is no better time to start thinking about saving money with coupons.

Before I ever learned about coupons I used to just hunt around for the best/cheapest deal that I could find and go with that. Now that I have a lot more experience buying products online I have come to realize that I was missing out on probably hundreds of dollars of savings that would have meant money in my pocket if only I had known back then about a site like CouponChief.

Some of the more popular stores that CouponChief have coupons for include sites like the well known Amazon and Apple. There really is almost every store that you can possibly think of on this site, so definitely worth a visit if you are looking at buying products online.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Make Money Fast - Month Drawing to An End

Well I have to be honest, this month on the Million Dollar Experiment Down Under we are not looking that flash and this is for a number of reasons, which I will outline down below.

Time on other projects
Things with my online partnerships are going extremely well, and I have spent a lot of my time working on these. Unfortunately I don't count this money in my Million Dollar Experiment, not until I start drawing a salary anyway.

Getting Rundown
This month I really hit the wall, burning the candle at both ends caught up with me and I got quite ill. On the improve now though.

My Dad's Business
My Father is overseas and I have been looking after his online endeavours for the last couple of weeks, although it doesn't take that long, and has been worthwhile, the income earned won't be counted until probably next month.

Anyway thats my excuses, the summary will be in a few days, hopefully a big few days will make it look a little more respectable than it is at the moment!

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Featured Post - Terry's Fabrics

In recent times its been a fact that I simply have not been getting enough sleep. With a young demanding family, working, blogging and socializing sooner or later it catches up with you and its only then that you realize you need to tone it down a bit.

You would be amazed at what a difference good bedding makes to your sleeping, I am probably one of those people that just takes most things for granted, but when it comes to my mattress, quilt and pillow I need the best.

A good nights sleep is so important in today's busy and stressful world, if you don't sleep properly everything goes downhill from there.

Terry's fabrics have a fantastic range of Duvet's and quilted bedspreads that are certainly worth checking out on there easy to navigate site, one of the great things about this company is that they ship free to mainland UK on orders totally over 100 pounds. You don't even need to get out of bed to deal with this company!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Make Money Fast Honeymoon is Short but Sweet

I have noticed when writing articles about certain topics for a few days shortly after the article is published I tend to rank particularly well for the term, then suddenly they drop from the radar often altogether, and then over time they may slowly climb again.

It has now happened many times, I can probably almost plot it on a graph, however I will attempt to demonstrate with an actual example.

Key words Jennifer Lopez Exposed

Sep 14th Article Written
Sep 15th 13
Sep 16th 9
Sep 17th 9
Sep 18th 13
Sep 19th 17
Sep 20th 18
Sep 21st 13
Sep 22nd 9
Sep 23rd Vanished.... PUFF!

How weird is that, I guess Google likes recent content and you are in the spotlight for about 10 days then you are history.

Also I was thinking maybe that was the time the article may have been on the front page of my site, which of course has a higher PR than a page on its own.

I will watch in interest and see if it appears again in the near future as a blip on the radar, something to keep in mind though when writing articles it pays to keep them coming one after the other.

The tool I use for tracking my keywords is the Digital Point Keywords Tool

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Fun and Games Continue

Lately I have been doing a few different things as I continue on this crazy adventure that is making money online.

I think sometimes the important thing is to offer something different from what everyone else is offering, especially when you are trying to sell your services on sites like the dp forums. I have been really trying to think outside the square on this one.

Also Greg and I have been experimenting with buying traffic via the likes of Google AdWords and driving it to one of our new sites and trying to convert the visitors and thats actually going ok. We have also installed software called clickaider which really helps with analyzing where your clicks have come from.

At the end of the day it can be as simple as buying traffic cheaply and selling it for a higher price.

Its nice to be able to say that you spent this much in advertising and know exactly how much you got in return.

Lately I have not been feeling the best, so haven't been spending as much time online as normal. It is however making me think about working smarter rather than harder.

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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Make Money Fast Without Getting Distracted!

Its fair to say that I get quite distracted on times, especially lately with my celebrity blog. I was looking for a Jessica Biel youtube video and found a great one of Jessica Biel Hot and Frolicking around the beach.

I think I could probably just keep watching it over and over again, however thats no way to earn a living or make money fast.

A fair portion of the traffic that I am getting to the Sir Blogger site is by targeting these long tail celebrity words and I am sure that you could do this with any site. The secret is of course traffic, once you have traffic its more a matter of which way do you want to make money as opposed to how can you make money.

It helps of course if you are blogging about something that interests you and I have to admit although I was never really that interested in celebrity gossip I am certainly starting to become drawn into the web of slander, affairs and tantrums that are part and parcel of celebrity life.

One person that I am sure will agree with me is Mike from Mike's Money Making Mission (and you may want to check out his how to make money website as well).

Celebrity blogs are something Mike has been experimenting with as well - he always has great ideas, and I must admit I have borrowed a few from him over the last year or so. Definitely one for the feed reader, or email subscription list.

Thats all from me, I do however have one article for you to read, and let me know what you think. One of my internet partners in crime and I wrote this article about how curry is coming to America, and we would appreciate your feedback on it.

If you are American I am interested to know what your favorite takeaways are and do you like Indian and Thai Curries? Sorry I know its a bit off topic, however if its any consolation you are indirectly participating in the Million Dollar Experiment Down Under by contributing!

Take it easy out there and happy Blogging.


PS Best comment gets a free Link and Plug.

Diary of a Money Maker

Today I awoke feeling a little deflated, things have been a little slow lately with my experiment and although it does go in cycles a little it can get you down.

Anyway for those of you that are interested in what could perhaps be described as a typical day for me, heres how it panned out...

7-15 am Got up and went for a run

8-00 am Breakfast, Showered and took my daughter next door for the school run

8-30 - 9-30 am Went through emails, replied to a few DP queries and managed to snag a small sale for a contextual link on one of my sites. Also began downloading a site that I need to transfer over for Greg - Money Made $5

9-30 - 10-30 am Played with my 1 and 1/2 year old son for an hour

10-30 - 12-00 pm Did 2 sponsored posts and sent a renewal for a link on one of my sites. - Total money now made $24

12-00 - 1-30 pm had some lunch and then went down town for a coffee as our coffee machine is broken. Its tough work being an Online Money Maker and we need our caffeine.

1-30 - 2-30 Began writing this article and picked up a post from the "grab bag" on Blogsvertise. Spoke to Greg for a while on MSN, what a time waster MSN can be! I know that to really start making this worthwhile I need to average 70 - 80 dollars a day, 7 days a week and I am a long way off that. Luckily I am looking after my Dad's online contact lens shop while he is away so I manage to pick up a few sales from that. Total money made now: $40

2-30 - 3-30 I manage to do another paid post, not the most enjoyable way of making money online but certainly one of the most effective methods that I have found to date. Also I write an article on one of my lesser known blogs to promote one of my new sites and I write an article to send to my friend who can hopefully post it on one of his .edu blogs (google loves links from edus) Total money now: $50

3-30 - 4-00 Chasing kids around the house. This is better than going to work surely?

4-00 - 4-30 I manage to slip in another quick post Total now $57

Thats enough for today, maybe I will do abit more later tonight, however I think I have had enough for now.

How much will you make today?

UPDATE: Managed to slip in another $15 paid post, bringing the total for the day to $72-00

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Featured Post - Jura Capresso

I love coffee, infact I go all kind of weird if I haven't had my daily dose, must be some kind of caffeine withdrawal symptoms I guess.

One great way of bringing the taste of a fine coffee is with a jura capresso machine, they really bring the fine taste of coffee into your own home.

The best thing is they operate at the touch of a single button so the machine will grind the coffee, measure, tamp brew, serve and clean up, all in less than 60 seconds!

Featured Post - Arizona luxury real estate

Currently I am going through the process of buying a new home and one of the areas that I would love to move to if I could afford would be Arizona.

You can check out Arizona luxury real estate on the web and there are some fantastic properties available.

Some of these properties need to be seen to be believed, the private cigar and wine tasting room on one of them that I was just looking at is certainly an impressive addition to any home!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Make Money Fast With Google Adwords

If you have a site that converts well and also has reasonably paying clicks coming through it is possible to turn a profit by paying for traffic by way of systems like Google Adwords and targeting low priced keywords.

With any luck and if the content of your site is niche and sought after you should be displaying ads that pay well. By getting the traffic for a small amount and with any luck converting it to a higher amount profit is of course made.

Suggestions that I can make if you are thinking of using adwords are as follows..

1./ Set a daily budget - stops things running away on you
2./ Use a keyword tool to target the long tail of search terms
3./ Remember a click that you pay 5 cents for is as good as a click you pay $1 for as long as it is the same target market.
4./ Take your time and don't be afraid to experiment.

Myself I never pay any more than about 10 cents a click, as I don't think you really need to if you farm the keywords properly.

Adwords is a little overwhelming when you first login, but I encourage you to spend $5 on a small campaign and familiarize yourself with the system, once you get the hang of it, you will find it relatively simple enough.

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On Sir Blogger we post about Jennifer Lopez Exposed, as well as the always Sexy Jessica Alba - could her boyfriend really be cheating on her? Visit and find out the real gossip.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Quest for Number One Spot

I have been pretty busy over the last couple of days, and had limited time on the computer. Also I have been having some weird headaches and pains all over my body lately probably from to much time on the computer. I think my body is telling me it is time to slow down a bit, its been a mad few months and most days I have spent up to 14 hours a day in front of a PC.

I am going to start limiting myself, otherwise I think it is to much, hopefully this won't have to great an effect on my experiment, and I can continue to build on the work already done.

I am interested to know though for those of you that spend big hours a day in front of the PC, how do you manage it and do you have any problems with aches and pains etc?

Anyway back to the subject of this post...finally one of the terms that I was trying to rank for has come in to sit at spot number 1 on Google. Certainly gives me a feeling of accomplishment, however the rush of traffic that I was expecting doesn't quite appear to be happening just yet. This proves to me that all though I am learning loads about how the search engines work and what it takes to rank well on them, I am only scratching the surface.

I still see SEO as the key to a lot of what I am trying to achieve. Unlocking the secrets of Google will help me fulfill my quest and I need to keep experimenting, learning from my mistakes and tuning my formula.

In other news I have been having problems with one of the hosting companies I use in NZ. I have had the same problem bring down one of my sites 5 times now, and although they fix it up pretty quick each time, they refuse to admit there must be an underlying issue causing it to reoccur.

Anyway it has now happened one time to many, so I am moving as many sites as I can away from them. This of course takes a bit of time as well.

Enjoy the weekend.

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Featured Post - Berndes Cookware

If you are one of those people like myself who insists on buying quality products that are designed to last the distance you will like berndes cookware. although my wife normally makes the decisions regarding the kitchen utensils and cookware, she will normally take my advice at least into consideration and make a decision taking into account my wishes. Well thats what I tell myself anyway!

How to get a Logo for 5 Bucks

For ages I have wanted to get a logo for my Sir Blogger site, however being quite tight with my hard earned dollars I kept putting it off. Well as its started to earn a few bucks I decided it was finally time to do so.

What do you think of my new logo? $5 it cost from this guy on the DP forums.

Often I try and make my own logos, however I am not to great at it, e.g the one on this site lol.

Maybe I will spend another 5 dollars and get a new logo for the Make Money Fast - Million Dollar Experiment Down Under?

Actually I have just sent the guy a PM, it is weekend time, so expect a new logo for this site in the next couple of days!

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Today on Sir Blogger we look at Jennifer Lopez Exposed, also if you havent yet seen them check out our melissa wolf articles.

Featured Post - Construction Loans

I am currently looking at building a new home and financing it is something I really need to investigate in depth.

One way of managing the process of building or fixing up an existing home is by taking out a construction loan. These loans are made on the basis of LTV (loan to value). This is normally worked out by dividing the amount of the loan by the value of the property.

As far as Construction Loans are concerned the value of the property is worked out as the appraised future value of the property in question.

As far as organizing Texas Construction loans we recommend the Construction loan center. Its great to know that they are willing just to talk about Construction loans and if you let them know what you are wanting, they can guarantee a reply that is not only helpful but prompt as well.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Featured Post - Superbowl Tickets

America loves its football and for those that get along to a game every now and then its important to have a way to buy those Superbowl tickets thats not only cost effective but easy to use as well.

Thats why we recommend, an established site that is easy to navigate and will have your orders will be delivered safely and securely via Federal Express.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

How a Blog Can Help Your Site

One of the first sites that I created back over a year ago now earns a small amount of passive income every month. About 6 or 7 months ago I added a blog to it as part of my SEO strategy and it is now pleasing to see that some of the articles on the site bring in good traffic. One of the more popular articles I wrote is about how to go about your resignation letter - it's quite possible that there are a great many people out there not to happy in their jobs!

Sometimes certain types of sites can become very static indeed, and its well known that Google not only likes unique content, but also regularly updated content which is one of the reasons that Blogs can become so well ranked.

You may remember some of the other experiments that have been recently carried out on the Million Dollar Experiment Down Under as we continue on our quest to Make Money Fast.

Female Celebrity Foot Picture Experiment
In a bizarre twist to this one, the site I wrote the article on has slipped to number 11 and this very site ranks number 2! Could this mean that this site is due for some extra pagerank love from the big "G"

Melissa Wolf Experiment
Ex penthouse pet Melissa Wolf has been playing with the law and on our celebrity blog we have enjoyed writing about it. Currently we are pulling up at position 20 for this popular term.

These terms are bringing regular traffic to my site, proving that you can pro actively increase traffic to your site by using some "smarts" in the way you write your articles. Make them related to your site and do a little research on the subject you are looking at to make sure you are honing in on popular words.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Make Money Fast With An Online Store

My Father is heading overseas for a month or so and I am taking care of his contact lens online store. Its not hard to have your own online shop these days and thats mainly due to the great open source shopping software used by thousands of websites around the world oscommerce.

From what I have seen the store makes a few hundred dollars a month in profit. Its quite easy to run its just really a matter of taking the orders and then communicating with the supplier.

Finding a good and reliable supplier is half the battle, however luckily for my fathers store he has been dealing with the same supplier for several years so the relationship is strong.

Once you have your store all set up you can drive traffic to it, and all things remaining equal the more traffic that you get, the more sales and profit you should make.

Its a lot cheaper buying lenses online than through a chemist, I have been buying mine online for years and its the same product, however you can normally save at least 25% on the price.

The prices on his store are in Australian dollars. If you wear contacts, why not give it a shot for your next pair?

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Advice to Those Getting Started

On one of the forums that I am a member of another member sent me a PM asking me along the lines of "Hey Rob, I have just started a blog and I to want to make $1000 a month, please help" - he had also seen the screen shots from my paypal and wanted to know more specifics as to what exactly was being earned.

I thought my reply to him may be helpful to others so here it is...

Hi XXX, I guess the hardest thing is starting out, if you start at the beginning of my blog you may get an idea of how I started, but remember it took 11 months to go from almost nothing to over $1000 in a month ( and remember this is more than one site ). In the beginning I think you really need to spend the first 2 - 3 months just building content up on your site, trying to get as many links from other sites to yours, and try to post on a regular basis to get people coming back.

Nowadays I spend most of my time writing sponsored posts, and selling advertising on my various sites, however they all have traffic and pagerank and thats what you need to try to get first of all.

If you want to move faster you could consider buying an existing site, that may save you months of work.

Hope that is of some help, specifically the money in my paypal is from lots of things the main ones being,, and private advertising which I sell on the digitalpoint forums.


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Monday, September 10, 2007

Make Money Fast - Detecting Duplicate Content With CopyScape

Most people are aware that Google likes genuine content, however not everyone is aware of Copyscape lets you put in a URL and it will check and find if anyone else on the internet has copied the content.

I have used the tool many times and also not only to check that my own content is not being copied, occasionally I use it in cases like when I start a new website in another country that may be a copy of one I already have, however I want to ensure that I am not penalized for having two copies, so I rewrite the content enough to pass CopyScape. That of course is no guarantee that it is going to pass Google's, duplicate content detectors, however its better than doing nothing.

Another use I can see it coming in handy for is say you had an article that you wanted to post on different blogs or sites, in order to increase the backlinks for one of your sites. By mixing up the anchor texts and ensuring the article passes copyscape you can ensure that it will be SEO friendly.

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Featured Post - Auction Shark!

When purchasing big ticket items online it is not always easy to know exactly where to go to get the best deal and that is where AuctionShark can help.

As a test of the site I decied to check for what kind of prices Palm Treo 750 Smartphone at AuctionSHARK went for and I was very pleasantly surprised to see the search carried out in a matter of seconds and a wide range of results displayed to me in a very easy to navigate layout.

The prices that AuctionSHARK picked up on ranged from $250.00 - $542.00 and its easy to see how considerable money could be saved using this website as the cheapest options were on sites that I would not necessarily even think to check.

Shops that showed up as part of my search include eBay, Amazon, at&t and many more. AuctionSHARK seemed to be able to pick up the difference between say a phone and a phone battery which was pleasing to see, so the results were exactly what I was looking for.

The next time you are looking at buying something online, I suggest that you give AuctionSHARK a shot, and see just how much money and time you can save.

Featured Post - Home Lighting

Lighting is a something that can make or break the look and ambience of a home. If you are looking for home lighting you can do a lot of research on the internet first and get a great idea of what is available, what lights suit what rooms and the price. One site I would recommend is they certainly have an excellent site that is very simple to navigate.

Featured Post - Animal Costumes

What a great idea it is to buy a animal costume for a gift. Kids love dressing up as their favorite animals and its very important to let you r children make the most of their active imaginations. Much better encouraging them to play dress up animal games with their friends, rather than putting them in front of a DVD for hours on end.

Featured Post - Truck Accident Lawyer

Picture this, you are innocently driving along in your truck, minding your own business and some idiot in another truck pulls out in front of you. You slam on your breaks, just about snap your neck as you experience a major whiplash, and you cannot go back to work for almost a year. Its time to get hold of a truck accident lawyer to not only protect your own interests, but perhaps help you to seek compensation for the trauma that you are going through.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Can We Be Number One For Female Celebrity Foot Picture

As you probably have figured out by now if you are wanting to get a bunch of traffic and interest to your website it helps to focus on specific niches, and try and find a market that hasn't been particularly well catered for. Its all very cool having a blog about making money online, but you are one of many - you may do well, however its a lot harder than focusing on a niche with little competition.

How many blogs do you know thought that have a great article about a female celebrity foot picture?

Probably not to many and that is how I managed to rank number 5 for the term after just a few weeks. In the last two days that keyword and ones related to it have sent me around 30 unique visitors.

Following the success of this I have decided to take it one step further (sorry had to do it!) and I am now gunning for the number one position. You can check the current position by running the google search here. (Our site has been as high as 5, today sitting at 9 )

Today I added more content to the article, it is already ranking well however we all know Google loves content and specifically unique content. So now we wait and see what happens, however I think it will be good, especially as I managed to find a couple of great pictures of Jessica Alba's feet, and what lovely feet they are.

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Featured Post - Closed Captioning

If you are requiring closed captioning for your video or dvd production then you would be wise to check out the services offered by the website.

If you are wondering what the difference is between opened and closed captions its the fact that open captions are always visible, alternatively closed captions need a caption decoder to enable them to be visible.

Featured Post - faux wood blinds

Decorating or improving the look of the interior of your house is never an easy task, however one way to immediately improve the general look and feel of your place is by installing faux wood blinds.

They are a great alternative to the traditional Wood Blinds, mainly because faux wood blinds are not affected by humidity, they look like Wood Blinds and they are also washable.

PPC Tools - Make Money Fast

PPC is a relatively simple concept, and if you can get it down to a fine art there is considerable money that can be made.

In its simplest form you pay money to get clicks through to your website. Mostly though web marketers do this with the intention of converting a certain percentage of the visitors into a sale, and this is how money is made.

I will give you an example, lets say you are selling sun glasses and you want to target Canadians. You could set up a PPC campaign with a company like Google Adwords and target Canadians that were searching for words like "Buy Sunglasses" and depending on the competition you would pay a certain amount per click.

Once you create a stream of traffic to your site you would probably find that a certain percentage would actually buy the product and this is called the conversion rate. If you are making more than what you are spending on PPC then you are doing well.

Of course PPC is not always done for those looking to make a quick sale, sometimes webmasters just use it to get general traffic to their site.

I found a great site that has some more information on PPC, particularly PPC tools which you would be wise to look at if you are interested in getting into PPC yourself.

New Projects on the Go - Month to Date Update

Today I start work on a new site, its going to be a myspace layouts site and it is one that Greg and myself will be doing a joint venture on. I should have it finished in a week or so - I will put up a link once it is finished.

In the last two weeks I have been putting together an information site called It shows 10 of the most common pregnancy symptoms and answers the question that a lot of women are asking everyday..the question is of course..Am I Pregnant?

It was quite an eye opener creating the site - I am very glad I was born a male, because we simply don't have to worry about that stuff.

Moneywise things are still ticking over here as we try to Make Money Fast on the internet. Month to date the average is coming in at just over 30 dollars a day so we are on target for 900 - 1000 (US dollars) this month. Its worth noting though I have spent a lot more time creating sites etc rather than doing sponsored posts.

Greg gave me a heads up yesterday that there were a bunch of blogging ads out. (thanks mate) blogging ads are very cool, because they actually write the articles for you. Basically for 5 - 10 mins work I was able to make a quick 30 dollars.

Affiliate income wise, my best program over the last few weeks is still linkworth. These guys not only offer about 10 or more different ways to monetize your site they also pay $10 per sign up that you send their way. So if you want to make affiliate income by helping other people make money online I suggest you send them in linkworths direction.

Enjoy your weekend. I enjoyed watching the All-Blacks first world cup game against Italy last night. Lets hope they can keep the momentum going.

Contact me if you are interested in any sponsorship opportunities on this site. I am open to ideas so lets get talking.

robstgeorge at gmail dot com

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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Have Patience With Your SEO - It Takes Time

One thing that I have definitely learned over the last 6-12 months is that SEO takes time. I am now fairly confident that with the tools that I have available I can do enough research to pick a good keyword or phrase, make the html and content changes to optimize for it, and lastly monitor the ranking of the words to determine when success kicks in.

However it takes at least a month, sometimes 3 -6 months to really start ranking and its important to not panic and start changing things around. Just have confidence in your abilities, make the changes and wait and watch. If of course nothing has happened in the 3-6 month period then it could be time to change tactics...

If you want an example of this, I have a curry recipes site and finally it is hovering around position 10 to 11 for the words "curry recipes" however it has taken around 6 months.

This site I optimized for the words "Make Money Fast" around the same time and it took a couple of months before we were even registering. Now we hover around 34 - 65 however it is slowly rising.

SEO is something you need to keep working at, and chipping away, eventually you will make it if you are persistent enough.

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Featured Post - Hamilton Watches

Swiss made Hamilton watches have deep American origins, and even to the current day the American influence is a large part of these classic designs.

Beginning back in 1892 hamilton watches made more than one million watches for the US military.

If you are looking for a classic watch that is reliable enough to be used in the line of duty I suggest you check out the hamilton watches on the website.

Featured Post - Golf Clubs

I would have to admit that my golf is not really up to par (sorry please excuse the pun) and however much I would like to blame my golf clubs the fact is that when it comes to hitting a golf ball, I have some serious coordination issues.

I have considered getting professional lessons, because golf is certainly a game that I do enjoy playing, but I am sure that a few lessons would make it even more so.

Ask the Shoe

Well folks Mr Shoemoney himself is letting us ask questions once again, and often I wonder what sort of personality traits it takes to be as successful as Mr Shoe himself.

I have managed to get into the first 50 or so comments, and have asked whether he would describe himself as a competitive person. You may be able to sneak in a question here...

Ask Questions round 4

The answer will hopefully be posted soon, however here is the question...

Hi Shoe, I have been following your blog for a while, and thanks for all the inspiration. I have a simple question, would you describe yourself as a competitive person, i.e do you have to win at all costs ( apart from when racing your wife of course lol ), or are you happy to not always win as long as you still achieve your primary goals?

Thanks - I am just trying to figure out how competitive someone as successful as yourself is overall, or would you maybe describe yourself differently in regards to this personality trait.
I will of course add the shoe mans reply to this post as soon as the good man answers. I am figuring that although he is competitive I don't think it is a big part of his personality, I am thinking he has more of the persistancy factor to him... what do you think?

Also I notice that today I have over 90 subscribers and are getting closer to the magic 100. If you are reading this article and would be interested in learning more about how we are making money online (over $1000 US last month) please subscribe and join in - I want to help you achieve the same and hopefully you can learn from my mistakes and you may get there a lot faster lol.

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Friday, September 07, 2007

Featured Post - Yo momma Jokes

Just because Wilmer Valderrama doesn't have you on his show doesn't mean that you can't share your yo momma jokes with the world. MTV recently launched an online companion to the television show at that lets you battle other users, upload videos of your best yo momma so thin jokes, and vote on other users jokes. Check it out today both on myspace and on the yo momma website, but watch out for some guy calling himself Jesus on the site - apparently he's got some world class yo momma jokes just waiting to be used on somebody.

Part-time jobs are the right fit for students

If you’re a student and looking to get some practical experience beyond the classroom, then you should check out the part-time jobs on By getting a part-time job in the area you’re interested in, you can learn skills and lessons that homework assignments and textbooks won’t teach you. Plus, part-time jobs make great student jobs because of the flexible hours they provide. And we almost forgot to mention the best thing about getting a job – extra cash in your pocket.

The experience to help your company grow

For years, consulting firms like BNC have been helping companies like yours grow in Colorado and Texas. Computer Networking is quickly becoming key to any business' growth as information has to be shared amongst a growing number of employees. Why print out all the paper when you can simply share the information over the network?

Unfortunately, few companies can afford to hire a full-time IT department to help them with their networking needs. That's why you'll like BNC.
BNC is a Dallas Computer Service consulting firm that can help your company with issues ranging from SPAM filtering to planning for and testing a disaster recover plan, in case somebody accidentally deletes everything on your computers. I know you'll be happy you let a qualified consulting firm help take your company to the next level with improved computer networking.

Featured Post - Viper Mail

Its important that you bring intelligence to your email marketing and that is exactly what a product like vipermail can bring to the table with their powerful email marketing software solution.

In a world full of spam and junk email its important when you are marketing and communicating with your clients that you stand out from all the rest. If you don't then you are destined to be second best, and thats not where you probably want to be aiming.

Email is a powerful tool when utilized in the right way, and there is great step by step article on email marketing that you can read.

Featured Post - Online Betting

bet365 is a racebook and sportsbook gaming site that is owned by a company called Bet365 Group Ltd.

The site lets you offer a wager without downloading any software however it also has downloadable software that you can run on your PC.

Bet365 offer a one wallet system - this means that you get the benefits of their entire range of services and you only need one login. You don't need to belong to 5 different online betting sites anymore - you can do everything that you need to from Bet 365.

Having everything in one place is not only handy from an ease of use point of view but its actually more secure as well, much better than having to worry about 5 different logins to other sites.

Personally I have had mixed results with online betting, its certainly very exciting and something I could see myself participating in very regularly. You need to be sensible however and make sure you know when to stop.

It definitely makes a sports event more exciting to watch if you have a few dollars riding on the outcome.

Writing Articles for Search Engines

Its been an interesting last few weeks for me, I am on a constant journey to improve my "smarts" when it comes to making money fast online, and this has meant trying to find the best ways (legit of course) to maximize the exposure of my sites on search engines.

There are lots of articles floating around about how best to write your article so that Google gives you lots of "love" however I am starting to think that Google is a hell of a lot smarter than what we think sometimes.

Often it is the term that you weren't even thinking about that brings in the visits and I am thinking that perhaps Google's algorithms are getting so smart at picking up unnatural looking keyword placements and emphasis that it is best to not think to much about it at all and just write what comes naturally to you.

I am starting to rank fairly well for a couple of terms on my Sir Blogger site however it is up and down a bit. Some of the current keywords I am enjoying some G love on at the moment are...

Britney Exline
- Front page for this kid who is so smart that she has entered college at age 15
female celebrity foot picture - We are also on the front page for this term.

Now celebrity foot picture has sent that site 31 visitors in the last couple of weeks and over the months and years ahead this may add up to many hundreds of visitors. All because I did the following...

  1. Found a term that was often searched for but not many results
  2. Wrote an article using the term as the start of the title
  3. Used the term a couple of times in the article once in italics
  4. Linked to the pages a couple of times with anchor text as or near to the key words
Thats all! Front page of Google with 4 simple steps, not rocket science but better than just writing an article with no thought at all of what you are trying to achieve. I strongly recommend against overdoing it. Just keep it basic and write good content and Google will figure it out.

Good luck!

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Watch out Macdonalds Curry Focus is coming to America!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Sponsored Post - Truck Toolbox

Back when I worked in the Tire industry I was lucky enough to have a small truck and it was very cool. Being in this industry having alloy wheels and big fat tires was a given, plus I was lucky enough to be able to fit a truck toolbox into the tray at the back. There is something about having the right truck, the right wheels and the best tool box isn't there?

Featured Post - Payroll Software

Running your payroll manually without good payroll software can be a recipe for disaster.

Perfect Payroll is a system that can be accessed from where ever you are in the world via a secure connection through your web browser.

Using the Perfect Payroll software means you can spend your time running your business and managing your staff, not spending your time on menial tasks that can be automated with a great system like this one.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

How I removed 1600 unnecesary external links from my site in 5 minutes

Its always great when you have one of those "doh" moments and realize that you are doing something pretty stupid.

Over the last year I have had plenty of those moments, and the latest one was made glaringly obvious to me when I used the following SEO tool..

This tool displays a given web page in a graphical format showing all the external links that the site has. I think we all learned in SEO 101 that the less external links the better. A site will rank well if it has other sites linking to it, rather than it linking out to every man and his dog.

Anyway you can see from the image below (you may want to click on it to view it full size) the tool shows you which of the links on your page are external ones, as well as the pagerank of the sites that you are linking to.

When I did this (I have removed them now) I noticed how all the digg this, furl this and add to delicious etc were all counted as external links. Now as there were at least 4 or 5 of these on each article and over 475 articles on the site it doesn't take a mathematical genius to figure out that removing these would be beneficial to the SEO of this site.

I have seldom been dugg, furled or added to delicious so I guess I am not really losing much by removing them. It was just a matter of editing the template and removing the code.

If you do this don't forget to back up your template first!

Happy link pruning - I suggest you weigh it up for yourself.

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Monday, September 03, 2007

Featured Post - Bunk Beds

When I was a kid, it was always fun staying at my friends houses, especially if they had bunk beds

Maybe it is the thought of being up so high, or the fact that you could fit so many of your friends into the same room.

Now that I am a parent of course, bunk beds mean that you don't have to use up as much space in your house for beds, more room for my office and games room! - there was something so exciting about sleeping on the top bunk!

Another Day and Another Website Launched

Tommorrow I am going to let you now how I managed to remove around 1600 external links from my site in a few minutes.

Tonight however I am shattered, spent all weekend working on starting up a US version of my Curry Focus site and spent all day today creating a new site called Worlds Fastest Cars.

Haven't made hardly any money in the last few days so may have to pull out all stops tommorrow to give the new month a boost along.

For now though it is sleep time, its been a long day but a fruitful one.

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Sunday, September 02, 2007

August Summary of the Make Money Fast Million Dollar Experiment Down Under

Another month passes and again we continue to press the boundaries and answer the questions that we ask of ourselves in our fascinating quest to make Fast Money Online.

Make Money Fast - The Experiment

The goal is that starting with only $36 earned in the first month (October 2006) to increase earnings by at least 20 percent each month with the intention of not only eventually earning One Million Dollars but to also be earning after only 30 months more than $7000 per month. We are now entering month 12 of this experiment.

So far are we have been lucky enough to blitz the targets each month. At the present rate of growth we are actually approximately 7 months ahead of ourselves...maybe soon we will be giving our resignation letter to our manager!

Top Referrers
The top 5 sites for August that have earned themselves another month on the front page and all the other 475 or so pages of this site are....

Worth an honorable mention having just missed the cut are..

Elizabeth Rose
David StGeorge Photography

And here is the graph, it's changed a lot over the last few months - things are really heading skywards.

Total money earned US $1121-60

If you want more info on how I achieved this I wrote about it a couple of days ago in the article How to Make 1000 dollars a month online..

In a month of firsts, this month is the first time that traffic has actually dipped on this site, however we did crack the 80 Mark for subscribers which is starting to head in the right direction. 100 would be a nice number wouldn't it?

I attribute the fact that traffic dropped to the huge time that I am currently putting into my other sites ( this weekend I have been launching our curry recipe site in the US ), also the launch of new sites. Unfortunately to get the systems in place to achieve my earning goals this just has to be done.

Good luck with your earnings this month, how much do you think you will make?

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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Featured Post - Cash Advance

Sometimes the situations that we are in dictate the actions that we have to take, and in these circumstances it is sometimes necessary to apply for a cash advance to get you through a sticky situation.

If you are ever in this position try to think carefully before going ahead, and make sure that the situation does not have another solution, perhaps communicating with the parties that you need to pay can help in some situations.