Friday, August 14, 2009

Make Money Fast - Get a Job!!

For those of you looking for work in the recession we all find ourselves in you are welcome to register your profile on our free job hunter sites. We have just launched in the states but are in desperate need of candidates before we can start advertising to employers.

So if you are looking for work, or want to advertise your services please sign up on our free site. Registration takes less than 5 mins, we don't want your life story just a quick run down on the type of position you are looking for.

American Jobhunters

The Jobhunters sites started more than two years ago when we created a single site in New Zealand. It proved fairly popular so the next step was an Australian version, followed by a European site, fairly recently a Canadian site joined the group and now we are looking to help people looking for work in the States.

Matching employers to jobseekers is something I find personally satisfying, the sites have never made a great deal of money, however I think the concept is a good one. The employers are able to browse the categorized listings of job seekers and then contact them, with no private details divulged unless the candidate decides to respond.

Each response is checked first to ensure its not spam, ( or some kind of network marketing offer or get rich quick scheme!! ) and if relevant forwarded on to the candidates. New candidates are displayed on the front page of the site for a period of time. If we don't get a rush of sign ups your profile could be on the main page for days!

To register simply click on register ( the link on the top right of the site), I am happy to display your profile if you are looking for internet work, or pretty much anything serious.

Thanks for your support.


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