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Monday, August 06, 2007

Make Money Fast With a $50 Dollar Day

Today I would like to do a little experiment, with the resources I now have available to me I would like to prove how simple it is to earn fifty US dollars in one day online.

I just want to show that its not only possible, its quite simple as long as you have built up enough blogs and money earning opportunities.

Firstly we will do some sponsored posts, then try and sell some links.

Sponsored Posts

Loudlaunch - I headed over to loudlaunch and they have 2 or 3 ten dollar posts available to do. I selected this one.

wow that wasn't to hard, I am now well on my way to earning 50 dollars.

Current earnings $10 Next stop for me is Payu2Blog, I always like doing there posts because they are quick and easy. You only need to write 60 words and they are great to slide in under a regular post. Now Payu2Blog are one of my most regular earners, I probably make $80 - $100 a fortnight from them on a regular basis, today there are 2 sitting waiting for me I will do them both - they only take about ten minutes each so its fast money.

Now thats out of the way we are sitting at $20 earnings for the day, and its still the morning. I am a bit sick of sponsored posts now having already written 3 of them, but popped into and reserved one for later on. The great thing about smorty is that you can reserve them and have three days to write them!

Forums - Digital Point - Advertising Sales

The next stop in my intrepid adventure is the DP forums, I am looking for people that are wanting to buy banners and/or links as I have a number of sites that I can place things on including this one. Ironically there is someone looking to place a smallish banner on a PR4 or upwards site so I have PM'd them the info and will hear back in a short while. They are looking for 3 months, so I have offered 3 months for $30. That will finish my day nicely if it comes through otherwise I am going to have to continue battling away, with sponsored posts etc. I try not to do to many of them if I can help it as I would rather sell advertising and then theres always the chance of renewals etc to build up passive income.

Post Level Links - One Dollar is better than No dollar

When you are trying to make money its important to get the maximum value out of everything that you spend your time on, some things like regular articles for your site although you may get long term returns via adsense and affiliate programs its also good to get a quick dollar or two and thats why I post level links. I wrote my daily celebrity blog article and managed to get a dollar for a link underneath it. That brings our tally to 21 dollars.

Well I havent heard back yet from the guy at the DP forums about the banner advert and its been a couple of hours since I left that message, so with time ticking on it means a visit to payperpost to try and get a decent valued article to write.

Luckily for me unlike last time I checked there is an 11 dollar offer available that fits in well to my celebrity Blog. I decide to take this opportunity.

Now its time to login and check how my affiliate scheme at Linkworth is going, these guys pay you a great referral fee everytime someone signs up underneath you and they also have a great range of products that they sell, like text links, links in posts, sponsored posts and much more. Unfortunately today there is no linkworth love for me, so I am now sitting at $32 dollars and need to scrape up another $18 to reach my target for the day.

Unfortunately I am starting to realise that I picked a bad day to do this, not much action coming through from the DP forums and the day is more than half over. If you remember earlier on I reserved a post on so I head back there and pick it up.

Luckily its an easy one to write and doesn't take long at all, maybe 6 or 7 minutes and brings our total up to 38 dollars.

Starting to think now that the only way I am going to reach this target today is by sponsored articles, not my preferred method, however I wanted to show that it is possible even if things don't always go as planned. Anyway I head back to Payperpost, its worth rechecking at regular intervals because their opportunities get updated quite often.

Theres an $8-50 one available, easy money really so I swoop on that and post it in record time, bringing my total up to $46-50

Well my day is nearly over, my daughter nearly home from school, time for one more post to get us over the fifty dollar mark. There is one ten dollar opp left from loudlaunch, so I pounce on that to finish the experiment with. I temporarily save it which then in effect reserves it for me for the next 2 hours, its really important to do this, otherwise you may spend time writing the article then go back in to submit and all the money is gone.

The post completed and another ten dollars to add to the kitty, $56-50 US earned and a fairly cruisy day - now time to go and spend some time with the family!

How much do you think you can earn in a day?

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Anonymous said...

That's a great post, you could probably make an ebook about that, I'm learning so much from your blog and it looks to me that your well on your way to making that million.

I just realized I commented on yours a few days ago, I forgot about that, I got a bad habit of blogging drunk sometimes. Eventually I'll get into hosting and domain names and what not, but I need to learn that kind of stuff, I have no exp in PHP coding and stuff. Once I do though I'll move onto that stuff with new ideas.

stratz said...

Does that include any passive income? Did you earn any from adsense or links you sold for the month included in this total? It would be higher if you did.. But wonderful article. I am off to write about it in my blog.

Anonymous said...

clip: Thanks mate, I realize you had peeled back a few beers that day lol

stratz: there were a couple of extra dollars earned via adsense etc, I wish it was a better passive income day, however it wasn't to be and by the time I had figured that out, I still wanted to prove how easy it could be done anyway. Soon I will go for a hundred dollar day but try and time it for a better time of the week.

Rachel said...

That is great, well done. I will be joining those pay to blog sites that you mentioned.

Anonymous said...


I am new to blogs too. I am finding ways to earn extra money. I have joined the money making site that you mentioned.

Unknown said...

This is very well written. I'm also making money with get paid to blog websites, but not really what I want to do all the time. I rather sell advertising space like you.

Marc Futoran said...

This is interesting. I'll have to check out some of these and get back to you. But it seems like these are not those sites where you go through a bunch of sponser crap to get to the real money. Real money being more than .10. Thank you for your efforts.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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