Friday, September 11, 2009

The Simple Facts

Several years on after I began the blogging experiment and started reading all the "A-Bloggers" Blogs, there is only about one blog I think that I have kept following all this time and that is Shoemoneys Blog.

The others seem a bit stuck on the same subjects, time after time. There are only so many times you can read about how to get new readers, how to come up with a funky blog headline or the latest blogging mastermind course before they all start to sound the same. Shoemoney however seems to be able to come up with different stuff all the time, and I think that is because he just blogs about what's on his mind, or what new stuff he has come across.

As for me I continue to make a few dollars from the various websites that I operate although funnily enough the biggest money making idea I have come across lately is selling stuff on Trade me ( NZ's equivalent of Ebay ). By utilizing my past career's contacts and product knowledge I have managed to make hundreds of dollars a month selling of all things Tires online.

I think I have come to a crossroads on this blog.. I no longer are motivated to blog about making money by writing about making money but are happy to share my ideas and success's or simply if I come across something interesting. I can't promise to make anyone rich quick, and will not try to send you to a site that pretends to do exactly that, but I will share any great ideas that I come across and will always answer any questions that you may have.

Currently I have moved sites that were but hosted in NZ to hosting in the UK. There are mixed opinions on this but it appears the search engines may indeed factor in the locality of a sites hosting into the equation.

I continue to sell products online, promote my sites and collect money from advertising and will share anything I learn with the readers of this site.

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