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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Day 31 We take a look at the Google Adsense Referral Program

Google AdSense have a referral system than can help you to further monetise your site. The four options that are available from my AdSense setup are..

  1. Google AdSense - Ad Revenue for publishers
  2. Google AdWords - Targeted online advertising
  3. FireFox plus Google Toolbar - Improved web browsing
  4. Picasa Photo - organization software

Depending on where you are located, more options may also be available to you.

Please note, it is best to check their website for up to date information, below is a summary only of the main points.

Google AdSense
This referral involves you placing an advert or link on your page, that offers the opportunity for visitors to your website to sign up and monetise their website. Once they have earned $100 US through the program, You will be payed $100 US. (They need to do it in under 180 days)

Google AdWords
You can also advertise Google AdWords. If an advertiser that has not advertised with Google before signs up through your referral and spends $100 (within 90 days of signup) your account will be`credited with $20.

FireFox plus Google Toolbar
When a user downloads and installs FireFox (that has not downloaded FireFox before) as per your referral, you will be paid $1-00. Certainly a great way to increase usage for a browser that many of us prefer to Internet Explorer.

Picasso Photo
Picasa is an application that allows you to easily organize and edit your pictures. Picasa also makes advanced editing and picture sharing simple. Visit them here Picasa website. When a user downloads and installs Picasso you will be paid $1-00. Again money for encouraging people to use a great application.

So there you have it, four more ways that you can earn money online, and help promote some cool products at the same time.

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Martin said...

Hi Rob,

I hope these start bringing you in more cash, I might have to add the Firefox and Picasa ones myself.


CyberCelt said...

Happy C&C Monday. Have a great week!