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Friday, December 01, 2006

Help! What to do when you get Bloggers Block

Sometimes it is hard to think of a new fresh article to write, bearing this in mind, there are several ways to approach this problem, some more successful than others.
One technique that may help is to save plenty of short drafts in your blog, when you are in a creative mood. That way when it comes time to write an article you can pick up on one of these and carry on from there.

Often the hardest part of writing an article is thinking of a topic, once the topic is settled on it will flow fairly easily from there.

Other ideas include...

  • Pick a topic that may be unrelated to your Blog but try and relate it to your blog in some way.
  • Choose a meme, visit other blogs and get ideas
  • Do a review of a site
  • Research some kind of new technology or Internet craze
  • Report on something that you have heard or read in the news
  • Visit other blogs and see what they are up to.
  • Go to ezine articles have a look at the area that relates to your blog and try and get some ideas. Worst case scenario, use one of their articles, as long as you link it back to them that's cool to do!

There are plenty of ideas out there, it is just a matter of deciding on one, let your fingers do the talking and before you know it an article will be written.

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