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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

hits4pay - No Way!

I thought that I would give hits4pay a shot, as another method to earn money online. However I have to say that for my own situation it is not going to be a viable option, the main reason being that the time it takes to earn 2 cents is not in my opinion worthwhile.

The site works by you registering with the usual sort of information, then you tick the areas that interest you. (e.g sport, finance, technology etc). Once this is done you need to wait for them to approve your account, then they start sending you emails, saying that you have emails to read.

This involves logging into the site, viewing some advert for maybe 20 seconds or so, (while they "Credit" your account.) with 2 cents. Once you get up to 25 dollars, they will send you a check, also they begin by crediting your account with 10 dollars.

To me this does not really appeal, because I believe my time is worth more than this. I choose to spend my time, working on projects which may in time earn recurring passive type income, rather than reading 750 emails to earn 15 dollars. Even if you could read 3 a minute you would only be earning 3.60 per hour, and would probably have a bad case of RSI to boot.

There is a referral system, with 2 down levels, so that if your referral reads an email, you get 1 cent, if your referrals referral reads an email, you also get 1 cent. It could possibly start creating a passive income if you could get enough people under you. I wonder how many have managed to do this successfully?

I signed up through this article and I apologise to the blogger concerned for not being able to put more time into it, as he appears to be doing OK. However for now, I cannot justify the effort for what would appear to be quite small returns. If you are however interested I would recommend signing up through his article, as he appeared to be more than happy to help with any questions that one may have.

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Harshal Vakil said...

Thanks 4 trying,
however i feel if u had put little effort in making referrals like me, u would be happy too :)

i read your 10 day summary everytime, and i saw that readers in India might not be able to earn from all of them, so i suggested to add hits4pay

Would always refer to your blog for better tips thanks

rob stgeorge said...

Thanks for that, I am sorry that I did not have more time to dedicate to it, because you are right, given the time it is probable that good referral links would be able to be created. however unfortunately I have a bit much already to deal with at the moment with the various projects I already have going.

Anonymous said...

i just signed up for this and if i can't get a good affiliate downline going then yeah, it does seem like a waste of time :-/
Somewhere Over the Debt

rob stgeorge said...

Time is a valuable asset - it should not be given away if possible.

marcia siegel said...

i think hits4pay is what it is. spare change. however, spare cahnge can add up. the time needed is time you are at your computer anyway. i read so much hyped e mails so why not read some that you get paid for?
it is great for your kids to earn some money and they are at home supervised and maybe they will learn some copy writing techniques.

rob stgeorge said...

Good Point marcia, thanks for dropping by!