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Friday, December 08, 2006

The Soapbox Jury - Get an honest appraisal on Your Blogsite

The Soapbox Jury Site is an interesting idea, basically you submit your Blog or Website to this site, and it will get a no nonsense review, along with a rating, screenshots and also tips for improving parts of your site that may be letting it down.

It is mentioned, because I believe if you have a money making blog, or any blog for that matter, having a review done on it can only help bring traffic to your site, plus as an added benefit may highlight some areas where you can improve on what you are currently offering to your readers.

A word from the site about the Products and Services that they offer:

Products and Services: Soapbox Jury prefers web reviewing, but we'll also review products or services if requested to. Please only ask for a product review if that product is readily available to us for testing.
We all know the truth can hurt sometimes, so be prepared for some constructive criticism, however from the reviews I have read about on this site, Tom and his team are quick to point out the good points of a blog, and they also provide useful tips to help counter the not so good aspects.

A number of categories are used to determine the rating of the site including description, appearance, navigation, regularity of posts etc.

It appears that the blog has mainly adbrite adverts on it as far as revenue earning goes, plus a donation option for those that would like to give something back for the obvious time and effort that is put in reviewing different sites.

There is no actual charge at this point in time for a review of your site, however this is certainly something that could be turned into a money earner in the future one would would imagine. I encourage you to submit your blog or website to the Soapbox Jury for a review.

If you found this site to be helpful or inspiring you are welcome to donate to Robs Experiment!

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