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Friday, December 29, 2006

Text Link Ads

After hearing about this from Tom, and also reading about it on problogger, it appears that text link ads are now available for blogger.com . I have just signed up and will post more information as it becomes available. Meanwhile you can join the program here..

Monetize Your Site :aff

----- update received a polite yet blunt rejection of my application from text link ads...

"We are sorry but the inventory you have suggested http://millionnzdollars.blogspot.com/ has been declined at this time. The main reasons inventory is declined is:

-The website does not have enough link popularity.

-The website does not have enough traffic.

-The website is currently selling text link ads.

*Please note that our algorithm that accepts or rejects inventory submissions can make mistakes and if you feel the above criteria does not accurately describe your website, please reply to this email asking for further review by our editorial staff."

OK well I am not sure what they mean when they say that I am currently selling text link ads, or why if I was it would be a problem, however guess that its not that easy to become a text link ads publisher.

Maybe I will try again in a couple of months when the sites popularity has increased.

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Mike Perry said...

Shame about text links. I guess at the moment you are technically selling Google Adsense ads.

Anyway, I just wanted to wish you a very happy and successful 2007.

A couple of days early but I might not feel up to writing on the first!

Best wishes,

rob stgeorge said...

Thanks Mike, I hope you also have a great 2007!

Kumiko said...

Hi rob. Thanks for your e-mail. I would like to do a link exchange with you. I've already added your link, so please add mine! Thank you!!


LFC fan! said...

thanks for the info mate...


Laura said...

I got the same email when I tried to sign up. I didn't have adsense or adbrite on my blog at that time, but I did have one paid link on my sidebar. It's strange that they would care about something like that...

Tom said...

Yes, you must definitely exchange links with Kumiko - she's soooo cute!
I've got another article up at adsense4dummies you might be interested in. Well, you're probably smashed because it's 2007 already in NZ. Happy New Year!

rob stgeorge said...

Kumko: Thanks very much your link is up!

lfc fan: Happy New Year mate!

Laura: Thanks for your comment, one would think that the more sites displaying their ads the better, nevermind their loss!

tom: Yes she is, and her site is a great link to add to my "Like Minded" Blogs, off to check out your article now... not hanging over to badly today, must be getting older or something..

Kevin the Collie said...

I was quite optimistic when I saw your post - then I saw the update! I submitted several of my sites and blogs and got the same reply as you.

rob stgeorge said...

Hey Kevin, thanks for calling by, sorry to hear that you had the same result!

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