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Monday, January 22, 2007

100 Days, Over 100 Posts and a Summary of Money Made to Date

It has now been 100 Days since we started this Experiment. Over 100 posts have been written and nearly $230 NZ Dollars have been earned.

Traffic has gradually increased over the time this blog has been running. Hopefully this will continue to grow over the months ahead. Most of our traffic comes from Google and referrals from other like minded sites - thanks to all that have linked through to this site. It is appreciated

Passive Income Focus
With more of a focus on passive income over recent weeks income has dropped a little on this site, however it has risen on my other sites so concentrating on building traffic, promoting etc has been worthwhile to date.

Google AdSense has been cranking along quite nicely for us this month, it is a long time ago that I first became an AdSense publisher (June 2005) and it took 1 year to earn the first payout! The next payout took 5 months as a couple of new websites were added to the mix. Now we are looking at less than 2 months to clock over the minimum payment - One of our short term goals is to be paid out monthly, however we have a bit to go yet.

Sponsored Posts
It is has certainly been enjoyable NOT doing any sponsored posts this month (apart from a couple right at the beginning.), the benefit of concentrating on building traffic instead should mean that gains are ongoing and will help add to the snowball effect of exponential growth.

Anyway lets cut to the chase, here is the breakdown to date of the Million Dollar Experiment Down Under!

(NZ $)
Google AdSense Total $23.97
Money4Blogs Total $29.41
Blogsvertise Total $22.06
Blogitive Total $110.29
LoudLaunch Total $7.35
MYLOT Total $11.19
SportsGambling Total -$10.10
Beer tasting Total $30.00
Grand Total US$ 152.44 or NZ$ 224.18

Increase over the last summary (90 Day Summary) in NZ Dollars: $11.31

If you found this site to be helpful or inspiring you are welcome to donate to Robs Experiment!

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CyberCelt said...

Have you tried submitting your site to PayPerPost. Its a nice payday 30 days from your posting. No minimums either. If you join, please use my url: http://tinyurl.com/y9ec5r

Stopped by for Click & Comment Monday. Have a great week.

doink said...

hey Rob,

Try putting your Summary as links too. That I believe, will increase your page ranks when the sites quoted are links.

How did you get so much on Money4 blogs? Any other similar paid link you can suggest to my blog ?

rob stgeorge said...

cybercelt - I will do that as I planned on reviewing pay per post anyway. Thanks I will use your url of course.

doink - Money4blogs make you an offer and I guess its based on lots of things, it was a while ago now but it was a good offer at the time.

Laura said...

I was curious--is your total the amount you earned during the last 10 days or since you started? -Laura

rob stgeorge said...

Laura, sorry to disappoint, I hope this doesnt put you off your own experiment, or your much appreciated regular visits to the site, however this is from day one! (I only wish it was the last 10 days)

Take it easy


Laura said...

Hi Rob,
I'm not disappointed or discouraged, I'm sure it will be your weekly amount in time (and hopefully mine too.) :)
Don't worry, I'll still be visiting a lot--this is my favorite "money" blog! :)

rob stgeorge said...

Laura: Thanks for that, if we set our minds to it, I cannot see why not.