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Monday, January 08, 2007

Blog Readers - Unfortunately not your Average Joes!

I have come to realise lately that one of the problems with having a blog like this one is that you are reaching out to people that have many similarities to yourself.... this is not unfortunately going to help you make money.

You may wonder what I am on about, however to try and provide an example of this we need to look at one of my other sites, this site earned more than 3 times the amount of Google Money last month as this Blog. Now the funny thing (or not so funny maybe) is that my blog here had a similar amount of hits, and the adverts on my blog are in more obvious places than my other site.

The other site mentioned also needs minimal maintenance, verifying a few adverts that get entered is all that is required, compared to the writing of over 20 articles for this blog.

I believe this is due to the visitors, most of the people that visit this blog are web savvy and know how to find exactly what they want on the net, compared to most of the visitors to the other site that I mentioned are just your average Joe surfer, and unfortunately for average Joe, he/she is less likely to find what they want.

This makes them more likely to click on a Google advert that may be more topical to what they are trying to find than the site they have just clicked into.

Knowing what we know, the challenge is to find a way to monetize our blog according to the audience that we have. One of the ways to do this is to encourage visitors to sign up as referrals in some of the different programs that are out there.

Another alternative is to reach out to other audiences, by placing articles on sites like hubpages aff: you can potentially reach a different profile of reader, one that is maybe more likely to click on your ads.

Also of course you could have a blog that appealed to a less tech savvy audience, therefore increasing the conversion rate to your advertising.

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Tom said...

Hi Rob,
Latest news is that there is some PageRank shuffle activity around some of the data centres. Could mean the update is imminent. Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

Hi rob,

you are absolutely correct. Moreover most of the people who visit our blogs is fellow bloggers/webmasters and they dun really click in adsense ad.
But our main aim should be getting traffic from search engine, instead we r getting most of our traffic from forums and from link exchanges.

PoEt said...

id be interested in comparing the two sites? which one are you referring to?

nice article, thanks

rob stgeorge said...

tom: Thanks mate, will have to do some research on that one. As of today my page rank is still a big fat 0 however hopefully it will change soon!

lfc fan (anonymous) thats right, however hopefully when the page ranks kick in, more traffic will come this way!

poet: the other site is please bear in mind I am no web designer.. the site is not flash, however it works well! (wish sometimes gets overlooked these days.)

PoEt said...

I like the layout of the site :)

streak_tlu said...


I totally agree with your assessment of web savvy bloggers reading these 'money-making' blogs. Solid post. I will say though that if you can get some of those "I want to get rich quick" readers to your blog they will often click the google adverts.

And also, I hear that PR update is coming near the end of Janurary. Google which is notorious for not showing all the inbound links is also trying to show a 'few more' apparently. I'll let you know if I hear anything definitive.

rob stgeorge said...

poet: thanks I am glad you liked it. simple but it is effective

streak_tlu: cheers mate, keep me posted if you hear anything