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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Building passive Income - Part I

As mentioned a week or so ago, the new focus for 2007 is to concentrate mainly on building passive streams of income. This is what we have been doing to achieve this...

Adding blogs to existing websites, to help search engine rankings
This is a great way to increase the search engine keyword pickups from your website, search engines love blogs, and adding a blog to your existing site can help you build that search engine recognition. You can also strategically place your AdSense adverts on the new blogs that you create to create additional revenue. Write a few good articles and money will start to be made.

Adding advertisements for various sites through free methods...
There are many sites where you can place free advertisements for your websites. These can help you gain additional traffic to your site. Here are some examples of such sites that can be found for free on the net.

The last 2 are a bit of a pain because you need to complete surveys etc to earn points which you can then use to buy a classified advert, however the traffic that can be obtained from these sites is quite astounding. You need to live in NZ for the smilecity site, or Australia for the emailcash site.

Gumtree have sites in most countries, so you can easily post a free advert along with a number of images to promote your website.

Affiliate Adverts
An article was published by this site promoting different methods to make money along with affiliate links. This kind of article can be useful for the readers of a site about how to make money, and if anyone signs up under you an ongoing passive income can be earned. The article can be viewed here.

Results to date
So far Month to date our Google AdSense earnings across our sites are higher than ever (over $2 a day consistently) . Traffic is also on the up and up. Things are looking good however it will take more time to accurately determine whether these are the results of our efforts, or just a blip on the graph.

Just a side note, we have finally cracked the top 100,000 technorati blogs woohoo! Thanks to all that have linked to us, and a reminder, if you would like to swap links please post a link to our site and leave a comment saying you have done so. Within 24 hours you will have a link in return.

If you found this site to be helpful or inspiring you are welcome to donate to Robs Experiment!

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Anonymous said...

Passive income as a focus is a lot long-time-strategy, but it is really a worth goal. It basically offers you freedom of time once you get there.

Good luck, I sure you're on the right path on starting all this by search engine campaign.

rob stgeorge said...

Thanks ruben, I have certainly noticed that by building up traffic to my sites, Google AdSense Money increases proportionally.

Martin said...

Congratulations on breaking the 100,000 Technorati rank, it's a great feeling isn't is. I'm not sure if it really means anything but I like to see my ranking improving. My next target is 25,000.


rob stgeorge said...

Thanks Martin, yep now onto the 50,000 goal - its certainly harder the higher you get!

Ben Cruikshank said...

Congrats on the adsense increase. Hopefully you'll keep growing!

Top 100,000 on Technorati is great! I'm working on getting there myself.