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Monday, January 01, 2007

Only 15 percent of Bloggers are Motivated by Money!

Some facts about those that Blog

According to this Washington Post article the typical Blogger is

Under 30 years of age
Only 15 percent of bloggers are motivated by Money
11 percent focus on politics
Less likely to be white than the general Internet-using population

Hmmmm... and how do I stack up.

33 years of age
Motivated by money
Not focused on Politics

Sounds like I am a bit of an oddity in the Blogosphere. How do you compare to the "typical" Blogger?

How many new blogs a day? how many in total?

According to this article on the BBC there are 100,000 new blogs created everyday. Technorati track approximately 57 Million Blogs of which they belive 55% are active and updated at least once every 3 months. The article also mentions that there are 200 Million Blogs that are no longer updated!

What is the weirdest Blog? the most popular?

One of the strangest blogs I have come across is this one Wandering Scribe its about a lady who lives alone in her car, she has even (almost) written a book, which you can view on Amazon even though it hasn't quite been published yet.
The most popular Blog at this point in time (according to Technorati) appears to be Engadget which is part of Weblogs, Inc

The future of Blogs...

Blogging is apparently expected to peak sometime in the next few years, this is because by then everyone that has an inclination to blog should be doing it, a lot that have given it a go however are not going to stick at it and will have moved onto other things. Blogging has the power to change the way information is beamed around the world and we are starting to see that it can be a powerful advertising tool.

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Anonymous said...

Greetings Rob !

Thank you for dropping by my blog and I look forward for your frequent visits !

My personal opinion, you're not an oddity in the Blogosphere. If you're one, I am definitely the bizzare.

27 years of age
Motivated by money
Not focused on politics

No problem with the link exchange. However I like to offer you more. A new strategy of mine to increase page rank. Blog a post on my blog and I'll do the same for you. How's that ?

All the best, race ya to become a text link ads publisher? :P

Just me,

Anonymous said...

Hey Doink, your link is up under "Links" on my site, thanks for popping by. I am definitely keen on the swappa post, for sure!

CyberCelt said...

They must have stopped by MySpace to get their stats. LOL

not telling, but way over 30

motivated somewhat by money

not focused on politics, but I will speak out for causes I support

member of human race

Stopped by to say Happy New Year to you. May 2007 bring prosperity to us all.

Happy C&C Monday!


wanderingScribe said...

The Wanderingscribe blog is a con perpetuated to sell a book.

How do I know?
Modesty forbids ........

brett said...

Hi Rob.

I like your blog. I couldn't find your contact details, but I have added your link to my blog. It's good to blog with someone so close by (well across the Tasman anyway...).

wanderingScribe said...

Bless you my child.

(I'm feeling rather papal at the moment).