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Monday, February 05, 2007

Million NZ Dollar Review of PayPerPost

History of Payperpost
Payperpost according to the first few entries in the PayPerPost Blog, kicked off in late June 2006. Its interesting reading through their early Blog entries as the popularity of the site begins to build.

There appeared to be a lot of confusion back then about the ethics behind disclosing or not disclosing that the posts that bloggers were doing were being sponsored. Some bloggers think its ok to not disclose if it is something they are genuinely interested in, others think that a sponsored post should always be disclosed. What do you think?

Towards the end of 2006 PayPerPost had a significant change to their policy that meant that publishers would need to Disclose somewhere on their site the fact that there was renumeration involved in the PayPerPost Posts. You can read more about this at Tech Crunch.

Recently PayPerPost created the rockstartup reality series, which follows the exploits of the PayPerPost team at their Head Office. I have so far watched a couple of episodes, and found it quite enjoyable, plus it helps to see the very human side of this company.

Registration involves the usual process, one thing I found a bit strange is that I came in through an affiliate referral. However even so when I registered it asked for the referrals email address. I did not have this and it is a little concerning that if you are going to promote PayPerPost and your signups dont have your email address are you going to get paid? Hopefully we can find out.

Once registered you need to submit your blog and wait on approval, this took about 4 or 5 days for my site, which isn't to bad really I guess. PPP probably have a ton of sites to check every day.

As far as registration requirements go, your blog must be over 90 days old. Once they have accepted you its time to start taking opportunities!

Taking Opportunities - Using PayPerPost
Now that your blog has been accepted by PayPerPosts administrative team you can start taking advantage of the opportunities that they have on offer. The first thing that will probably take you by surprise is the sheer amount of opportunities on the go at any one time. Whenever I have logged in there have been between 60 and 70 sponsored opportunities up for grabs.

Not only are there blog posts there are quite a few video posts and other things like puzzles that can be solved and written about. The prices that are paid to Bloggers vary alot, however appear to be quite a bit more than what I have seen on other PayPerPost sites.

Affiliate Program
There is an Affiliate program with PayPerPost and although the details are a little sketchy it appears to work like this. If anyone that you refer to PayPerPost is accepted by them and writes a Post that is both approved and remains online for 30 Days, you are then payed $15-00 US. There is no obvious affiliate link on the site that I can find at the moment, however I managed to get to an affiliate page by typing in ! - I found this on a forum somewhere. Unfortunately they don't appear to have a simple text link, so if you would like to join PayPerPost please use the affiliate banner on my sidebar under the heading "Blog Earners"

Alot of people seem to have it in for PPP and I have approached this entire review with what I hope is an open mind and a unbiased view. Theres a couple of things that annoy me about the site, for example no obvious link for affiliate code, time take to approve posts appears to be a while for example I did one 6 days ago and it still has status pending, and one 4 days ago with the same issue. I will however update this post when these are approved (or declined) along with anymore information that comes to light.

Update 02/03/2007 - I thought I should add that since writing this post I have had every post approved after normally 5- 10 days, also they pay from the date you post the article, not when they approve it. I have recieved payment on time as well, no issues to date with payperpost.
I havent personally been paid yet by them, or even had a posting approved - so I can't comment on that side of things, however this post has been hanging around for so long that I just had to get it out there - I promised it over a week ago.

PPP have all the makings of a success story, and have attracted a lot of attention both good and bad. They seem to have struck a sour note with some Bloggers out there, and yet many appear to be more than happy. Its hard to really get a feel for the culture of PPP after the short amount of time that I have dealt with them, however one gets the feeling that they have a lot going on and must be struggling at times to keep up with everything.

If you have had any experience with PPP good or bad, please share it and hopefully this will help other bloggers when they are trying to decide whether or not to give PPP a shot.


Maki said...

Hi Rob

Thanks for the insightful review of PPP. I personally don't use them but have heard from some bloggers that they have gotten paid, so they are definitely legit.

On another note, I just wanted to inform you that I recently re-started a blog meme called the Z-list .. your blog is on it and has been linked to by several blogs, perhaps you might like to take a look and participate if you're interested. It'll probably bring your blog a lot of traffic or backlinks. :)

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rob stgeorge said...

Thanks Maki, I will add the Z-list to my next post for sure, its a great idea.

emmarbee said...

Hi, as for as i am concerned, PPP rocks!
I've also used, smorty and sponsored reviews by myself, they are great.
But i want to know more of such paid posts sites which are "hassle-free", can u help me out on that?

had once registered at bloggerwave, but didnt get any jobs?