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Sunday, April 15, 2007

April Exponential Growth Target Already Accomplished!

Today I got paid US$45 from payu2blog for some of the posts I have been doing for them. It did 2 things...

1/ Finally tipped me over the $1000 NZ Dollar mark oh yeah!
2/ Meant that for this month we have already achieved our budget of $110 US dollars. (actually we are about 30 cents short, but close enough) - we are not quite halfway through the month so that in itself is fantastic.

I know that you as a reader may have seen an increase in sponsored posts over the last few weeks, and this is mainly because I am cranking through about 7-10 "assignments" that payu2blog.com are sending to me each week. Now this company does not really let you pick and choose assignments they just fire a weekly list at you and from what I can gather you pretty much sink or swim.

Anyway this to me is not a problem really because I want to see how much money I can make from this blog and I am assuming that you as a reader would as well - these posts only take 5 - 10 mins as its really just a key word that you are given that you need to link in an article of minimum 60 words. I see it as a quick advert after a post. My method of doing them is I sit down for an hour or so and churn through them writing up each small post and saving them as drafts. Then when I post an article I slip them out around it. This means whenever a visitor hits my site they are greeted with an article and not a sponsored post.

I have also changed the front page of this site to only show 2 posts on the front page. I will try and add some of the more popular category links to the sidebars in the near future.

As you may know if you are a regular reader each month our target is boosted by 20% each month and in 30 months we will be earning $7000 US dollars a month. Currently we are in Month 7 - so next month we are going to have to find $132-04 - from what I have seen to date I can't really see it being to much of a drama until we hit the 300 - 400 US mark, then its going to start getting a lot harder.

However even in saying that the first month I only earned about US$36 so US$110 would have seemed like a huge target. That in itself is the beauty of exponential growth - it kinda creeps up on you and if you have already achieved one amount its not to hard to crank it up another 20 percent.

Anyway heres the skinny for this month to date...

Budget for this Month $US 110.03

Active Income $87.50
Passive Income $22.14

Total month to date $US 109.64

Total Earnings to Date $US 689.58 or $NZ 1014.09

I hope sharing this with you helps you realize that you to can earn $100 US in a couple of weeks part time. The more popular your site gets the more opportunities appear to show themselves... or as someone famous who I can't quite remember at the moment says...

The harder you work the luckier you get...

No weekend links this week unfortunately, I would like to have a good excuse except I just plain forgot!

I will however leave you with a great tutorial on Blog Link Building from Entrepreneurs-Journey.com

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