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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Can I remove the NavBar or not?

I have often thought about removing the navbar from the top of this site, however the jury is still out as to whether that would violate any terms and conditions from

I thought I would try and settle the question once and for all - so lets check it out. First of all a search of Blogger Help has this to say...

Unless you publish your blog via FTP, the Navbar cannot be disabled.

Well you might think that is fairly cut and dry however the confusing thing is that it is not worded very well and is open to mis-interpretation because it says that the Navbar cannot be disabled whereas it can very easily be disabled. Check this post out by Kumiko for specifics on hiding it if you are that brave.

A search of Google whilst by no means definitive would normally show up anyone that had been banned for removing it and I can find noone although lots of people seem to talk about whether or not it is against the terms of service.

So in summary if decide to remove it and you got banned it would likely be the first case, so it is unlikely. However it would be nice if could clarify the simple question... Can we remove our Navbars or not?

Another question you may want to ask yourself is that as are letting you host your blog on their servers for no cost at all , and don't really smother your site in any advertising whatsover, isn't only fair that you display a small Navigation bar at the top that lets people search your blog and others? Also it makes it easy to log into the admin panel of your site.

My suggestion is leave the Navbar, Blogspots been good to me - if someone doesnt want to view my site because of it thats to bad.

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608 said...

Hey, I agree with you, don't bite the hand that feeds you!

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I have added your site to my blogroll on

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Also, if you want to exchange links with my other site ( then just let me know.
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keep up the great blog,

Matt Jones

Anonymous said...

thanks man, links are done - its all good.