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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Don't Come Monday - Your a Blogger and YOUR FIRED

There have been a number of bloggers that have been fired for expressing their views on their Blogs! The most newsworthy ones are..

Michael Hanscom gets sacked for Posting an article along with a picture taken on the Microsoft Campus where he worked - Sacked. The original article is here Even Microsoft wants G5s and shows a bunch of Macs being unloaded at Microsoft!

Mark Jen was a blogger who being a new employee at Google started blogging about his experiences at the company, he ended up leaving the company however there seems to be some discussion over whether or not it was under duress. Why don't you read the official story, straight from the source

Ellen Simonetti was sacked from her job as a flight attendant after posting photos of her posing in her Flight Attendants uniform you can read her story here.. I was fired for blogging it looks like Ellen ended up filing a sexual discrimination case after finding plenty of pictures out there of Male Flight Attendants in their uniforms, shes concerned as you would be I guess that she was singled out.

Catherine Sanderson is a 33 year old British Secretary that lives in Paris, she had a personal anonymous Blog and over time became more relaxed about what she was posting on it.

"I didn't name my employers and I didn't name their profession ... I don't think I felt that they were identifiable,"

Catherine is now suing her former employers - you can read the full article virtually famous.

Well what can we learn from this lot - I think its got to the stage where you really need to be very careful to leave your employer out of your blog altogether, you never know what might be interpreted as unacceptable so its best to err on the side of caution!

From an employers point of view it would be wise to be very careful before sacking a blogger - both for the negative publicity that it could and can create. Also the fact that they may sue you!

I hope you enjoyed reading about these as much as I did.


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Anonymous said...

A timely post; as a final-year uni student, I've been in a dilemma as to whether to mention my blogging endeavours as a way of beefing up a severly underweight resume. It would be a way of showcasing writing, computer, networking and design abilities, as well as dedication. But I think it would work more against me than otherwise. Trying to think a million dollars into existence makes me look impractical at best, and my litblog is a fine demonstration of the fact that I read way too much. (Plus I read somewhere that "uninteresting" hobbies like reading should never be mentioned. And with my luck, I'd probably have trashed their favourite book!)

Mike Perry said...

Yes, there have been a few such stories in the UK newspapers. Big Brother or Big Boss is watching!

Unknown said...

I'm always careful to NOT mention work details, when I'm writing. You never know what is going to offend!

Anonymous said...

lyzabelle - lol you are right, I have also not admitted on my CV that I am trying to materialize one million dollars out of thin air! many employeres would probably write us off as pyschopaths when actually we might be fantastic employees. best to keep it quiet if you can.

mike - correct you never know who might be reading your blog, also you may not want to know....

shirlene - luckily for us not to many kiwis are "blog savy" but its best to play it safe for sure.