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Friday, April 27, 2007

Make Money Fast B-Ladder of Bloggers

I saw the latest Web Revenue Blog Rankings: April Update with all the big names on it and thought "Why isn't there a similar ladder for the mere mortals?" anyway I thought I could kick one off and if there is enough interest in it, competition could be fierce.

So anyway this is what I am going to do, I am going to create a ladder that will get created Blog by Blog on this very Post. There will be a maximum of 30 Blogs allowed to enter in the initial phase however I will extend this if enough interest is shown. Blogs will be rated on Technorati Ranking, Alexa Ranking and Google Page Rank. A combination of the three will be used to calculate the overall ranking of each site. Worst case scenario you get a link to your Blog from this site and its a free link at that.

Conditions of Entry

1/ Must be a "B Level Blogger" No Blogs with more than 1000 unique visitors a day to enter.

2/ Must be the ranking for your Blog only - E.G if you have a website with a Blog as part of it we only want to know about your Blog.

How To Enter
To enter you need to leave me a comment with ...

  1. Your blog URL

  2. The Anchor Text you want to be linked to your Blog (this is also an opportunity to Plug your Keywords)

  3. Alexa Rank

  4. Technorati Rank

  5. Google Page Rank

If any of these are not provided your Blog will be ignored. This may be updated on a monthly basis however for now its just a one off.

So who wants to kick it off? My Blog is currently number one on the Make Money Fast B-Ladder who can knock me down.

Thanks Brian our current Number 1 Blogger - I wonder if anyone can knock him from the top of the ladder or is his blog going to lead the comp? Remember you can be anywhere on the ladder and as your rankings increase you will rise monthly.

Make Money Fast B-Ladder

1 Home Business

The Million Dollar Experiment Down Under

The full ladder is below click to enlarge.

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608 said...

Couldn't this wait till just after the PR update? I'm STILL stupmed with a PR 0 :(

Anonymous said...

It could wait, however this latest PR update doesnt seem to be in a hurry does it?

Plus its not all about Page rank so why dont ya just get your blog on there anyway!

Anonymous said...

Anchor Text: Home Business
Alexa: 119477
Technorati: 103
Google PR: 4


Anonymous said...

Thanks Brian the ladder has been updated!