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Friday, April 13, 2007

Make Money Fast - An experiment in Choosing Words

Previously we have looked at tools that show the popularity of certain keywords. What you can do is ideally try and find a set of key words that are popular yet don't have every man and his dog trying to optimize their sites for it - then start to build them into the content of your site, plus hopefully get people to link to your site with the keywords as the anchor text.

I have decided to try a little experiment that will hopefully make money fast for me at the same time - firstly lets go and check out our new phrase on the Overture Keyword selector tool to determine how popular it is - have you guessed what three words I am using yet?

And remember these keyword results are just from yahoo, so we can probably multiply it by 3 to get a more relevant picture of how many people are searching for these words.

Now we need to do a search on Google and see how many results one gets for carrying out a search such as this. Quite a few 47,200,000 actually.

However what I liked about this is that the first page of sites didn't really look that intimidating, and by that I mean there is for example an ezine article, a wikipedia article and a couple of lame looking sites. Not really a site dedicated to the art of Making Money Fast which is probably all it would take to get up there.

So just to recap we have found some reasonably popular words , and we have done a search on Google and theres millions of page results which makes the task a challenging one.

Now the next thing we need to do is track our progress. We need to know where our site currently ranks for this term. Then we are going to keep checking back and rate our progress.

For this head to Google Rankings (note you will need to get your Google API key first ) and lets see where currently the Million Dollar Experiment Down Under ranks for the key words "Make Money Fast" ....

As you can see currently we are not ranking for these terms at all, so this will be an interesting task to see how long it takes.

Of course if you would like to assist and link to this article it would certainly be appreciated.

Good luck, let me know how you get on and where you rank for your chosen terms, please think of your own terms however - we don't want to be fighting over the same words!

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Shirlene said...

It's funny you should write this, as I was just about to sit down & write something similar - although looking at a different point about keywords. I have noticed, looking at some blogs, that people will dedicate 3 posts (when they have 3 posts showing on the homepage, 2 posts if they have 2 showing on the homepage etc..) to the one subject (e.g. making money by selling cats). That way, they use the same keywords in 3 different posts. If you have a look at any advertising on the page, it is very specific (e.g. "If you Want to Sell Cats..."). So... not only does it get you up there with Google (hopefully), but it also makes any ads you are showing highly specific & attractive to your reader market.


rob stgeorge said...

I must say I havent really thought about that side of using key words - however it certainly makes sense to try and influence the type of google ads that are gonna show on your site.... now I need to find out what the most expensive google adverts are!
I wonder if there is a tool for that...