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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Million NZ dollars Weekend Links

What a week, the technorati favourites exchange is ramping up and if you are looking to boost your way up the technorati rankings check out our post Time for another Technorati Boost - lets do it or if you can't be bothered reading about it and just want to favour our site please do here.

Traffic, Traffic & Maybe a Bit more Traffic is an interesting article by fellow Kiwi Shirlene about generating traffic to your site - some good tips there and traffic is something many of us could do with a lot more of!

Shoemoney finally has another uber internet marketing guru snapping at his heels, check out this hilarious site (which I actually saw mentioned on the shoes site) BootMoney.

Basic SEO mistakes that I made - Don’t make them yourself the Sir Blogger site ( yeah yeah I know its one of mine) has a post pointing out some obvious SEO mistakes that can easily be made when putting together a website.

Enjoy the weekend, try to make the most of it - and a word of warning don't make the mistake I made today and tell (normal??) people you are making money blogging, they may look at you like your a weirdo!

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