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Monday, April 30, 2007

Payperpost Opportunities Sparse?

A couple of months ago when I first joined Payperpost there were a large number of opportunities available. However now even though my Blog would be better ranked than what it was before there seems to be a distinct lack of opportunities. The last 5 or so times that I have logged in there have only been one or two qualified opportunities.

Has anyone else noticed this or they just not giving me much love right now?

Tommorrow I post the full summary of Aprils Results along with an update of who the 5 top referring Blogs will be also whats been happening so far with the Blog Traffic Competition and more info about some of things that have been achieved this month. Its certainly been a good one!


teatreebergamot said...

I'm finding the same thing with Payperpost. Don't know if this is because they now segment some opportunities by technorati rating too, but their technorati feed is broken (eg they have my blog with technorati rating = N/A, which is not correct). Hopefully they will fix this.

rob stgeorge said...

I think at the end of the day with a blogspot blog, we're going to struggle to get any really decent paid post opportunities.

Anonymous said...

I agree I think they are far and few betweem now. Plus when I do see one it usually says all spots already taken so no love for me.

Greg Stratz