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Monday, April 09, 2007

Setting Up an Advertising Page for your Site

While watching a screen cast on Yaro's website it hit home to me that I really needed some kind of advertising page set up for not only this site but potentially all my websites if I want to sell text links and other forms of advertising direct.

The concept is quite simple, you produce a page with the "packages" that you would like to offer and then produce a link via your paypal account so that a potential advertiser can easily pay for the particular advertising option that they would like. In this Blogs case I am offering text links on my "new" left sidebar for $10 per month, anchor text of the advertisers choice and also offering Sponsored Reviews for $25.

Some people probably cant be bothered dealing with it themselves and would prefer to do it through a 3rd party and that's OK, however I would like to not only promote this Blog via 3rd party sites but also directly as I can see this being quite lucrative further down the track.

You can view my new advertising page here, I will also try and create a obvious link for it somewhere around the top of the main page. I would recommend that you set this up on your site if you are serious about monetizing it.

At the top I have placed some basic statistics about the site, then below I outline the key features of the packages on offer, this will get added to over time.

It will be pretty exciting getting my first link or Sponsored Review through this advertising page, I will be aiming to provide service that is second to none.

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stratz said...

How is that new advertizing site going you started any luck with it?

rob stgeorge said...

Greg - thanks for asking, as far as getting bloggers interested no probs, as for advertisers have not had a decent way to reach any yet (that doesnt cost money hehe) so if you have any ideas to reach potential advertisers please let me know!

matt608 said...

Great! All links are exchanged, bring on the PR update! :D

Genesis said...

Thanks for this post, I just found you through a search on Google. I´m trying to figure out the best way to set up advertising on my blogs (I have four at the moment), as they ought to bring in a bit more money! This post helped me quite a bit and I´m heading over to Yaro´s to check out what he has to say.