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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

What has Paris Hilton got to do with Poker? Google Zeitgeist - Bloggers Toolkit Series

Another tool that I have been planning on writing about for a while is the Google Zeitgeist Page, now I had not even heard of this until recently however to sum it up in one sentence ..

Pulling together interesting search trends and patterns requires Google's human and computing power together. Search statistics are automatically generated based on the millions of searches conducted on Google over a given period of time - weekly, monthly, and annually.

Thats all well and good but what can we do with this information and why is it included in the Bloggers Toolkit series?
Well I guess I need to direct you to fellow fast money maker Mike for an example of this, look at his little experiment Kate Middleton And Making Money With Zlio . By adding in a sample "experiment" paragraph about Kate Middleton and her recent split with Prince William, he is (after looking at his stats) pulling in a decent amount of searches as that is one of the topics of the moment. I certainly look forward to the write up that he does outlining the results of his little foray into celebrity gossip.

There is another site as well you can check out http://50.lycos.com/ and this shows the search movers and shakers over the last month or so, well worth a visit and quite surprising seeing that Poker is number 1, then we have Paris Hilton, Spyware, Disney and Naruto rounding out the top 5. Obviously if you can cunningly disguise these into your posts somehow you may be able to drive some additional search traffic to your site.

I will of course leave that to you to figure out how to do yourself!

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