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Monday, May 21, 2007

Degrees of Monetization – Its not a Crime

A lot of Bloggers monetize their sites one way or another – and there seems to be a lot of discussion that goes around about what is an acceptable level of monetization and what is to much.

Well I guess it is really up to the individual – as remember no matter what anyone says it’s a free world out there (well most of it anyway). So if you want to fill your Blog up with Sponsored Posts go right ahead, and give yourself a pat on the back for your entrepreneurial spirit. Maybe you are going about it the wrong way however who really knows unless they are some kind of fortune teller.

If you get bagged for it check out the baggers site – do they have any form of advertising? Maybe a swapped link or two? Well its all about degrees and I don’t think that anyone is really qualified to draw the line – do you?

Is there like a Blogger panel of Judges that you can get to visit your site and give you the big thumbs up? And if there was do you think that by giving them a free link on your page rank 6 site they could be perhaps swayed a bit?

Maybe 5 sponsored posts is ok a month but 6 isn’t? or 4 are if they are related to your blog in some bizarre way? I don’t think there is a rule book out there so you might as well make up your own – or simply do whatever you want.

Come on – I think most of us like to make a few bucks and as long as we are not hurting anyone lets do it. If of course you don’t want to make money that’s fine to.

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Mike Perry said...

There's only one blog boss and that's the person running it. You are quite right - there are too many 'rules' - and in life in general.

rob stgeorge said...

Welcome back Mike! Hope your break was a good one.


stratz said...

I like what mike said...

good to see your comments up and running again.