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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I've been Tagged - Why do I blog?

I have been tagged by George at Can I Make Big Money Online to tell you the five reasons why I blog, if you get tagged like this the plan is to write the post including a link back to the person that tagged you and you can then choose 5 people and tag them. I notice that George actually tagged 9 people and thats one of the great things about blogging, you can bend the rules (or make them up!) as you go.

Here goes...

1./ To create a way of working for myself doing something I enjoy
I really enjoy Blogging and I like finding the different ways to create money out of cyberspace - although this is really two reasons in one it is the primary reason why I am blogging.

2./ To market my other websites by increasing traffic to them
Thats one of the reasons I blog - to promote my other websites and provide links to them. I would say that more people do this than probably admit it, however I can't see the point in hiding the fact.

3./ Communication
I have been on the internet for years - back in the mid nineties I was even a little addicted to MIRC there for a while, however this Blog has been the best form of communication that I have ever used online. Theres a great community of friendly and talented Bloggers out there that are all interested in helping each other out for the common good - these are the sites I link to and talk about on a regular basis.

4./ Something to talk about at Parties
When you live in NZ with a very small blogging population its a great conversation starter! However most people have no idea at what you are talking about. Peoples innate curiosity normally makes them want to find out however.

5./ Keeps me off the streets!
If I wasn't doing this I'd probably be watching TV, this has got to better for the brain.

I tag Greg, Tay, Grant, Maria and Sandra

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Maria said...

Thanks for the tag, Rob! Hope all is well with you.

- Maria

The Making of an Internet Entrepreneur: I've Been Tagged!

rob stgeorge said...

All is good Maria, thanks for taking up the challenge!

Sandra said...

Thanks for the tag, but I've been tagged before as you can read here:

Did you get tagged yet?

I do feel honored you thought about me though :)

- Sandra

rob stgeorge said...

Sandra - no probs its a great way of spreading some link love.