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Friday, May 25, 2007

Make Enough Money with a Part Time Income?

When I first started trying to make money fast online every dollar was a huge buzz - over April and May I will come close to cracking $500 US dollars and this is only a part time. The problem is that where do you draw the line and say that's enough - is it really ever going to be enough or is it simply human nature to continue to strive for more and more.

Every dollar has its price no matter what anyone says, time spent online is time away from your family or your friends and it has to be worth it.

I spend so much time glued to a computer - all day at my day job and a few hours each night blogging and working on my sites that its actually starting to cause me physical pain! I have to really start being conscious about sitting properly and getting enough rest breaks otherwise I may seriously injure myself and that would definitely slow down the money making.

While I am writing this I am listening to a podcast by Yaro Starak and he is interviewing Tim Ferriss about the 4 hour working week. Its all about separating your income from hours and something that I need to get a lot better at.

One thing that I have realized lately is that all our lives we are trained to work 5 days a week 8 hours a day and this is a hard mindset to get out of. We then keep doing this for 40 or so years and then we retire and can relax. Well the problem with this model is that the best years of your life are over and you spent them all working for someone else. Is this what you really want from your life?

Why not spend a few years building passive income sources and then simply cut down or stop working altogether - this is not only achievable but can happen quite quickly if you really set your mind to it.

One recurring theme that I keep hearing on pod casts and articles from successful bloggers and entrepreneurs is that a lot of people just don't get on and try stuff. They spend there time thinking about doing it and trying to convince themselves that they need to do it however end up just drifting along.

So what I am trying to say - sorry for waffling on - is that if you are keen to make money online just get into it, start to work on projects that will make you money in the future and make sure you allow yourself time to make money now as well because that is what will help to motivate you. Set yourself exponentially increasing targets that challenge you each and every month and just get into it!

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Mike Perry said...

Nice post. I've always loved the idea of streams of income - if one then crashes you can still carry on with life. Passive income has to be the aim - best money comes from investments, which is truly something for nothing (other than perhaps a degree of risk).

Anonymous said...

Mike well said - unfortunately my investments are not quite paid off yet but one day..

stratz said...

Yeah nice post. I am still young and have many of those 40 hours work weeks ahead of me.. But not if I can help it. also congrates on 500 for this month... lets hope you will reach your goal for next month.

Anonymous said...

thanks stratz, just to clarify though I should make $500 for the last 2 months, not this month alone unfortunately.