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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Make Faster Money with Auction Ads

To improve the fresh look of the Auction Ads that you are running on your site it is a good idea to include multiple keywords in the code. This means that each page view will cycle through a different keyword and display a different set of Auction Ads each time.

I keep trying different things with my Auction Ads because although I get a number of click throughs the money earned is very small to date. Maybe this is just not the right place for them what are your thoughts? Have you tried Auction Ads and had any success?

I have a couple of niche sites selling used products that I am hoping to see some results on however its early days yet so hard to tell whats going to happen.

How to add multiple Keywords in your Auction Ad code
To actually implement what we are talking about all you need to do is chose your list of keywords and insert it into your keyword tag line within your AuctionAds javascript.

For example:
auctionads_ad_kw = “cars; motorbikes; Americas Cup; Make Money Fast Books; cowboy hats”;

Its not hard to do as you can probably see and definetly worth a shot. Visitors that return to your site on a regular basis will be pleased to see a different array of adverts and less inclined to become blind to them.

As an additional promotion that Auction Ads are running at the moment is a ten challenge where they would like you to give the Auction Ads a trial run for the next ten days. As an added incentive they will pay you 5 dollars as an incentive to give it a go. (new signups only). So if you want to earn an easy 5 dollars I suggest you head along to Auction Ads and give it a shot.

Good Luck!

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Matthew said...

i linked to you under make money fast on several blogs. if you have an opening im after the keyword "more website traffic"


Francis Simisim said...

That's a great tip, thanks. Btw Do you still do any link exchange?

Francis Simisim

Anonymous said...

francis - if you would like to mention this site with the words "make money fast" as the anchor text I would be happy to post a link back to you in an article.


poet: I saw that mate, thanks a lot I have changed the one on my sidebar and will also make a point to mention your great site in a couple of posts - much appreciated.

Matthew said...

thanks a lot :)

maybe you can post an article on BAYB again soon... id love an update on a few of your money makers etc

im subscribed on your rss feed =)