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Friday, May 18, 2007

Make Money Blogging with

I'm impressed with BloggingAds - these guys have really come to the party especially for lazy bloggers like myself who sometimes can't be bothered writing our own Sponsored Posts! Now its taken about 4 or 5 days to get my Blogs approved with these guys but I am pleased to say that it has been worth the wait.

Sign up
Straightforward signup however as mentioned previously took nearly a week to get my blogs approved. Once approved they send you an email and straight away you can login and start making some money.

When I logged in today there were 8 opportunities available, you are limited to 3 per month per blog. As I have two blogs that means of course double. Most of the posts are paying $5 each with one slightly less than this. The beauty of the bloggingads system though is that if you don't want to write the article yourself they have written them for you. This reduces the time factor enormously as you just copy, paste and post. If however you are keen to write it yourself and put something unique out there you can also do that. For an example of the type of advert that you will be posting you can check out the previous article to this one - its one of their sponsored posts.

BloggingAds pay weekly via paypal. Its nice to have a variety of payments coming in at different times. Its always a buzz getting an email that money has just been deposited in your paypal account.

These guys are going on my definitive list of paid to post sites - as long as the opportunities keep coming one of the easiest ways to make money I have seen to date. (And I've looked at a lot!)