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Friday, May 11, 2007

Make Money Fast hits the Ranks at Page 20

Finally today we started ranking for the words that we began to optimize approximately 4 weeks ago. The words are "Make Money Fast" , now I have a cunning plan we all know how hard it is to get links with the perfect anchor text however do I have a deal for you. If you link to me with my 3 words as the anchor text I will return the favour, just leave me a post with the details and I will deal to it.

Currently page 20 is where we are sitting and position 190, certainly a start however we need to get climbing and would ideally like to be somewhere around page 1.

This would be a "win win" situation as both of us can help our search rankings and you don't have to write a long review or anything like that just mention this site in a post. Here's an example of the kind of thing you could write "look at the ways Rob StGeorge is attempting to Make Money Fast."

Once the comments close on this post the offer closes with it - only family friendly decent sites will be linked to.

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