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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Make Money Fast Weekly Update

Its been an interesting week so far in the Money Making world of Blogging. These are the highlights so far...

Kumiko launches her new Make Money Online domain name with competitions and fanfare for all. Now Kumiko as we all know is one smart cookie and she is getting sites to change their links to her new domain name by offering competition prize incentives. If you have a link to her old site I suggest you change it now and make the most of her offer.

This site finally started ranking on Google for the keywords "Make Money Fast" - at this point in time we are way down at around position 178 177 but hope to climb the ladder in the weeks ahead!

Maki gets into the wordpress theme business with the Prosense Wordpress theme available for free downloads.

In desperation Agloco give John Chow a go with their semi functioning view bar.. Blogger John Chow Uses Viewbar

I am now concerned about whether Bloggerwave is going to pay me... have just been paid by Blogging Ads and have found a new site which I am trying called Blog to Profit. Now Blog to Profit are quite cool in the way that you can write about whatever you like as long as you have a link to the keywords they supply. Further details to come.

In case you are wondering we have again passed our Target earning figure for this month. This is month 9 of our exponential growth experiment and full details will be posted at the end of the month.

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