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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Will you conquer the Mountain?

Blogging for money is as much about persistence as it is street smarts. You are never going to make it unless you are absolutely committed to achieving your goals and I am going to give you some examples of committed Bloggers so that you can see what I mean. These are the bloggers that you could be modelling yourself on if you want to be successful in the pursuit of making money online.

At the end of the day when it comes to being known about in the blogosphere and the search engines often the quantity and consistency is as important if not more than the actual quality of the writing itself.

Mikes Money Making Mission - Mike is Mr Consistent, he averages almost 30 quality posts a month and his site continues to grow. Mikes been around long enough to know how to stick to something and I can see him already well on his way up the mountain.

Make Money Online Kumiko's CashQuest - Kumiko is also a consistent Blogger and has written some great posts. She has now recently changed to her own domain name and is doing a great job of minimizing the hit that her rankings could of taken by doing this.

Dosh Dosh - Maki is a Star when it comes to pumping out quality articles one after the other and they never appear to be sponsored ones either. I just checked out Maki's alexa ranking and its in the top 12,000 sites in the world. Awesome.

Lets look at what it takes to be like them, then you can just replicate what they do and experience the same success.

Consistent Posts
All the above Bloggers are consistent posters, this means that several times a week new articles are appearing on their sites. (except for Mikes recent two week holiday - haven't you heard of guest bloggers Mike!)

These Bloggers know about key words, how to get traffic and analyze whats going on with their sites. Without knowing where you have been so far and where you are going you might as well be blind folded.

You need to set yourself goals if you are going to have any chance of reaching them. I myself have daily goals, weekly and of course monthly goals. Its a great feeling of accomplishment to achieve your goals. Do you think these bloggers have goals - I am sure they do, they might not always broadcast it but they will be there.

You need to plan out your week, I have some sites I post weekly on, some almost daily and other tasks that need doing like backing up, writing sponsored posts etc. Each day I have a plan of what I need to do and try to get that out of the way before I start surfing and seeing what everyone else is up to. I know that if I work to my plan I will reach my goals - if I slack off I probably won't. My guess is that the blogs I mentioned previously also have a plan that they work to. When Kumiko decided to get a new domain name she didn't just go and get one and start a new blog she worked out how best to get everyone to change their links, worked out the best way to create buzz about it and made the transition a very smooth one.

Although planning and staying on task is important you also need to be able to react or act quickly to any opportunities that come up. Don't plan your day so much that you don't have a bit of breathing space to take on new things.

Continued Learning
Ongoing learning is also what I would consider to be an important ingredient for the successful climbing of the virtual mountain. You need to stay on top of blogging trends, technology and whats going on out there. New ways of making money are always appearing and unfortunately if you snooze you can lose.

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Tay said...

Hey I just wanted to drop by and say I really enjoyed your post.. Yes I agree blogging is hard work but if you have a plan and know what you're doing it makes it so much easier. Thanks for the great article.

~Tay from Super Blogging

Anonymous said...

Tay thanks - glad you enjoyed the article, it certainly helps to have a plan alright.


Mike Perry said...

Now that looks to be a high mountain!

Many thanks for the mention and as for guest bloggers - huh! I know I should do something about holidays. Must give it some thought. I guess, though, that I look at the blog as a personal thing and don't like the idea of anyone else writing any of the posts.

Good post.

stratz said...

Yeah it is a huge mountain. I am trying to climb it as a lot of us are. But I agree with Tay I enjoy this post too.


Anonymous said...

Mike fair enough, wordpress is the best that way you can write (postdated) all your posts and then scoot off on holiday. Would be a great feature for blogspot blogs.

Stratz - glad you like the post its an enjoyable climb though isnt it?

stratz said...

Rob - Yeah it is fun only when the plugin you are tyring to install actually work. When they don't then it is not fun.. lol