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Monday, June 11, 2007

300 Posts and the top 10,000 on the Technorati ladder - whew!

Wow so many Posts
This is post number 300 for this site, its been a great ride so far and thanks to all the people that have continued to support this site.

Technorati countdown
Yesterday I also achieved one of my long term goals which was to crack the top 10,000 on the Technorati ladder. Out of all the blogs in the world it is great to be down to 4 digits - next goal top 5000!

Celebrity Blogging
My brief foray into celebrity blogging a couple of posts ago brought no traffic whatsoever, obviously Google is a lot smarter than I am so that will be the end of my Celebrity experiment on this site, I have however decided to add some Celebrity Gossip to my SirBlogger Blog. Will give it a go for a few weeks and see what happens.

This site and the other sites I am part of as of this month are starting to contribute significantly to my income and I am hoping to build on this in the weeks and months ahead. One thing I am very interested in doing is getting a Blog job on another site, if you know of any going or have any contacts regarding this please let me know.

Consistency creates cash
Its amazing how by just creating a small amount of money on a regular basis it adds up over a week or a month. Making 20 dollars online is no big deal but do this every day and you have created around $600 in a month, and that starts to become very useful money indeed. I don't think I will quite manage to crack that this month, however so far after ten days in the month I am only a little bit off the pace, so it will be a good one regardless. The biggest problem is if you have a slack day it takes so much effort to catch up again, best to try and keep ahead of your self if you can - that way if you have a slack day its not going to give your income to much of a hit.

Keep on Climbing
Every day I just make an effort to keep on climbing up that ladder, I know that every step no matter how small is one step closer to success. One of shoemoneys tips for success is to ensure that you make some progress every day - it doesn't matter how big or small it is just keep on doing it.

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JCM said...

Congrats mate, how about a link exchange?

stratz said...

Great work. This gives me something to shoot for too. It must be nice to work part time now and spend more time with the family. But it also comes down to time management. If you are good with your time you will achive so much more then if you are like me and doodle daddle.

rob stgeorge said...

jcm: no probs just let me know which of your blogs and I will place a link on my like minded sites page.

Stratz: time management is a problem for all of us I think, there are some late nights involved believe me!