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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Auction Ads meets Google Earth

For those of you that are familiar with Auction Ads, you will enjoy this video, Shoemoney and his team have integrated their Auction Ads clicks with Google Earth so you can see auction ads being clicked all over the Globe in almost record time.

As far as auction ads go, I seem to get a pretty good number of click throughs on my ads, however they don't often appear to turn into money. How have you gone with Auction ads I would be very interested in hearing how they are doing for you.

I think this is the wrong type of site for them, or maybe I am pushing the wrong products. Maybe I need to try a few more variations.

Shoemoney mentions that this month they will be paying out over 500,000 to their publishers, if they have approximately 16,000 users that averages out to about 30 dollars per publisher, however the top layer are no doubt making substantially more than the lower traffic sites.

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stratz said...

Wow how cool is that. I woldn;t that TV in my house.