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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Blogsearch - How to optimize your posts

For those of you that do not get a lot of traffic from Blogsearch there are ways that you can optimize your posts and your blog so that you have a better chance of ranking and therefore getting increased visitors to your site. I wrote this article after having a good read of How Google Blogsearch ranks your Posts… In their own words!

Have lots of readers subscribed to your blog
It is quite possible however by no means fact that Google Blogsearch includes how many readers are subscribed to your blog as part of its algorithm when ranking the search results. Also again this is only conjecture but the type of other blogs the readers are subscribing to may also play into this.

Popular article that has had lots of readers already
Google already knows how many people have read one of your articles (through their search data) so may well include this in the ranking as well.

Being linked to by trusted sites
If trusted and popular Blogs are linking to you Google may then assume that you to are to be trusted so will increase your score accordingly

Good use of tags and social bookmarking
Google may also examine social bookmarking sites like technorati and analyze how your article and blog are tagged and how often the tags are used.

Blogsearch related Blogs
You have two shots at your site showing up when someone enters a key phrase, see in the example below where I have typed in the words make money fast that this site shows up under related blogs as a site in general and then the individual articles from sites are listed in the results below.

Its hard to get an idea out of how many people actually use blogsearch, however I can see that in the future especially with the rising popularity and acceptance of blogs that it will be a valuable search tool, and certainly worth optimizing for.

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guilherm said...

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