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Monday, June 25, 2007

How I am Making Fast Money

It has now been almost ten months since I began what has become a very interesting Million Dollar Experiment on Exponential Growth.

New Site!!
One of the affiliate and passive income areas that I have really started to realize the potential of in recent times is Text Links, in fact so excited am I about this that I have now started a niche blog on just this subject, so if you want to advertise the text links that you are selling you can do so for free in the forum area of my new site - text links - This blog will be regularly updated with the buzz thats happening around text links. Sorry to all you avid "sponsored posts" readers there will be NONE on that blog! And you can quote me on that!

For now however its a time to reflect on the various activities that have been earning revenue, this way if you have just started a blog or already have one you can maybe pick up some ideas, or offer me other ideas if you are earning good money from a particular program that I have not covered.

I have split the types of income earned into passive and active. Currently active is my biggest form however I am hoping that this will become less and less over time.

Passive Income

Google AdSense
A long time web publisher with the AdSense program I have AdSense running on just about every one of my sites. So far so good, some days are better than others but I get paid once every two months now from this program which is not bad considering the maintenance is minimal. It is really money for nothing although I am continually tweaking and monitoring different ad formats etc.

Text Link Ads
Text Link Adverts are something that I have only really been making money out of for the last couple of months. It really does take time working on your site to build it up to the stage where other websites are willing to pay for a link. I use two methods one advertising my own links and also through the company text link ads aff which handle the process for you.

Affiliate programs
I run a couple of affiliate programs, the best results for me so far are actually from the Text Link Ads aff affiliate program, these guys pay you $25 US for each signup from an advertiser or publisher that you get. Also I do a little with Amazon however the results so far from Amazon are not great.

Active Income

Although I would rather sit back and have passive income coming out my ears the fact is that its not at that point yet, so as I still have goals and targets that I need to achieve - the rest of my Online earnings is made up from what you could call "active income" - mainly sponsored posts and reviews from the following companies.

I do a large number of PPP sponsored posts, mainly on one of my other blogs, as PPP are not that keen on Blogspot blogs - a lot of their advertisers prefer that you have you own domain name.

I probably earn a regular 35 - 30 US a week from these guys, quick easy posts that you can write all at once and then slip them out with your posts as you do them. (They give you a weeks worth of posts every week all at once)

Have been using this company more and more lately, they email you when a new op comes up and if you reserve it you then have a couple of days to write it.

Using this company more and more as well since they gave me a payrise recently! Now getting normally ten dollars a post which is not bad compared to other companies.

Private reviews
Occassionally I will do a private review for a company or site if they approach me through my advertising page.

When writing them all down it becomes clear that there is quite a large number of different ways that I am making money online. Its becoming very exciting as just about everyday now money is getting deposited in my PayPal account from one company or another. I am really keen to keep it going and see how much can be made long term. Next month I am excited to say that because of the income I have earned but not yet been paid this month we should pass $600 US dollars. This month actual money received will be just over $300.

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Thanks Rob.........
I will try adding some things to my blog and website this week.
Any help would be appreciated.
I am in high school and have been working on my site for over 1 year.

I found your blog through Blogging-4-beginners. Recently started a website and a few blogs. Trying to reach parents and students (3rd-12th)grade. I read about 250 blogs last week.(trying to get ideas)
Yours is one of the best!

Elizabeth G.
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